Where Are The Turpin Children Now? The Shocking Family That Caught Everyone’s Attention

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Where Are The Turpin Children Now?
Where Are The Turpin Children Now? (Credits: CNN)

Where Are The Turpin Children Now? The Turpin Children case took the whole world into shock after Jordan Turpin managed to escape out of a window of her family’s home where she, along with her 12 siblings, had been held captive for years. She soon filled 911, and it was later discovered that 12 malnourished children were living in unbearable and filthy conditions, with some of these kids even tied to furniture. The residence was later called the House of Horrors by the media.

After the shocking case unfolded and was immediately taken to court, the judge sentenced David and Louise to life in prison in 2019. The two pleaded guilty with severe accusations of 14 counts of torture, dependent adult abuse, torture, and false imprisonment.

One of the Turpin siblings, Jordan Turpin, has been a staunch voice to mend the broken foster system. Jordan urges that people should become foster parents only if they want to help kids, as they need to understand how these kids come from bad situation. Jordan pointed out that sometimes some. of these people have other ill motives for doing it. Let us find out where are the Turpin Children now. 

Where Are The Turpin Children Now?

The eldest Turpin sister, Jennifer, is an aspiring nurse and is maintaining an extremely low profile while keeping it all away from the media. However, she is often seen posting positive quotes and pictures on her social media. Another Turpin sibling, Jeanetta, is also seen posting on social media while followers can seemingly assume that she has taken a special liking towards poems and nature.

Where Are The Turpin Children Now?
Where Are The Turpin Children Now? (Credits: Fox News)

Jordan Turpin is a rising Tiktok star who has huge social media followers and is reportedly focusing heavily on her modeling career. Their attorney has further revealed that Jordan is backed up by a great team as she starts fresh in Southern California. The attorney has further revealed that some of these Turpins are currently taking college courses while some of their younger siblings are in proper foster care.

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Who Is Jordan Turpin?

Jordan Turpin, who is one of the Turpin siblings, has been making headlines for a while now as she has risen to huge fame and success as a successful Tiktok star who has recently posed for Elle magazine. Jordan has talked about the big opportunity saying how it just doesn’t feel real at times while adding how she feels so blessed to be free as she can try new things now.

Her followers love her dancing videos as the rising young star has managed to garner a whopping 924,000 followers! Jordan revealed how she and her sister Jeanetta used to distract their siblings when they stayed in such challenging conditions.

Where Are The Turpin Children Now?
Where Are The Turpin Children Now? (Credits: CNN)

Jordan recalled how they would sing to make their little siblings feel like they were at a concert as she explained how she wanted to show their siblings that there was another world out there and that they were going to be free one day while adding that she wanted to be a role model for them.

The Turpin Attorney Makes Shocking Revelation!

It seems like although the Turpin siblings have managed to escape the barbaric torture and are trying to navigate their life back to normalcy, it might not be an easy journey for them after all!  Attorney Elan Zektser, who represents the five Turpin siblings, has shed some light on their present life while saying that although they are doing fantastic in terms of what the siblings went through, however, pointed out that if compared to others, a few of these siblings are in some serious trouble.

Elan further added that the siblings are finding it hard to navigate in a world as there were not exposed to it as a child in the first place. The struggle is an ongoing process for these siblings. Not only that, but it has been discovered that six of these young children were allegedly sexually and physically abused by a foster family.

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