Who is Drew Carey’s Girlfriend in 2022? Power Of 10 Host’s Love Interest

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Drew Carey

Here, we shall discuss who Drew Carey’s Girlfriend in 2022 is. What do we know about the multi-talented star’s current relationship status and his popularity among the people? Starting from the basics, Drew Carey has gained massive prominence by hosting the Power of 10. He has provided his voice for the role of Crank, in the film Robots. More significantly, Drew Carey is also a versatile actor, and some of his famous works are- Drew Carey: Human Cartoon, Freaky Friday, King of the Hill, Family Guy, etc. For several years, he hosted his self-titled show, The Drew Carey Show.

Knowing his versatility in the film and hosting career, fans are interested to learn what’s going on in Drew Carey’s personal life. Well, he made several headlines with his engagement to his ex-fiancee. But, that was later called off. Sadly, she was found dead a couple of years ago. Anyway, their relationship didn’t work out in the end. Now what? Is he dating anyone at present? Let’s dig into this article to learn about Drew Carey’s Girlfriend.

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Drew Carey’s Girlfriend in 2022: The Host’s Love Interest

The renowned host, Drew Carey isn’t dating anyone in 2022. He appears to be single and is very much focused on delivering his best. After his engagement ended with his ex-fiancee, Amie Harwick, he hasn’t appeared to be seeing anyone romantically. It seems like Drew is enjoying his singlehood and his busy work life. Also, it is very much evident that the actor hasn’t been feeling the same for anyone as he used to have for Amie.

Many of you might get a bit disappointed after knowing that Drew Carey is single. But, if you are one of his fans, then you must respect his decision, feelings, and choice. Moreover, we may assume that his busy schedule is keeping him away from getting himself romantically related to anyone at present. Looking at him, we can’t expect Drew Carey to be involved in any romantic relationship anytime soon.

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Drew Carey's Girlfriend 2022
Drew Carey

Relationship With Amie Harwick

In case you aren’t aware, Amie Harwick was a very beautiful marriage and family therapist. Everything was going pretty well between Drew and her. The former duo got engaged back at the beginning of 2018. However, then didn’t work well for long and in November of the same year, they ended their relationship. But, the good part was they still kept in touch with each other.

As discussed earlier, Amie Harwick was found dead. Well, she contacted Drew Carey, just a couple of days before her death. Later, the actor shared that she dropped him a text that she was willing to talk to him, which never happened.

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Career & Others

Besides knowing the details of Drew Carey’s Dr in 2022, fans are now interested to learn more about him. Born on 23 May 1958, Drew Carey is now 64 years old. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. You may follow him on his Instagram account, having more than 64.2K followers at present.

Drew Carey's Girlfriend 2022
Drew Carey

Moving on with his career, Drew Carey has worked in a few films- Coneheads, The Aristocrats, Jack, and Jill, etc. He has hosted various shows including The Price is Right. Drew also took part in Dancing With The Stars Season 18, where he ended up in the 8th position. His other television shows include- Scorpion, Talking Dead, and Community. Last year, he appeared in the Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune. In 2020, he lost to Kevin Nealon in Celebrity Family Feud. He has always been hard working and believes in giving his best. To date, Drew Carey has achieved several accolades and even massive appreciation from the audience for his versatile performances, be it as an actor or a host.

Best Wishes to Drew Carey for the upcoming days of his career. Hoping to come across more of his great works shortly.  Also, we wish Drew finds the love of his life, real soon.

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