How To Watch Kan Çiçekleri Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Kan Çiçekleri
Kan Çiçekleri

When two people who have been forced together force an alliance out of their wish, they slowly find themselves falling in love, one person is bound to be swooning in love with them. It is to see two characters falling in love after being enemies and finding possible ways to neglect the presence of the other person to the point where they find themselves restless without the presence of others. 

This is exactly what happens in one of the most loved Turkish shows which are Kan Çiçekleri which can also be translated to “Bloody Flower” in English. The show is packed with intense drama, action, adventure, and internal feuds within families. The show is a great representation of how people might not be what they seem and the change that occurs in a person’s personality through the process of love. 

The show premiered on December 5th and has a total of 40 episodes. The last episode of the show will be streamed on January 30th, making it the most awaited season finale. The show takes its viewers on a journey to see two very distinct characters and personalities coming close. 

Action Drama
Boran from Kan Çiçekleri

The show stars Baris Baktas and Yagmur Yaksel in the lead roles of Baron Karabey and Dilan Delmir. Other supporting roles are efficiently played by Berkay Cinar as Ali, Ekrem Aral Tuna as Cebvet Demir, and Selinay Tasol as Zumrut Demir in the show. The cast has added distinctively to the show with their acting and dedication to their character. 

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A brief synopsis of the show

The show begins with the introduction of the two main protagonists, namely Baron and Dilan, who are busy with their lives with their own dreams and aspirations towards life. They belong to two powerful families who have found themselves in midst of a feud that is potentially harmful to them and may create even stronger rifts. 

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Baron’s uncle, who is hungry for his wealth and all the riches he owns, suggests forming an alliance with the Demir family by marrying Dilan. In this way, there will be the sustenance of peace in the families, and the feud will dissolve without anyone getting hurt. 

Baron for the sake of his family, agrees reluctantly, and Dilan finds that this is the only way to protect her brother from being stuck in a cycle of being potentially harmed by the other family or any other enemy. She is aware that the Karabey family will protect her family from other harmful people. 

Even though both of the have agreed to be married but both are immensely sad and uninterested in the matrimony. They see this marriage to be nothing more than a contract born out of a need, and the show focuses on how this contract changes into an actual marriage in their eyes and perspectives. Baron is morose as he has other plans for his future, and those plans nowhere had the intent of being married. 

Kan Çiçekleri
Kan Çiçeklerii

They both get married, and the first few days are rocky as they both constantly ignore each other or are rude and mean. They find ways to be apart, but fate keeps on bringing them closer no matter how hard they try to stay away from each other. They find themselves fighting against the same enemy and decide to work together to safeguard themselves.

There are moments of pain, emotional turnover, and points of soft care for each other as they both start developing feelings for each other in the process. They eventually become inseparable. 

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Streaming Guide for Kan Çiçekleri 

The show has been loved by anyone who loves to watch Turkish shows, which are known for their captivating stories and plots that keeps you hooked. The show is aired on the original network of Kanal7, and the show can also be caught on the official website of Kanal 7.

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Viewers who wish the show with English subtitles online on YouTube on the official page of Kan Çiçekleri. To watch the show with English subtitles, one needs to set the auto-translation to English or to the choice of language they wish to watch in.

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