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Payback: Money and Power Episode 11: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Payback: Money and Power K drama Episode 11
Payback: Money and Power Episode 11 Release Date

With Suspense, thriller, and revenge as genres gaining rising popularity in the K-drama industry, Payback: Money and Power is one such hair-raising drama you would not want to miss if you’re a sucker for this category of K-dramas. 

Starring actor Lee Sung-Kyun, best known for his roles in Parasite ( Mr. Park) and Diary of a Prosecutor (Lee Sun-Woong). The female lead of Payback: Money and Power, Moon Chae-Won, is also a well-known actress starring in dramas like Flower of Evil ( Cha Ji-Won) and Good Doctor (Cha Eun-Seo).

The drama boosts an amazing cast and crew, making this drama immensely popular among not just Koreans but outsiders as well. Set to have a total of 12 episodes, the first episode of Payback: Money and Power premiered on 6th January 2023 and was received with great appreciation for its gripping plot.

The drama has a sentimental touch to it amid the action-packed scenes, making it as enjoyable as ever. This article will provide all the information you would need regarding Payback: Money and Power; from a recap of its latest episode to the release of the next, we’ve got everything covered! 

Payback: Money and Power Synopsis

Payback: Money and Power revolves around Eun Yong, our protagonist, played by Lee Sung-Kyun, and his plan to disrupt the status quo and gain revenge for a dear friend. Eun Yong is a well-reputed business titan who, shortly before migrating back to Korea, lived most of his life in the country of Mongolia.

Tae Chun, Eun Yong’s nephew was in dire need of his help, so he asked his uncle to return and assist him. Joon Gyeong, the daughter of Eun Yong’s old benefactor, was also in a similar situation and required aid. With problems rising one after the other, Eun Yong had no choice but to return to Korea and help them out.

These unforeseen circumstances led to the beginning of Payback: Money and Power. Apart from the callings of Tae Chun and Joon Gyeong, Eun Yong’s personal intent of avenging the death of his beloved friend and targeting the corrupt power in the Business industry was one that drove his determination to return to his homeland.  

Recap of Payback: Money and Power Episode 10 (Spoilers!)

Gi-Seok is inspired by Eun Yong’s covert proposal to Se-Hee and once more sees hope in his aspirations. Power or money: which is it? Gi-Seok is faced with a decision. The humiliated prosecutor ultimately comes to a choice.

Payback Money and Power Episode 10 Recap of Korean Drama

Payback Money and Power Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 of Payback: Power and Money witnesses Gi-Seok’s dilemma in choosing the greater evil. Which side would he prefer? The one with power or the one with money? He’s forced to come to a decision and choose what he feels is the better option. The episode ends with a press conference in which Hwang Gi-Seok is seen to be the center of attention.

Gi- Seok, who came out to be a whistleblower, admitted in front of the press his dedication to the law as a Prosecutor and pledged to show full transparency to provide justice as he atones for his past actions. The episode ends with Eun Yong admitting to using Gi-Seok as a pawn in his master plan- disrupting the peace of the corrupted. 

Release Date of Payback: Money and Power Episode 11

With episodes airing every weekend, Episode 11 of Payback: Money and Power will release on 10th February 2023 at 10 pm. (KST). The Release date and time of Payback: Money and Power Episode 11 in respective time zones will be as follow:

  • 10th February 10:00 pm (KST)
  • 10th February 6:30 pm (IST)
  • 10th February, 9:00 pm (PHT)
  • 10th February 10:00 pm (JPT)
  • 10th February, 9:00 pm (MYT)
  • 10th February 8:00 pm (Bekasi, Indonesia) 
  • 10th February 8:00 am (New York, USA)

Mark your Calendars and set your timers as Payback: Money and Power will come back with another action-packed episode this weekend! 

Where to Watch Payback: Money and Power? 

Payback: Money and Power is available on SBS and Amazon Prime Video. Get your Prime subscription and start this thrilling new show! 

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