True Blood Filming Locations: The Scary Places Where Disney Plus ‘s True Blood Was Filmed?

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true blood shooting places
TrueBlood Official Poster (Credits- Disney +)

Disney Plus’s True Blood has been loved by viewers. The tv series has aired 7 seasons and 80 episodes in total. The world of the vampires and their complicated lives is shown perfectly in the series. The filming locations of True Blood have been a matter of curiosity especially due to the dark and scary settings. 

True Blood was shot mainly in two locations- California and Louisana. The crew finalized several locations across these two regions and shot the series. The Bon Temps town which is full of vampires doesn’t exist in reality. The crew shot the movie across various landmarks of Louisiana and California. The series stars Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, and Stephen Mayor among others. 

Alex’s Bar

The Fangtasia bar is an important place in the series. It is the sinister place where humans and vampires talk and enjoy themselves. Humans enjoy regular drinks while the vampires feast on tru- blood (an artificial blood drink). The place is engulfed in an entirely punk atmosphere with red walls, and tattoos all around the walls. 

True Blood Filming Locations:
All the scenes involving Fangtasia were filmed at Alex’s Bar (Credits-LA Tourism Club)

All the scenes involving Fangtasia were filmed at Alex’s Bar. The bar has quite a funky look and was thus chosen to show the Fangtasia bar. It is located at Anaheim St in California. The place is all red in colour and will give you spooky vibes and remind you of the series. There’s a similarity between both places- they open late and only 21+ are allowed inside. 

The Junkyard

The next location which caught viewers’ attention was this trail court of the vampires. The Junkyard is featured mainly in Season 1 Episode 10. Bill is called to this trial court for murdering a bartender at Fangtasia. The man who is in charge of the judgements is Magister. 

where was True Blood Filmed
The Junkyard is featured mainly in Season 1 Episode 10. (Credits-Disney Plus)

This trial court is a junkyard located in Sun Valley, California. Sun Valley is a sleeper town which sits in the San Fernando Valley. The weird cubicles you spotted in True Blood exist in reality. They are outside the fenced area. This isn’t the first time the junkyard has been used for filming. It has been part of movies like Deep Impact, Beverly Hills etc. 

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The Bon Temps Cottages

The tiny white homes you saw in the series do exist in reality.  This wooden house cluster is located in the Eagle Rock neighbourhood. This neighbourhood lies in Los Angeles. The series featured around 5-6 houses in many episodes. If you want to invest in the property you need to shell out $925,000.

The Bon Temps Cottages in True Blood
The Bon Temps Cottages in the Eagle Rock neighbourhood. (Credits- Tripadvisor)

The Hotel Carmilla

The Hotel Carmilla is quite important for the vampires since it’s the only place where they can sleep peacefully. The hotel is sealed completely not to let any sunlight enter the area.

The hotel scenes were filmed at Sofitel Hotel located in West Hollywood. This hotel is just across the Beverly Center mall. In the series, the hotel is shown to be quite old and sealed from the outside. In contrast, Sofitel Hotel is a bustling property. 

True Blood shooting
Sofitel Hotel is a bustling property.  (Credits- Tripadvisor

Big Patty’s Pie House

Big Patty’s Pie House is featured in Season 1, Episode 11. This Pie House in reality is a popular restaurant in the Hawthorne region. Chip’s Restaurant is a Googie-style restaurant that dates back to 1955.

series like true blood
Big Patty’s Pie House (Credits- LA Club)

The Bon Temps Police Station

The Bon Temps police station scenes were filmed in the Hawthorne Jail. In the series, any citizen who doesn’t follow the rules is sent to the Bon Temps Jail. The police station is featured heavily in Season 2, Episode 11 when several citizens are put to jail when they go mad due to Maryann’s spell.

The Fellowship of the Sun Church

The Sun Church is the home to an extremist group which is against the principles of Christianity. We see the church in many episodes specifically Season 2 Episodes 6,7 and 8. The church is located at the Rose Hills Memorial Park and is named as the SkyRose Chapel.

The Bon Temps Police Station
The bustling town of Bon Temps (Credits-Tripadvisor)

Bill Compton House

Bill Compton’s house is located in California. In reality, it is a plantation. The interiors of Compton’s house were filmed in studios while the rest was filmed at Roseneath Plantation. You cannot enter the house as it is not open but you can surely have a look at the plantation surrounding the Compton House. 

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Louisana and California in True blood
Bill Compton’s house in Louisiana (Credits-Tripadvisor)

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