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Have I Got News for You Season 64 Episode 3: Release Date & Streaming Guide

The Opening Title of the show
The Opening Title of the show

Have I Got News for you is one of the most popular entertainment series that has been running on television for a very long time? Since its debut in 1990, the show has caught the attention of viewers. The team captains for this long-running political-themed panel game are Ian Hislop & Paul Merton. It debuted on BBC Two in 1990 before shifting to BBC One ten years later. In the first episode of season 64, we saw how it paid tribute to Boris Johnson and even titled the episode Have I got News for Boris.

Many people are curious about when the new episode of the series will release. In this article, we will learn more about the show, Have I Got News for You season 64 episode 3 release date, and its streaming guide.

What Have I Got News for You All About?

A panel discussion program for the BBC, Have I Got News for You (HIGNFY) is produced in the U.k by Hat Trick Productions. Between September 1990 and June 2000, episodes were the first broadcast on BBC Two. Since October 2000, they have been broadcast on BBC One.

The show has broadcast 563 episodes in 64 series as of 2 September 2022, in addition to two editions that are only available on DVD, three Comedic Foil crossovers with other BBC panel programs, and a 60-minute online webcast version that was also produced for Comic Relief. The list also includes the compilation episodes made for the show, which were produced between 1995 and 2001 and starting in 2010, respectively.

Anchors of Have I Got News For You

Anchors of Have I Got News For You

Every episode includes information about the guest judges who participated on each team, which was led by Ian Hislop & Paul Merton (until otherwise specified), the results, and, starting with the 3rd episode of Series 24 following the firing of its original presenter Angus Deayton, the cohost who handled the program’s presentation.

When will Have I Got News for You Season 64 Episode 3 release?

The latest episode of Have I Got News for You, season 26 episode 3, is scheduled to be released on 23rd September 2022. As per the official synopsis, the viewers can expect continuity with the last episode, as team leaders Paul Merton & Ian Hislop discuss the news, Richard Ayoade leads a panel that includes rail union head Mick Lynch and comic actor Roisin Conaty.

The length of the episode will be around 29 minutes. This series is one of the longest-running series, and because of its entertaining nature, it has always managed to grab the attention of the viewers.

Do Have I Got News for You has a spinoff?

Have I Got a Bit More News for You: Extended Edition is an extended form of the political satire quiz that includes more material that doesn’t fit into the normal program.

Extended Version of Have I Got News For You

Extended Version of Have I Got News For You

The longer version of the program, which had previously been erratic and only sometimes broadcast as a weekend rerun, wasn’t given a permanent home until the springtime of 2007 for series 33 and was given the moniker Have I Got a Bit More News for You.

The regular form of the program debuted on BBC Two on September 28, 1990. Each episode is filmed for more than an hour before being broadcast the following day. This keeps the show current while giving the BBC’s legal team time to request that any potentially libelous material be edited.

Where to Watch Have I Got News for You?

This series is officially available on BBC One for streaming. The viewers can enjoy all the episodes of Have I Got News For You easily on this platform. All of the BBC’s channels are available live and on-demand through the free UK streaming service known as BBC iPlayer.

You may lawfully access BBC iPlayer from whatever location in the globe if you are purchasing a UK TV license. This comprises Radio 1, cBBC, BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC 3, BBC 4, and BBC News. However, keep in mind that your cell provider can charge you for the data you consume on their network.

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