Hazbin Hotel Episode 2: Release Date, Characters and Episode 1 Recap

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Release date and Characters

If you are searching for the details about the second episode of the very famous American adult animated musical black comedy web series Hazbin Hotel, then you have selected the correct site for knowing about it. I would like to tell you that we have gathered all the necessary details about Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 for which the audience is eagerly waiting. Before that, we would like to throw some light on the web series Hazbin Hotel. Hazbin Hotel is a very famous American web series whose first episode released on the Youtube channel ‘Vivziepop’ for the audience throughout the globe.

Vivziepop is a well-known channel with over 3.27 million subscribers as of June 2020. When the first episode of this web series released it crossed the 7 million mark within few days of its release. Till now, the first episode has more than 35 million views on Youtube which is really a big number. From this, you can understand the level of craze and excitement amongst the audience for this American web series.

The creators of this web series has received millions of request from the viewers to release a new episode as soon as possible. But we know, it is very difficult and costly to make a long animated series therefore, the creators have announced nothing related to the new episode of Hazbin Hotel. The pilot episode or we can say the first episode of this American web series Hazbin Hotel was outstanding tremendous but the most important question is that whether episode 2 of Hazbin Hotel will release and if yes then when? Here’s everything we know;

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2
American adult web series Hazbin Hotel’s lead Characters and Title

When Will Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Release?

The creators of this web series have confirmed no details regarding episode 2 of the Hazbin Hotel. Also, it is very difficult for us to confirm the exact date of the release of episode 2. But it is expected that it may release next year in the same month as of Episode 1 of this series that is in October 2021. However, this can happen only when if the ongoing coronavirus pandemic didn’t last for long and gets over soon.

If by any chance this coronavirus pandemic stretches for longer than the episode 2 can also shift to 2022 instead of 2021. We know this is bad news for all the exciting fans but nothing cant be down as the safety of the creators is everyone’s first priority. Also, no one can take a risk of shooting it in this pandemic period as the creation of an animated web series requires a huge cost and time and even a small mistake can cause big losses to creators.

Therefore, it is good that if the Hazbin Hotel episode 2 productions start after this coronavirus pandemic is over than the work can be done with fast speed, and also everyone’s safety will be ensured. Still, if any announcements are made regarding episode 2 of this American web series then we will definitely update that in this post as soon as possible.

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Release date
Hazbin Hotel Characters: Charlotte “Charlie” Magne, Vagatha, Anthony, Alastor, and many more

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Characters and their Voice Artists

It is sure that the characters of episode 1 will return to reprise their roles in season 2 and will continue the story with more excitement. All the characters of this series have outstandingly created and thus received huge appreciation and applaud from the audience. Some of the well-known characters are;

  • Charlotte “Charlie” Magne voiced by Jill Harris
  • Vagatha “Vaggie” voiced by Monica Franco
  • Anthony “Angel Dust” voiced by Michael Kovach
  • Alastor “Radio Demon” voiced by Edward Bosco
  • Niffty voiced by Michelle Marie
  • Husk “Husker” voiced by Mick Lauer
  • Sir Pentious voiced by Will Stamper
  • Cherri Bomb voiced by Krystal LaPorte
  • Katie Killjoy voiced by Faye Mata
  • Tom Trench voiced by Joshua Tomar
  • The Egg Bois voiced by Joe Gran
  • Travis voiced by Don Darryl Rivera

Some more characters which are also very famous are Exterminators, Vox, Valentino, Velvet, Rosie, Razzle and Dazzle, Helsa Von Eldrich, Mimzy, Baxter, Crymini, Molly, Arackniss, Heroin, Villa, Roo, Seviathan Von Eldrich, Fredirck von Eldritch, Missi Zilla. These are some of the most loved and most appreciated characters of this American web series.

Episode 2 Trailer

No special trailer for Hazbin Hotel episode 2 is available till now. But if any trailer is released of episode 2 then we will surely update that in this post But till then you can definitely check out the official trailer of Hazbin Hotel which was released in April 2018 and till now it has crossed the 8 million mark on Youtube. From this, you can estimate the excitement for this web series amongst the audience.

What Can Happen in Episode 2?

In the pilot episode, Charlie, the princess of Hell, and her girlfriend Vaggie opens a hotel to rehabilitate demons and evils. But her plan to promote that hotel fails after Angel Dust, the hotel’s only financier gets stuck in a huge fight with Sir Pentious on live television. After some general arguments when they were going to the hotel, they come upon with Alastor, a well-known demon who lookout to help Charlie in her hotel.

After his offer of charity, Charlie agrees to take help from him until he ruined his goals. With this Alastor accepts the offer and later defeats Sir Pentious, at the time he attacks the hotel for revenge. Then Alastor changes the name of that hotel from Happy Hotel to Hazbin Hotel. After this, he invites everyone to the hotel for a food party.

In episode 2, we can expect that Sir Pentious helpers may again come back to take revenge from Alastor and Charlie and will try to destroy the hotel. This time Alastor can group up with Sir Pentious in order to capture the hotel and to be its owner. In this way, they will surely try to kill Charlie so that they rule over the hotel easily. These are just expectations and we can’t confirm anything as everything related to plot depends on the creators. We can only make guesses which we have done.

Hazbin Hotel New Episode release
Hazbin Hotel Characters: Charlie and his girlfriend and Alastor

Hazbin Hotel Episode 1: Recap

Episode 1 released on Oct 28, 2019, on Youtube Channel ‘Vivziepop’. This series is created, written, and directed by Vivienne Medrano who is also the owner of the Youtube Channel ‘Vivziepop’. It has a successful runtime of 31 minutes and each and every minute of this episode was worth and watching. The same are the expectations with episode 2. It is available in French and English language. Its French dub recently released also crossed 1 million marks in few days of its release.

These were some of the information available about Hazbin Hotel episode 2 which we have shared in this post. If any announcements occur in the future then we will update that in this post as soon as possible. Till then, stay tuned to Otakukart for more interesting updates.