One Piece Anime Reveals Titles And Staff Listings For This Month’s Episodes

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The One Piece anime is currently in its Wano Country arc and its been quite enjoyable lately. The various changes brought by Toei for this arc have done wonderful and it’s been a ride, really. Although the pacing for the show isn’t perfect, that is certainly something that the fans will have to get used to, but it isn’t that big of a problem because extra most of the stuff that we see in the anime adds to what went missing from the manga, and on top of that, One Piece is more dialogue-heavy now more than ever. To put a chapters worth of content into an episode makes sense, and that’s what we’ll be seeing in the upcoming One Piece episodes as well.

One Piece Wano Country Act 1 Finale

One Piece Episode Titles

As we approach One Piece Episode 909, we have also received the staff listings and episode titles for the upcoming episodes and they all look very interesting to say the least. You can check them out for yourself down below:

11/17 – Episode 910: The Legendary Samurai: A Man that Roger Favoured!

11/24 – Episode 911: Defeat the Emperor: The Start of Secret Raid Plan!

12/1 – Episode 912: The Strongest Man: Pillar of the Bandits, Shutenmaru!

12/8 Episode 913: Everyone’s Annihilated: Kaidou’s Blast Breath of Rage!

Staff Listings For One Piece

Here’s the staff listings for the upcoming One Piece episodes:

Episode 910: Satoshi Ito/Kazuya Hisada

Episode 911: Daisuke Nakajima/Masahiro Kitazaki

Episode 912: SB Akitaro Daichi/ED Masahiro Hosoda/AD Masayuki Takagi

Episode 913: Yusuke Suzuki/Eisaku Inoue

It seems that the next four episodes will cover the events leading up to the final fight of Wano Country’s Act 1, which is the epic showdown between Luffy and Kaido. As expected, the Luffy vs Kaido episode is likely taking place in December, with Episode 914 being the most likely one to fetaure this fight. Among the staff, Episode 909 remains to be the highlight for now, and out of the next four episode, 913, which will be directed by Yusuke Suzuki and will feature Eisaku Inoue as AD looks the most interesting.

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We’re very excited for Wano Country’s next few episodes and we hope that you are as well! Are you excited for this month of One Piece? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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