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How To Watch The Great Pottery Throw Down Episodes? Streaming Guide

Channel 4

The Great Pottery Throw Down 2023 has returned! Keith Brymer Jones and Richard Miller are back on our screens following a fantastic Christmas special. To get you psyched about everything the new season has to offer, we’ll tell you where, when, and how you can watch everything.

We’ll also introduce you to the participants for this year and tell you what to anticipate from Series 6. It’s time to get some coffee and return to the pottery studio! Do you like to watch shady television? Once you’ve mastered Pottery Throwdown, check out our guides to The Great British Sewing Bee, Interior Design Masters, and Grayson’s Art Club!

We also have a tonne of free daily craft patterns to keep you busy for hours. In 2023, the renowned Great Pottery Throw Down will return! You’ll learn how, where, and when to watch it with our assistance.

The Great Pottery Throwdown Series 6: What to expect?

In 2023, the complete Great Pottery Throw Down will be re-enacted. The 12 contestants will compete in the studio to become Britain’s best potter. Even more difficult works will be created, putting the potter’s imagination, ability, and technique to the test.

The Great Pottery Throwdown 2023 returns with two of our favorite judges and their trusty technicians. We’re looking forward to seeing how Rich, Keith, and Rose are doing! Ellie Taylor took over as host after Siobhan McSweeney’s leg injury last year. However, Irish actress Siobhan returns this year! We’re delighted to have her back in the Pottery Throwdown family.

Pottery technician

The Great Pottery Throw Down

Rose Schmits succeeded Rich Miller as a ceramic engineer for The Great Pottery Throwdown 2023 last year. Rose is from the Netherlands and thinks the activity of ceramics is “a metaphor for the trans experience.” Her stunning ceramics come in various designs, combining geometric shapes with trans-activist statements.

Rose’s exquisite ceramics may be found on Instagram and in her Etsy shop. We’re thrilled that she’ll be this year’s Pottery Throwdown’s new technician, and her expertise in the kiln and clay has already proven essential.

The Great Pottery Throw Down Episode Guide 2023

Our favorite show is back with a new crop of potters eager to put their skills to the test! Despite the fact that this was the first program, the judges did not let the contestants off the hook, assigning them two difficult tasks.

First, the potters were charged with making a birthday tea set out of various materials for a loved one. Matching mugs, a cake stand, a clotted cream pot, a cake slice, and other items were required. This posed many technical hurdles, especially with the cake stand, which was prone to warping if not properly made.

The judge and judie custom

The Great Pottery Throw Down

Among the designs were a lovely woodland-themed tea set, a set inspired by a dear sister, and a creative Mexican-inspired set. Keith Brymer Jones challenged the potters to make identical milk jugs in 15 minutes for this week’s work, allowing them to demonstrate their technical skills. Keith reckoned he could create 15 jugs in 15 minutes!

During the Throw Down, Keith was moved to tears by someone’s work, and he was blown away by Los’s finished tea set. “You’ve totally excelled yourself,” he exclaimed. Fabiola was anxious when the wonderful bird fell from her tea set, but Keith was there to explain how to fix it and calm her anxieties. This is why we enjoy the Pottery Throw Down so much – no other reality program has such passionate followers!

Your guide to The Great Pottery Throwdown 2023

The first two seasons aired on BBC 2 in 2015 and 2017. Channel 4 then bought the show, which has since become a big success. Love Productions has also announced that The Great Pottery Throwdown has been renewed for three years, which means that it will air in 2022, 2023, and 2024!

The Great Pottery Throw Down Season 6 premieres on Sunday, January 8th at 7.45 pm. There will be ten episodes. One is released every Sunday. The Great Ceramic Throw Down is held in Stoke-on-Trent, a central English city noted for its ceramic manufacture.

James and Sandra competing for the final challenge

The Great Pottery Throw Down

The fourth season of The Great Pottery Throw Down is now accessible on Channel 4’s on-demand streaming video service. As long as you have a TV license, you can watch the show live online.

Alternatively, each episode of the show will be released on Channel 4 after it airs, allowing you to watch it whenever you choose! You can also watch all of The Great Pottery Throw Down 2021 shows online on Channel 4.

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