Lily-Rufus Relationship: Did Rufus Cheat on Lily in Gossip Girl?

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Lily and Rufus
Lily and Rufus

Gossip Girl is one of the most popular TV series of all time, and the fans of this show still love re-watching the show. The series “Gossip Girl,” starring Kristen Bell as the eponymous online troll, follows the protagonists through their high school years into adulthood, chronicling the dramatic downs and ups of their lives, alliances, and romances. This drama has it all: incestuous royal ties, problematic parents, phony relatives, and scam artists.

Many of its fans are confused about the relationship between Lily and Rufus and are curious if Rufus Cheated on Lily in Gossip Girl. In this article, we will learn more about the show and the characters, Lily and Rufus, and will then talk about what happened between them. Did Rufus Cheat on Lily in Gossip Girl? 

What’s Gossip Girl All About?

Based on the novels of the same name by Cecily von Ziegesar, Gossip Girl is an American TV drama. The series follows a group of beautiful, rich, and betraying high school students living on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. (UES), who is always being watched by ruthless yet famous bloggers?

Rufus From Gossip Girls
Rufus From Gossip Girls

Serena van der Woodsen, a popular youngster on the Upper East Side, mysteriously disappears for a while at the start of the series. She sees her mother, Lily, and her archenemy Blair Waldorf again, and she meets Dan Humphrey, a Brooklyn-based aspiring writer and one of Serena’s primary romantic interests throughout the series.

Who Are Lily Van Der Woodsen And Rufus Humphrey?

Rufus Humphrey is the theex-husbandd of both Alison Humphrey and Lily van der Woodsen, as well as the parent of Dan and Jenny Humphrey. He is also the father of both of their children. Lillian Celia “Lily” van der Woodsen is the biological mother of Scott Rosson and also the adoptive mother of Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass is the son of her former husband, Bart Bass, and she is also the birth mother of Serena van der Woodsen and Eric van der Woodsen.

In addition, she is the adoptive mother of Chuck Bass. Kelly Rutherford plays the part of the character. Matthew Settle plays the role of the actor. Following graduation from high school, he turned down an invitation to attend college in order to pursue a career in music instead. Most of Rufus’s plotlines include him attempting to be a dad to his children or seeking a romantic connection with Lily van der Woodsen. Both of these endeavors take up the majority of his time.

He is no longer married to his wife, Jeanette because she ran off with her snowboard instructor and abandoned the family. He is said to be an outward poet since he frequently dresses in shabby, outmoded clothing and has untidy hair. In addition to this, he is notorious for making fun of his children and allowing them to act whatever they choose.

Lily van der Woodsen
Lily van der Woodsen

Did Rufus Cheat on Lily in Gossip Girl?

The simple answer to this question is no. Rufus is completely devoted to Lily, which can be seen in various instances in the storyline of Gossip Girl. We see that when Serena attempts to leave, she tells William that she needs to go home to Lily because she believes Rufus cheated on her with Holland and that he believes Lily should maintain her stress level low so that they can’t inform her. Serena’s chilly demeanor toward Rufus is accompanied by the news that she knows about his indiscretions with Holland.

Rufus is perplexed and claims he has previously informed them about thwarting William’s desire to move into the property, but she insists that this isn’t what she means. She even tells everybody that she and Rufus had a one-night stand. Rufus is taken aback and says that Holland’s story is false, but Holland holds firm. Lily escapes to the bedroom, and Serena, as well as Eric, leaves as well, but Nate has already entered the apartment.

When Rufus tries to inform Lily that Holland has been dishonest, Lily brings up the day he forgot his scarf at her apartment. At the same time, Dan and Nate visit Blair in an attempt to enlist her assistance. It’s mutually agreed that they need to find out the truth since there’s no way Rufus has been cheating on Lily. Rufus promises Lily that he will never cheat on her. In the end, we learn that William has fallen once again in love with Lily and wants to be a member of their family once more. He offers his apologies and explains that he is afraid no one will give him a second opportunity.

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