Why Did Michonne Leave The Walking Dead?

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Why Did Michonne Leave The Walking Dead? Cr: Otakukart

The surprisingly amazing show about zombies, The Walking Dead, has been running successfully and continues to do so. The show first aired in 2010 and is now on its eleventh and final season. There’s no doubt that this show is one of the longest-running shows and widely recognized shows on “zombies,” but with all these seasons comes new beginnings and sad goodbyes. One such hard goodbye that the fans had to bid was to the beloved character Michonne. Michonne, played by the American-Zimbabwean actress Danai Gurira was a fierce character.

The tough and good-hearted survivor, Michonne liked to work alone, and a certain mystery always surrounded her since she liked to hide her past. But, as the story progressed, we saw her opening up and welcomed her into our lives with open arms. It was sad to see her character leave the show, but that only meant saying yes to new projects for the actress. Here’s why Michonne left The Walking Dead.  

Who Was Michonne?

Michonne first appeared on the show during the final episode of the second season. She was seen in the episode “Beside The Dying Fire” as Andrea’s rescuer, later her best friend. In the beginning, as most humans do, Rick and others doubted her, but she proved to be trustworthy. Michonne ended up fitting well in their world. She built a strong friendship with Rick and Carl.

Why Did Michonne Leave The Walking Dead? Cr: Otakukart

Like most of these people, she had had her own share of tragedy to endure. With the loss of her boy Andre and the events that followed, she had already suffered enough. Yet, she turned out to be a powerful leader of Alexandria, a good mother to Judith, and a loyal partner of Rick Grimes.

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What Role Did Rick Play In Her Exit?

Doubtful at first, Rick and Michonne grew closer, turning their friendship into a loving relationship. But not soon enough, as fans had to wait for three seasons until the show makers finally relieved us and brought both of them together in the sixth season. It was going as smoothly as it could go on until Rick sacrificed himself by blowing up the bridge to keep the community safe from the walkers descending on them in the ninth season.

After Rick’s sacrifice, there was a time-lapse to Michonne giving birth to Rick’s son, R.J. R.J. was yet to meet his father while Michonne raised him alone alongside Judith, Rick’s daughter. She spent years looking for something that might hint that Rick was, in fact, alive. So when the first opportunity presented itself leading to Rick, she left her kids to go after him. The last we see of Michonne is the part where she discovers two travelers and finds a caravan full of survivors in the valley. She helps these survivors and moves forward, looking for her soul mate in the great unknown.

Why Did Danai A.K.A Michonne Leave The Walking Dead?

After being a part of this long-running AMC series, Danai Gurira left The Walking Dead after the tenth season. Gurira had already informed her producers beforehand about her decision to devote more time to other creative projects, including her career as a playwright. Hence, she left the show, which meant Michonne left the show as well. Although Michonne stays alive before her exit, it’s hard to say if she will be returning or not. Danai’s character was a standout in The Walking Dead universe for her fearsome and relentless nature.

Why Did Michonne Leave The Walking Dead Cr: Otakukart

Furthermore, she was one of the few black action heroines seen in popular culture. Danai has time and time again proved herself to be a compelling and remarkable action star. She played Dora Milaje General Okoye in the MCU’s Black Panther and reappeared in Avengers: End Game. Danai has been committed to creating work to uplift the Black female voices by using her stage. Additionally, she elevates these marginalized voices through her writing as well. Although it wasn’t easy seeing yet another star leave the show, it’s amazing to see Danai Gurira on screens in new roles. We might have to start another TWD marathon to see her as Michonne, but it’s good that Danai is exploring her talents.

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