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WWE Raw 1530 Results: Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins And Lumis Coming Out Of The Ring

WWE Raw 1530 Results
WWE Raw 1530 Results

In this week’s episode of Raw, Seth “Freakin” Rollins challenge Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship. Backstage, Rollins and Lashley got into a furious argument, and Rollins challenged Lashley to a match for his championship, which Lashley gladly accepted.

As the two attempts to resolve their differences, Kevin Owens will face Austin Theory in a singles match. A few weeks ago, they competed in a match, with Owens coming out on top thanks to his famous Pop-Up Powerbomb as well as the Stunner. Then, last week, they got into a heated argument in which Owens tried to put Theory in his place but Theory was unwilling to listen.

The A-Lister will be having Dexter Lumis as a guest on “Miz TV,” which will be returning to “Raw.” Over the past few weeks, Lumis has been stalking The Miz. He has gotten past security measures to cost him matches, stalked him in his home, and even kidnapped him during a match. Will Lumis appear, and if so, what has he got to say?

Here are all the WWE Raw 1530 Results:

Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins For US Championship

When the bell rings, the two puts on a lock. Rollins is knocked to the mat by Lashley before he locks in a chin lock. Rollins is forced to the ground after Lashley pushes him in an attempt to get away. As Rollins strikes the middle rope with a baseball kick, the two men fall to the outside. Before the two men enter the ring again, he drives Lashley’s face into the ring post. Rollins manages to escape Lashley’s Hurt Lock and land two super kicks. When Rollins attempts to execute the Curb Stomp, Lashley somehow manages to block it and clotheslines him away from the ring.

WWE Raw 1530

WWE Raw 1530 Results – Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins

When Rollins returns from the break, he throws a sling blade. He tries to pin Lashley, but she kicks him out. Rollins drops his opponent’s leg before securing an arm submission. Rollins pulls down the top rope when Lashley attempts to charge at him after he breaks it up by power bombing him. He delivers a tope suicida to Lashley into the barricade before delivering a second one. Rollins is thrown against the ring post as a response from Lashley.

After returning from the break, Lashley strikes Rollins in the middle with a shoulder. He knocks Rollins to the ground before attempting a pin, but Rollins is kicked out. Rollins performs a Frog Splash after a Buckle Bomb. He tries to pin Lashley, but she kicks him out. After a few forearms from Rollins, Lashley responds with a running power slam. In response to his attempt for the Spear, Rollins countered with the Pedigree. He tries to pin Lashley, but she kicks him out.

WWE Raw 1530 Results

WWE Raw 1530 Results – Riddle interferance

Rollins attempts the Curb Stomp, but Lashley successfully dodges and transitions into the Hurt Lock. Rollins reaches the ropes and counters it for a pin, but Lashey maintains the hold. Rollins kicks Lashley in the groin to get away. Matt Riddle rushes to the ring as soon as the music starts. As a result, Lashley is able to successfully deliver The Spear to secure the victory.

Damage CTRL’s Celebration

Bayley announces that Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, the winners of the Women’s Tag Team Titles, are present and claims she thought this would be the ideal location for them to celebrate. SKY thanks Bayley and declares that they are now in charge. Kai goes on to say that the women’s division wanted them, but Damage CTRL didn’t want Alexa Bliss, Bianca Belair, and Asuka. She claims that despite having once served as the face of the women’s movement, they today hold little power. She claims that all that is left for them to do is pack up and leave.


WWE Raw 1530 Results – Damage CTRL’s Celebration

As soon as Belair’s music starts, she, Bliss, and Asuka move for the ring. They weren’t aiming to interrupt their celebration, according to Belair, but they kept talking. Belair says they will teach kids respect. They are overly impulsive, according to Bayley, and they should consider more aspects. Before Bliss threatens to beat her up, she questions Asuka and Bliss about why they are with Belair. Bliss, according to Bayley, is a shell of the person she once was. Bayley gets challenged to a match by Bliss tonight. Asuka, Belair, and Bliss all maintain their composure while Damage CTRL attempts to escape. Bliss then elbows Bayley in the back.

Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory

Owens shouts at the referee to ring the bell when the ref asks if he’s okay to compete. When the referee gives in, Owens immediately starts hitting Theory with his right hands. Before Owens executes a senton, Theory responds with a few kicks in the corner. Owens follows Theory as he exits the ring. He throws Owens into the commentary desk, face first. Owens then returns the favor, but Theory counters with a neck breaker from the apron.

When the match resumes, Owens repeatedly drives Theory’s face into the top turnbuckle. His attempt for a cannonball is stopped when Theory moves out of the way. Owen manages to escape Theory’s chin lock and deliver an Atomic Drop. He immediately follows it with a lariat and attempts to pin Theory, but Theory kicks out. After landing a superkick, Owens climbs to the top rope. He does a Cannonball Splash before attempting a pin, but Theory blocks it.

WWE Raw 1530 Results

WWE Raw 1530 Results – Kevin Owens vs. Austin Theory

As they hit each other with their right hands, the two men climb to the top rope. Though Theory is knocked to the ground by Owens, he gets back up and confronts Owens. After hitting Theory multiple times in the head, Owens smacks him to the ground. Owens launches himself into the air, but Theory rolls aside. Theory knocks Owens to the ground and attempts to pin him, but Owens kicks out. He makes two more attempts to pin him but fails.

Johnny Gargano enters the ring and grabs the briefcase as Theory looks at it in the corner. Before performing a super kick and a cannonball, Owens makes fun of Theory. After that, he wraps up the victory by dropping a Pop-Up Powerbomb.

The Brawling Brutes vs. The Street Profits

Dawkins and Holland are in the ring after the break. Ford tags in after Holland gives Dawkins a shoulder tackle. Holland strikes Butch with an arm before tagging him in. Butch gets slapped by Ford, which only serves to energize him. Ford kicks the ground and then tags Dawkins in. Butch first steps on Dawkins’ ankle before aiming for his wrist. Holland enters and attempts to suplex Dawkins after he is lifted up. Dawkins gets away and tags Ford. After landing numerous kicks, Ford unleashes a crossbody from the top.


WWE Raw 1530 Results – Closeline

Returning to the scene, Butch hands Ford the double knees. Then, he tags Holland back in after landing a drop kick. After executing a vertical suplex, Holland attempts to pin Ford, but Ford kicks out. The two give the Ten Beats to Ford after Butch joins in. They push him outside.

When Holland returns from the break, he headbutts Ford. Butch enters and gives Ford numerous stomps. Ford succeeds in landing a DDT, which enables him to apply the hot tag to Dawkins. Dawkins knocks Holland down with a leaping back elbow, a splash, and a kick when Holland tags in as well. Dawkins throws a forearm, but Butch tags blind and throws an insiguri in response. Holland rejoins the fight, and the two guys deliver a double clothesline to one another.

WWE Raw 1530 Results

WWE Raw 1530 Results – The Brawling Brutes vs. The Street Profits

When Butch rejoins, he locks in a triangle. Dawkins successfully slips into the side to tag Ford. Prior to Ford going for the pin, the two hit a Blockbuster. Dawkins enters and pushes Butch into a corner with a shoulder check. Holland joins in and gives him his own shoulder check. The two look for a new Blockbuster, but Butch intervenes by aiming at Ford’s fingers and tagging in. The Brawling Brutes won with a kick-and-slam combination.

Rey Mysterio and Matt Riddle vs. Judgment Day

Judgment Day goes to the ring. They once more proved, in the words of Rhea Ripley, how to run Monday Night “Raw.” It takes a lot of courage, according to Balor, to stand up to his opponents, but it requires even more courage to stand up to his father. Priest claims that Dominik showed his ability to take up arms against his own enemies.

Before Ripley tells him she’s proud of him, Priest then trashes Edge. As the crowd noisily boos him, Dominik gives Ripley a thank-you. He says that being with his own family makes him prouder than words can express. Balor advises them to take a family picture to remember the occasion. As soon as the music starts, Matt Riddle and Rey Mysterio enter the ring. 

