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Spoilers and Preview: Kemono Jihen Episode 9

Kemono Jihen

Let’s see Kemono Jihen concludes its last three episodes until it reaches the episode finale. Inugami and the crew visited the city where Shiki used to stay with his uncle Tademaru. Shiki finds the truth about his parents; they both pass away. Later Shiki visited the forest and found out that Tademaru killed his mother. Tademaru was doing an experiment on Shiki’s mom, but he failed. 

Shiki realizes that the Legend of Nishikigumo is real, and Tademaru was referring to Shiki’s parents. Inugami investigates the case and finds that Shiki’s mom a spider girl. Shiki’s father was s poor boy who met with the spider girl and became rich. Shiki listened to the recording that Inugami sent to him. He rushes to the scene and uses his spider web to capture Tademaru. He told Tademaru to reveal the truth, or he will be killed. 

Kemono Jihen Episode 9 Release Date

Kemono Jihen Episode 9 will release on Sunday, 7 March 2021, at 10:00 PM JST on ANIPLUS, AnimeLab, Funimation, and Netflix. The truth about Kumi will be revealed below in the previous episode and updates.

Previously on Kemono Jihen Episode 8

Uncle Tademaru is hanging on a tree with spider webs around his body. He told Shiki to stop acting like a fool. He also asks Shiki why he is here, and Shiki showed him a recording that Tademaru sent. Tademaru replies that he was doing everything in his power to save Shiki and his mother. Tademaru mentions Kumi and makes Shiki angry that he is talking about his mother. Shiki chokes Tademaru using his spider webs.

Truth or Death

Kabane said that he could help if Tademaru is taking too long to reveal the truth. Shiki said Tademaru would suffer an ugly death. Nobimaru said that if Shiki wishes to kill him in a single blow, he could smash the back of his neck. Tademaru talks with a soft voice and asks if Inugami is okay with this. He said Inugami would be crazy if he approves that children must kill people. Inugami replies that he doesn’t approve of killing; he is resigned to it, unlike Tadememaru.

He also said if you could kill, you will be killed; if you could be killed, you would kill. Akaru arrives complaining that they left him in the darkness alone. Suddenly venomous monster circles them. But Inugami manages to kill the one that was about to eat Akira. He got bitten, and his hand started to change; Kabane thinks that they are Kemonos. Tademaru reveals that they are not Kemono; they are their siblings.

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

They are Shiki’s brothers and sisters born during the experiments. Shiki’s mother gave birth to all the monsters that have sounded them due to the failure of the experiment. They all recognize Tademaru and frees him from Shiki’s webs. Tademaru landed on the ground and said they end up not being the golden webbing. He reveals that the monsters learn to speak after realizing that they couldn’t communicate with Shiki’s mom, Kumi.

Mysterious talking Monsters

The monsters started speaking, telling Shiki that they love him. On their forehead, they have eight eyes showing that they are born from a spider girl (Kumi). They both possess Kumi’s voice telling Shiki to live long; he is adorable, my sweet little boy. Those are the lines that Kumi used to tell Shiki when he was young. They also told Shiki that mom is alright, and the other teleports Kumi’s voice revealing that she’s fine. 

The monsters started tosing a chorus the live long Shiki, we love you Shiki and be happy Shiki. Shiki recalls all the moments he has spent with Kumi, and he falls down on his knees. Nobimaru asks what they should do since Shiki is crying and he lost the will to fight. The monsters started to attack them, and Shiki told Kabane to smash everything created by Tademaru. Kabane gets furious since he cannot bear to see Shiki’s tears.

He battled with the monsters and defeated them, and also takes down the boss. Inugami and Akira met with the girl who appears when they were reading about the Legend of Nishikigumo. She cures Inugami’s hand that was bitten by the monsters. Tademaru can’ believe that Kabane killed a hundred monsters. Kabane grabs Tademaru by hist-shirt and throws him in front of Shiki. He told Shiki that there is no one to protect Tademaru; he can kill him. 

Golden Webbing

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen

Kabane told Shiki if he cannot kill Taderamu, he can let him make the killing. Shiki said now he is fine; he is leaving the rest to them. They decide not to kill Tademaru since Shiki said hearing his mom’s voices made him feel relieved. Inugami, Akira, and the girl arrive. Tademaru yells at the girl calling her Aya that he told her not to wander off alone. Aya talks about the cocoon that Tademaru has hidden, and she wants to know where it is. 

Shiki and Aya head to the pond and retrieve Kumi’s body. They find that Kumi is still alive and Aya reveals that she is Tademaru’s daughter. She is the golden webbing, and she apologizes for keeping it a secret. Inugami and others are surprised that Shiki’s mom, Kumi, is still alive. Shiki decided to takes his unconscious mother to safety along with his sister, Aya. He punches Tademaru for his evil deeds and trying to separate Kumi from him. 

Kemono Jihen Episode 9 Preview 

Find about the true story of the Legend of Nishikigumo here on Kemono Jihen Episode 8. 

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