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Dandadan Chapter 75 Release Date: Cute Alien Girl

Dandadan Chapter 75: Cute Alien Girl
Dandadan Chapter 75

Dandadan Chapter 75 reveals the mystery behind the Alien girl that Momo introduced to the other girls. Momo tells Dodaria and Aira about the Alien girl that they recently met. Dodaria is not convinced that the girl they met is an Alien and insists she is a transfer student. She tells Momo to go with the girl, and she will talk with the higher-up from the school. Momo comments that not all Aliens are monsters, and they can be cute Aliens. Dodaria notices that the new girl is cute, but she can’t be an Alien no matter what. Even if it is true, no one will hate a cute Alien. 

Dodaria reminds Momo that she has a lot of work, and they can’t argue about the cute Alien girl all day. Momo reveals that Tubor’s granny has arrived. The small cat comments that she will go with Seko. Later Momo and the cute Alien girl head to her room to get the cute Alien girl new clothes. She can’t believe she is stuck with the Alien girl looking for her new clothes. Momo can’t decide ed what the Aleine girl should wear. Momo finds clothes for the cute Aleine girl and tells her to remove the Kaiju outfit.

She repeats her words thinking that the cute Aleine girl can’t understand what she is telling her. But the cute Alien girl looks at the clothes and closes the head of Kaiju’s suit. Momo sees the strange light after Kaiju’s head closes and asks her what she is doing. She tells the Alien girl that they are not in the right place for her to become a giant. After the light disappears, the Alien girl appears in front of Momo with a new uniform. Momo realizes that she is afraid to change the new uniform when Momo is watching.

 Previously on Dandadan Chapter 74

Momo was impressed by the new look of the cute Alien girl. The two head out together, and Momo begins to befriend the cute Alein girl after realizing she is awesome. She asks her many questions as they walk, but the cute Alien girl uses words like Nn and Mmm. Momo tells her they don’t talk like that, but she must try to say something. She tells the Alien girl to try saying Momo. The Alien girl follows Momo’s interactions and begins to learn how to talk. Momo gives the Alien girl a new name saying that she is Vamola. 



But the Alien girl thinks that Momo is Vamola due to misunderstandings. Momo realizes it will take time for the Alien girl to understand everything. She points at her and calls her Momo; Momo is happy that the Alien girl is getting what she is teaching her. Momo hugs the Alien girl and says she is “amazing, your understanding.” But the Alien girl mixed those words and said, “amazingderstand.” She thinks that she has to say anything that Momo will say. Momo realizes she is getting attached to the Alien girl and thinks she is the enemy. 

But the two continue to learn different things around them. The Alien girl gives Momo something, and Momo wonders if it is a gold ball. It helps the Alien girl change her outfit, and Momo wonders if she is stripping since her new outfit is for strippers. She shows Momo her powers and returns to her normal form. Momo realizes that she knows nothing about Aliens and thinks Turbo granny will reveal the mysteries once she looks at the Alien girl. Momo looks at the time and realizes they are left with five minutes to reach school and decides to take a shortcut. 

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Dandadan Chapter 75 Release Date

Dandadan Chapter 75 will be released on 25 September 2022. Momo and Vamola entered a dangerous place, believing that the shortcut would make them arrive faster at school. They meet the vicious old hag who claims she is pretty, and Vamola reveals that it is Pomade. Vamola, Momo vs. Pomade begins in the next chapter. You can check Dandadan Chapter 75 official detail below. 



Read Dandadan Chapter 75 Online – Raw Details

You can read Dandadan Chapter 75 online on Viz Media & Mangaplus. Dandadan Manga releases a new chapter every week. But the spoilers of Dandadan Manga’s latest chapter are released on the same day. The battle between two aliens begins in Dandadan’s next chapter. Let’s meet after Dandadan Chapter 75 is released.

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