Overwatch 1 And 2 Will Be Getting 4 New Maps

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 (Credits: Blizzard Entertainment)

At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard made some big announcements, one which was the reveal of Overwatch 2. This wasn’t a surprise to many as there were already rumors that there is going to be a new Overwatch game. But still, it was exciting to see that. There were many things revealed about it like the progression system, a new hero who’s name is Sojourn. There is a story that will be heavily curated PvE missions where players will only be able to select from a limited, contextually-relevant roster of characters.

Moreover, every single story mission will have its cinematic intro and outro video. There are new maps that will be coming to the game. There will be four new maps for the PvP competitive mode. Names and other details for the maps have been revealed. The first one is called Toronto. This is the first map set in Canada and is also related to the next hero, Sojourn, who is of Canadian origin.

Overwatch 2 new maps
Overwatch 2 in-game photo (Credits: Blizzard Entertainment)

This map is a sprawling metropolitan area, specifically designed with the new Push game mode in mind. Furthermore, there’s an outdoor ice rink, a statue of a hockey player, and maple trees. The second one is called Rio de Janeiro, which designed to reflects the urban streets of the Brazilian city. A modified version is also part of the PvE story missions. The next one is Monte Carlo looks to be a lavish map modeled after the iconic real-world location in Monaco.

Last but not least is Gothenburg, based on the Swedish town, and a number of characters such as Brigitte and Torbjorn come from here. These are all the maps that are coming to Overwatch, and there is much more info on it like the new temporary item pickups, which you can use for the duration of the mission. It includes things like a corrosive grenade, a healing station, or a barrier fence. Items also come in tiers, like Legendary.