WWE Raw 1530

WWE Raw 1530 Results – Rey Mysterio and Matt Riddle vs. Judgment Day

Riddle and Balor pick up where they left off when they return. Balor beats Riddle as the bell rings. Priest gets involved and corners Riddle. He brings Balor back in, who then chops the opponent. Riddle kicks first, then executes two waist lock suplexes. Mysterio enters, and Balor hits him with a hurricane. Priest enters again and elbows the opponent in the back. On the middle rope, Priest chokes Mysterio before elbowing him with a jumping backfist. When Mysterio tags in, Balor kicks him in the back.

Priest strikes Riddle with a right punch to the back after he escapes. Priest receives a kick to the head from Riddle, then the Bro To Sleep. As Priest tags in Balor, Riddle gets the hot tag to Mysterio. Mysterio performs a sunset flip and a sit-out leg drop after that. Having delivered a flying crossbody, he attempts to pin Balor but is unsuccessful. When Mysterio throws some right hands, Balor trips him. Mysterio kicks him in the face before turning to try for the 619, but Priest drags him out of the ring. Riddle knocks him down, allowing Mysterio to score a 619.


WWE Raw 1530 Results – Finn and Rey

From beneath the ring, Rollins appears and strikes Riddle with a chair. Rollins is forced to give up the chair by Mysterio, who then pushes him from the arena. Then Dominik kneels before his father and begs for a punch. Priest tags in as Mysterio re-enters the ring. He hits a chokeslam before tagging Balor in again. He scores the match-winning Coup de Grace.

Dexter Lumis Appears On Miz TV

We proceed to the ring, where Ciampa and Miz are waiting. Fans are welcomed to “Miz TV” by Miz. According to him, Dexter Lumis allegedly broke the law by entering his house. Miz says that nobody enters his house uninvited and that he is tired of constantly looking back. Then he says that he struck a Minion because he mistook it for a Lumis while enjoying his daughter’s third birthday. He orders Lumis to come to the ring.


WWE Raw 1530 Results – Dexter Lumis and Miz

Then, a hole is made in the carpet as we watch a knife slicing through it. Lumis appears and tries to pull Miz through it. Ciampa ends up saving Miz and Lumis then attempts to pull him through. Ciampa raps Lumis with his microphone. Miz goes to check through the hole, and Lumis appears, forcing Miz and Ciampa to leave.

Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss

When Bliss returns from the break, the bell rings, and she jumps on Bayley’s back. Bliss continues to trip Bayley after she beats her back. Bliss strikes her with a forearm before turning to aim for her arm. Bliss receives a forearm to the head from Bayley after she throws her into the top turnbuckle. She hits an arm drag and attempts to pin Bliss, but she is unsuccessful. Bliss receives a stomp from Bayley, followed by a few knees. Bliss does a hurricanrana before hitting Bayley’s neck with double knees.

WWE Raw 1530

When the two reach the middle rope, Bliss performs a sunset flip. She attempts to pin Bayley, but Bayley breaks out. Although Bayley has her legs on the ropes, she rolls Bliss up. As a result of Belair knocking her feet off, Dakota and SKY attack Belair. Asuka rescues her. Bliss hits a DDT after returning to the ring. Kai creates a commotion that SKY can use to knock Bliss over the top rope. Bayley wins by hitting the Rose Plant.

Damage CTRL attacks Bliss and Asuka following the match. Belair is able to get Damage CTRL down, but the team becomes too much for her. Belair is knocked out before Bayley uses the Rose Plant on her. She grabs a microphone and declares her dominance over Belair. Before declaring that she wants the “Raw” Women’s championship at Extreme Rules, she says that she gets what she wants.

Where To Watch WWE Raw

New episodes of WWE Raw are released every Monday. If you have USA Network on your TV, then you could just tune in at the above-mentioned time. But, if for some reason you missed the show while it was airing live or you prefer Streaming WWE Raw, then there are several Streaming options available.

USA Network comes under NBCUniversal, so you will find major streaming platforms offering the Bet work in their base plans. Streaming platforms like fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, and Hulu Live TV will allow you to watch Raw live from anywhere. YouTube TV is the platform where you should go if you want to watch both WWE Raw and Smackdown.

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