How To Watch Switched Japanese Drama Series?

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Switched – Where to Watch the Japanese Drama Series?

‘Switched’ is one of the popular Japanese dramas out there and is known for its portrayal of interesting supernatural elements. Portraying the genres of thriller, psychology, and supernatural, the drama series has been directed by Matsuyama Hiroaki, and the screenwriting for the same has been done by Okada Michitaka. Both the names are two of the popular ones in the Japanese entertainment industry, and many of their works are known all over Asia.

Moreover, another interesting fact about the drama series is that it has been adapted from a manga named “Sora wo Kakeru Yodaka” by Kawabata Shiki. The manga was a big success in the industry and was loved by everyone manga enthusiast for its suspenseful plot points and portrayal of many realistic aspects like school bullying, obsession, suicide, and many others.

Being one of the highest-rated out there, ‘Switched’ is available to be streamed on many platforms. Undoubtedly, the drama series has a huge viewer base, and all of them have at least watched this drama more than one time.

How To Watch Switched Japanese Drama Series?

‘Switched’ is available to watch on the streaming giant platform i.e., Netflix. All the episodes of the show are available there and are accessible for everyone out there. The only thing one needs to have is a subscription to the channel. Once that part is done, they can easily access the series.

Furthermore, the show has a total of 6 episodes, and each of them has a screen time of 40 minutes. All the episodes of the show aired on August 1, 2018. It is a short drama but very comprehensive on the inside. Once a viewer is in for the show, there is no way they can get out before completing the entire season.

Switched – Where to Watch the Japanese Drama Series?

It is both thrilling and amazing to watch the struggle between the girls who have gone through a body swap out of nowhere. While one is desperate to go back into her body, the other one has no intentions of giving in for the same. The advantages are bigger and brighter for the latter as she is getting the sweet taste of being the popular one after being under the shadow for long.

All global and domestic viewers can watch this intriguing series on Netflix without any complications.

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Switched: All Other Details

The Japanese drama ‘Switched’ is one of the best out there in the category of supernatural and fantasy. The plot of the series follows a popular high school teenager named Ayumi Kohinata, a first-year student who is known for her shy and cute personality. Her life is going all good and her excitement after getting into her first relationship has put her on the seventh cloud.

Though things never go as they are planned to. On the day of her first date with her boyfriend, Ayumi receives a strange call from her classmate named Zenko Umine. On the phone call, Zenko says that she is going to die, and we see Ayumi witnessing her jumping from a building.

Switched – Where to Watch the Japanese Drama Series?

One thing leads to another, and the next time Ayumi opens her eyes she finds herself in a hospital. The most interesting and scary part of this is the fact that she finds herself in Zenko’s body. With their souls exchanged due to some mysterious circumstances, things begin to get more and more complicated as Zenko who is in Ayumi’s body has no intentions of switching back.

The cast of the show played a big part in making the show a straight-up hit. Tomita Miu played the role of Zenko Umine, Kiyohara Kaya was seen playing the character of Ayumi Kohinata, Shigeoka Daiki played the role of Kaga Shunpei, Kamiayama Tomohiro portrayed Mizumoto Koushirou, Seki Megumi was seen playing the ‘Red Moon Researcher’ named Ukon Mao, and Nakajima Shoko was seen as Zenko’s mother named Kyoko Umine.

All of them did their best to portray their respective characters on the screen. Indeed, they successfully appealed to everyone out there with their powerful screen presence and sharp acting skills. The show is still one of the favorite Japanese dramas of all time and will continue to do so in the future too.

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