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Christmas At Pemberley Manor Filming Locations: Where’s the Rom-Com Film Shot?

Christmas at Pemberley Manor cast
Christmas at Pemberley Manor (2018)

RomComs are always a feeling!!! In this article, we shall discuss Christmas At Pemberley Manor filming locations. If you enjoy watching those, you’re at the right place. Christmas at Pemberley Manor was first published in 2018. Michael Rady and Jessica Lowndes star in the romantic drama. The plot revolves around Elizabeth Bennett, a New York-based event planner who is sent to a small town to plan its Christmas celebration. A sleigh ride, tree lighting, cookie baking, tree decoration, and a Christmas festival are all part of “Christmas at Pemberley Manor.”

Characters come first in the best Hallmark films, and Lowndes and Rady enchant in this wonderful quest for festive pleasure. The wonderful film Christmas At Pemberley Manor is one of those examples. Christmas at Pemberley Manor is a treat from start to finish, despite the fact that it’s a story we all know well and is filled with holiday scenes we all recognize.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor cast and crew

Christmas at Pemberley Manor

However, other than the romance, comedy, and chemistry in the film, viewers are often eager to know where the movie is actually shot. So, without further ado, let us check out Christmas At Pemberley Manor filming locations. Continue to read!!

Christmas At Pemberley Manor Synopsis

Elizabeth Bennet is a skilled event planner who is never without her color-coded to-do lists in hand. The problem is that her wealthy boss is a bit of a control freak. Elizabeth is fortunate that the mayor of the little town where the festival is being held has given her permission to manage it. Unfortunately, the town square where the event was to be held is demolished, ruining Elizabeth’s otherwise flawless plans.

Elizabeth is consequently sent to Pemberley Manor, which is the perfect backup location. The only issue is that William Darcy, the owner, tells Elizabeth “no.” Darcy is in the process of selling the manor and isn’t too keen on the thought of doing anything to thwart his ambitions. Christmas at Pemberley Manor is a pleasure from start to finish.

Christmas At Pemberley Manor Filming Locations

The movie is shot exceptionally beautifully, and each of the locales did full honor to the scenes. The movie was filmed in various locations, but primarily in Canada. But first, let’s look at Christmas At Pemberley Manor filming locations. Let’s go!!!!


Essex is a county in southeast England that is located between London and the North Sea. A significant portion of the film was shot in Essex. Essex has a lot of history tucked away in hidden corners if you’re willing to take part in it.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor filming locations



Connecticut is a state in the United States’ southern New England region with a mix of coastal cities and rural areas dotted with small towns. This location was used for many lanes and town shots of Christmas at Pemberley Manor. Connecticut is well-known for its stunning autumn foliage, Yale University, and as the home of ESPN, the popular American cable sports channel.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor synopsis


East Haddam

East Haddam is a town in the United States’ Middlesex County. A significant amount of the film is shot here. In the same town, Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971) was also filmed.

Christmas at Pemberley Manor filming locations

East Haddam Swing Bridge

The 899-foot-long East Haddam Bridge, built-in 1913, is said to be the world’s longest swing bridge. One of the town’s specialties is the East Haddam Historical Society Museum.

Old Lyme

Old Lyme is a coastal town in Connecticut’s New London County. Lyme Street, the town’s main street, is a historic district with several homes that were once owned by sea captains. This is also one of the filming locations of Christmas At Pemberley Manor. In the film, the estate known as Pemberley Manor is a privately owned house in the town of Old Lyme.

Where is Christmas at Pemberley Manor shot?

Old Lyme, Connecticut

This location has been used in the films Next Stop, Christmas (2021), Alien Opponent (2010), and several others. There is also a lakefront in Old Lyme, as well as several smaller parks and boat landings on the Connecticut River and tidal estuaries.

Thus, this was all about Christmas At Pemberley Manor Filming Locations.

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