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One Piece Chapter 1072 Spoilers & Leaks: Stussy’s Secret Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 1072 Spoilers & Leaks; Stussy

One Piece is back this week after a magazine break last week and the chapter’s consistency will be followed till the end of this month. One Piece Chapter 1072 is all set to release on Monday, January 23rd, 2023 at midnight Japanese Standard Time, and the spoilers of the chapter are following an early week release.

As of this writing, we have very few spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072 and it tends to reveal one more mystery from the One Piece universe and also showcases the talent of Dr. Vegapunk once again. While the fake rumors for the chapter showed Zoro in a very bad situation, they were nothing but fake. Zoro’s fan is going to love this chapter as it demonstrates the monstrous swordsman displaying his powers once more.

With that being said, we will provide you with all the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072 in this post and we will also list our predictions in the post as well. So, make sure to follow until the end to find out what is going to occur in One Piece Chapter 1072 or what you can expect from One Piece Chapter 1072 as well. Here we bring you spoilers on the latest chapters of the One Piece manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Spoilers

From the leaked spoilers, the title of the chapter can be said to be “The Weight of the Memory” which is related to an experiment based on real life. We’ll discuss it later in the post. For the cover page of One Piece Chapter 1072 we won’t be having a double spread as we had in the last one to celebrate the new year, One Piece will follow regular cover pages.

On the cover page, One Piece Chapter 1072 saw that Queen, Judge, and Ceaser are creating weapons. There is no raw scan available for the cover page of One Piece Chapter 1072 as of this writing. 

Vegapunk’s 21 Gram Experiment

The spoilers regarding Vegapunk and Kuma are leaked in pieces as of this writing. However, it informs us more about Kuma and also the experiment that he wanted to do with the help of the former. A flashback will occur in One Piece Chapter 1072 which will showcase Vegapunk explaining Kuma’s Power.

The early spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072 say that Vegapunk explains (probably to Bonney) that Kuma’s power can turn intangible things into tangible things. The spoilers further say that this is how Kuma was able to take out the pain from Luffy’s body in Thriller bark.

The later spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072 also explain on the matter that Kuma’s power can materialize signals from the nervous systems. Thus, Vegapunks wanted to use Kuma’s power so that he could materialize his own memories and understand the weight of the memories.

This experiment is actually inspired by a true experiment done in the earlier 1900s by a physician who believed that the soul has memories too. In their experiment, it was concluded that a human soul weighs around 21 grams.

Zoro Vs Kaku

Currently, this is the only one that is occurring in One Piece and naturally, One Piece Chapter 1072 will showcase it. However, it won’t be a long one as the spoilers reveal that Zoro defeats Kaku even after the latter used his awakening.

One Piece Chapter 1072 Spoilers And Raw

It was only natural to Zoro have no struggle to defeat an enemy which he already had earlier in the series despite the fans claiming that the CP0 is stronger.

Stussy’s Reveal

The last part of the spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1072 but not least talks about a member of CP0. One Piece Chapter 1072 informs the fans that Stussy is actually a clone of Bakkin, who was a former member of the Rock Pirates. Currently, the latter is claiming to be Weevil’s mother.

Bakkin being a member of MADS explains so much as it tells us why Stussy never aged even if she was one of the MADS. Stussy being the Clone of Bakkin says that the former was never a member of the MADS but rather it was the latter which we have been watching on the cover pages.

One Piece Chapter 1072 full summary and raw scans will be available by this Friday and we will surely provide you with the summary and the raw scans for the chapter as well.

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