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Nene Leakes: Before And After

Nene Leakes: Before and After
Nene Leakes: Before and After

America has been one of the top countries to produce and promote a ton of iconic reality television shows which has unique concepts. Fans worldwide have fallen in love with a lot of American reality television shows due to their eliteness in terms of quality and content delivery as well. One of the famous reality television shows based in America is known to us as the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Bravo is the television network airing the reality show which focuses on portraying the lives of individual women living in and around the city of Atlanta. The show rose to fame pretty quickly as it showcased a concept that was quite different from the other average TV Reality Shows.

It did receive a mediocre review from its fans, but it gained a lot of popularity over time as it portrayed different women with unique characters. Some characters were lovable, whereas, on the other hand, some were just straight-up annoying. Some of the women who appeared in the show had a breakthrough and achieved a lot of fame, paving their way to success. Nene Leakes is one such woman.

This famous American TV Personality rose to splendid heights when she made her appearance in the show till the 8th season of the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta. The show has a total of 14 seasons, with nearly 300+ episodes to date.

The 8th season stands as one of the iconic seasons of the entire show as it had breakthrough characters like Nene Leakes, Kim Fields, Cynthia Bailey, and so on. All these characters have found their paths in life now. Some have chosen the road to fame and popularity, while some chose to lead a simple life. Nene Leakes took her chances by going down the road of popularity, and that was a really good choice from her side.

Nene Leakes started to constantly appear in the eyes of the general public by giving appearances in multiple shows which were favored by a lot of fans. The TV personality appeared in several important shows on ABC Network like Glee, The New Normal, The Celebrity Apprentice, and much more. Read along to know more about the celebrity now.

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Who is Nene Leakes?

Nene Leakes was born in the state of New York. Her place of birth might be NY, but she was originally raised in the state of Georgia. Born with 4 siblings, Nene Leakes was raised by her aunt when her mother couldn’t take care of all 5 children at once.

Nene Leakes gave importance to education and pursued it till the very end without discontinuing it. She completed her 12th grade at Clarke Central High School and proceeded to get graduated from Morris Brown College. 

Before rising to fame through the reality TV Show named Real Housewives of Atlanta, Nene Leakes did appear in minor roles in several television shows and movies like The Parkers, The Fighting Sensations, and so on.  After appearing in minor roles, Her time in Real Housewives of Atlanta allowed her to earn a lot of fans.

The audience loved her for who she was, and this gained her a lot of fan support. Nene Leakes started to appear in the first season till the 8th season of the show. After her appearance in the mainstream reality show, Nene Leakes proceeded to play important roles in shows like Glee, The Celebrity Apprentice, and some other shows on the ABC Network.

Nene Leakes has an active social media profile with nearly 4.5 Million followers. She is currently a businesswoman, author, actor, presenter, and even a fashion designer based in the United States of America. Let us now look at the Before and After Transformation of the TV Personality now.

Nene Leakes: Before and After

Nene Leakes: Before (L) and After (R)

Nene Leakes: Before and After

Fans and viewers have noticed several changes in the appearance of this female TV Personality who is over 50 years old. She broke the internet after posting a picture of her where she looked transformed. She upgraded her looks and gave herself a much younger look.

A lot of fans were left speechless after this transformation as the changes were really visible. The TV Personality managed to reduce her age with the help of modern plastic surgery techniques. Nene Leakes did several alterations to her entire face structure, starting with a nose job. She even proceeded to get a Brazillian Butt Lift, which is considered one of the most opted reconstructive surgeries of the past decade.

Nene Leakes did her plastic surgery at Georgia Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, located in the state of Georgia. The TV Personality looks unrecognizable and fantastic now. Initially, her change of appearance triggered some hate comments, but she got a lot of love and support from her fans as well.

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