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Where Was Pale Rider Movie Filmed?

Where Was Pale Rider Movie Filmed?
Where Was Pale Rider Movie Filmed?

Old is gold. Sometimes, we realize that some old evergreen movies are even better than the new releases. Do you like watching old movies? If yes, Pale Rider must be one of the movies on your watchlist. Pale Rider is a 20th-century movie with a rating of 7.3 out of 10 per IMDb. This movie attained high success. It was one of the best releases of its decade, taking the box office to a new realm.

It has also won various prestigious awards and nominations, which include the Spur Award for Best Screenplay in Western Writers of America and the Young Artist Award for Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor in Young Artist Awards in 1986. The movie received mostly positive reviews from both the critics and the viewers. It has a fantastic cast, filming locations, storyline, and movie-makers.

What is Pale Rider about? Who are the cast and characters in the film? Where was the movie filmed? Who are the crew members? When did the movie premiere? What is the basic plot of the movie? This blog contains answers to all these questions and all the other facts and details you need to know about it.

Where Was Pale Rider Movie Filmed?

The western movie, Pale Rider, has many popular shooting locations. The movie’s shooting began on 17th September 1984 and ended at the end of November of the same year. Idaho and California in the USA are the primary filming locations for this film. Specifically, the shooting places include the Boulder Mountains and the Sawtooth National Recreation Area in Idaho. Idaho and California are famous for several popular and beautiful shooting locations.

There are various train-station scenes in the movie that were shot in Tuolumne County, California, near Jamestown. The real Gold Rush town of Columbia had the set for the Gold Rush Town in the movie. Sawtooth mountain range played a part in the opening scene of the film. Another filming location that had a very important part in the movie is the Sun Valley resort city of Idaho. The other shooting locations of the film are Columbia State Historic Park at 11255 Jackson Street and the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown in Columbia.

The Railtown is also popularly known as the Movie Railroad because of various shootings in that area.

One of the beautiful filming locations of Pale Rider

One of the beautiful filming locations of Pale Rider

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Meet The Pale Rider Cast Members!

Pale Rider is an American fantasy western drama movie in the English language. Clint Eastwood is the director, producer as well as lead actor of the film. The movie, Pale Rider, premiered on 26th June 1985 with a running time of 116 minutes by Warner Bros. Pictures. It became the highest-grossing western movie of the whole decade of the 1980s. The writing credits of the film go to Michael Butler and Dennis Shryack. The Malpaso Company is the production company involved in this great release.

Other film crew members include Lennie Niehaus, Bruce Surtees, Joel Cox, Edward Carfagno, Chuck Gasper, Buddy Van Horn, Jack N. Green, Marcia Reed, and Deborah Hopper. The main cast and characters of Pale Rider are Clint Eastwood as The Preacher, Michael Moriarty as Hull Barret, Carrie Snodgress as Sarah Wheeler, Richard Dysart as Coy LaHood, Sydney Penny as Megan Wheeler, John Russell as Marshal Stockburn, Richard Kiel as Club, Doug McGrath as Spider Conway, and many more talented celebrities.

A scene from Pale Rider

A scene from Pale Rider

What Is The Plot of Pale Rider?

The title of the movie, Pale Rider, denotes the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The ghost rider of the pale horse represents death. This movie revolves around a gold mining company and a preacher. The company in the California foothills is greedy in the plot and tries to steal the villagers’ claims. That mysterious preacher enters the camp and helps them from the landowner’s attacks on the miners. The movie’s screenplay follows how the preacher persuades and convinces the landowner to give up on his unethical activities and save the humble prosperous village from the greedy mining company owner.

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