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Preview: Netflix’s Drama: Firefly Lane

Firefly lane, an upcoming Netflix Drama series, looks to be the comeback of Katherine Heigl. Netflix has been churning out tons of shows lately in and out, from blockbuster anime to some of the greatest crime shows. With the platform’s ever-growing number of amazing titles, Firefly Lane is the newest addition to the bunch.

The drama series follows the life of 2 best friends Tully and Kate. They’ve been the greatest of friends for a very long time sticking with each other for the best and worst of times. Even now, they intend to deal with every problem that may come their way together.


It’s based on the novel by Kristin Hannah. The complete series seems to span across a time of 3 decades of their long-lasting friendship. The 2 of them seem to have the most different personalities, but even after possessing such opposite behaviors, the both of them become the best of friends.

So the viewers get to go on a journey with these 2 as they show us how inseparable and powerful female friendships are. We’ll experience very intimate moments,h heartbreaks, laughter, and many more. So by saying the series spans 3 decades, we’ll get to see the duo during their adolescent years, their teenage years, their mid-twenties, and so on.

Each decade change would bring about a whole lot of change to the dynamic of the show. It may as well change the complete genre, in our opinion, because when a time period spans 3 decades and when the show focuses on 2 characters for the complete run, a whole lot will change during that time. So much would change that even a slight change of genre could be even noticed.


Firefly Lane

We see Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke on the frontline as the 2 best friends. Katherine has been in the game for a long time now, a few years back, she was one of the most popular celebrities.

Her work in Grey’s Anatomy and other rom coms gained her a lot of popularity among the romance crowds. But due to some insensitive comments and other remarks from certain people from the industry lead her reputation to be blackened somewhat.

Ever since that, we haven’t been able to see the amazing actress like we used to. But this upcoming series could actually mark a massive comeback. From the looks of it and backed by such a wonderful story, Firefly lane looks to be a very amazing story.

Sarah Chalke will also be alongside Katherine as the other best friend. Most of us would know her from her iconic role as Stella Zinman on How I Met Your Mother. An odd connection both these actors have with each other is the fact that they both worked in very popular if not the most popular medical TV shows. Katherine on Grey’s Anatomy and Sarah on Scrubs.

Firefly Lane: Release Date

Firefly Lane releases on Netflix on February 3rd, 2021.

As we said, this new drama series is based on a book of the same name by Kristin Hannah. The book did wonderfully well among the female audience, causing it to be a very popular one. the writer Kristin is an award-winning best selling author. She has written 20 amazing novels, which have gained massive popularity.

Her most coveted work is the Nightingale, which actually became an international blockbuster book. The book was named Goodreads Best Historical fiction novel in the year 2015, the book is not done yet. The Nightingale went on to win the People’s Choice Award for the best fiction book that year as well.

Now with such an amazing story from a beloved writer su[ported by 2 wonderful actresses, Firefly lane is going to be a wonderful experience throughout. As we said, the series relation on Netflix is coming on February 3rd.

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