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Top 15 Strongest My Hero Academia Characters in the Paranormal Liberation Front Arc

Strongest My Hero Academia Characters

The strongest characters in My Hero Academia aren’t the ones who have the best quirks. To be truly strong, one needs amazing physical skills along with equally amazing quirks. The world of My Hero Academia has some really amazing heroes and even villains. The series focuses on fights between heroes, who protect humanity, and villains, who threaten their safety. Both sides have considerably amazing powers, and the audience always looks forward to it. The anime’s popularity continues to grow higher with each new season. With each passing season, the threat increases, and the characters grow stronger, both heroes and villains alike.

With the ongoing Paranormal Liberation Front Arc in My Hero Academia, it is safe to say the world of heroes as we know it would change drastically. It is an all-out war against the heroes versus the League of Villains. These may be the most brutal fights the heroes have ever saved. Of course, both sides suffered casualties as well. However, no matter how difficult the challenge may be, our heroes have a way of turning the most disadvantageous situation in their own favor. So, it’s a given that our heroes will win this battle as well, no matter how strong the villains are. Here, we will look at the top 15 strongest My Hero Academia characters in the Paranormal Liberation Front arc. Our list includes both heroes and villains alike, so let’s see who comes at the top.

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15. Nejire Hado:

Nejire Hado

Hero Name: Nejire Chan

Quirk: Wave Motion

Being a member of the Big 3 of U.A. High School, Nejire has the reputation of one of the school’s best fighters. Her Quirk allows her to convert her vitality into energy that she can discharge as blast waves. She releases her converted energy in a golden energy wave that travels in a spiral path. She can adjust her amount of vitality at will. However, due to the spiral path of her attack, it travels slowly. Nejire makes up for this weakness by utilizing the energy surges to boost her own mobility.

By doing this, she can instantly close the gap between her and her opponent before unleashing her attack. She can release the energy waves from her hands for offensive purposes. Additionally, she can release the energy from her feet to increase mobility that allows her to fly. The more energy blasts she uses, the more tired she becomes. So, to keep up with her strength, she always trained to increase her stamina and speed.

14. Shoto Todoroki:

Shoto Todoroki

Hero Name: Shoto

Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot

Todoroki has one of the most amazing quirks in his class. As a student who came to U.A. High School based on recommendations, he was shown incredible talents as a first-year. He is the son of current No. 1 hero Endeavor and possesses his phenomenal firepower, paired with his mother’s ice quirk. He uses his right side to generate ice and left for generating flames. With constant training and numerous battle experiences, he can switch from ice to flames more quickly than ever.

He has the ability to freeze entire buildings. Meanwhile, his left side allows him to shoot out scorching hot flames in the form of waves or streams of fire. However, like his father, overuse of his flames makes him overheated, and difficult to control his quirk. Additionally, overusing his right side could lead to frostbite. Both situations can lead to fatal consequences. To avoid this, he trains to use either side with less time than before constantly.

13. Katsuki Bakugo:

Katsuki Bakugo Strongest My Hero Academia Characters

Hero Name: Dynamite

Quirk: Explosion

Bakugo is also one of the strongest characters of My Hero Academia. During his fight in the Paranormal Liberation Front arc, Bakugo decides that his hero name would be Dynamite. His quirk allows him to excrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from his palms and ignite it to create explosions. His explosions are mighty and destructive, often bring and shattering anything they hit. However, Bakugo himself is immune to his explosion. He continuously creates multiple explosions from his palms to boost that helps him jump high, making it look like he is flying.

He uses Grenadier braces in his costume, which allows him to store the nitroglycerin from his palms, allowing him to create even bigger explosions. One important strength of his is that the more he uses his quirk, the bigger his next explosions can be. This happens because creating explosions lets him sweat more, which allows him to create even more nitroglycerin. During the war, he uses his quirk to defeat many villains and save his friends.

12. Tamaki Amajiki:

Tamaki Amajiki

Hero Name: Suneater

Quirk: Manifest

He is also one of the Big 3 in U.A. High School. Amajiki’s quirk gives him the ability to enhance his limbs with the characteristics of anything he consumes. He can manifest certain traits of any food he’s eaten while it still hasn’t been digested. One example would be that if he ate fried chicken, he could grow his legs into chicken feet and create wings. Amajiki can create multiple manifestations at the same time.

He can activate his quirk and dismiss at will. Amajiki has mastered his quirk after a lot of training. Before, he could only transform his fingers into plants, which wasn’t helpful at all. His most powerful move is Chimera Kraken. It allows him to mix his quirk with layers of shells for protection. He can then unleash a massive tentacle attack that releases multiple giant tentacles that creates a strong rotating wave attack.

11. Izuku Midoriya:

Izuku Midoriya Strongest My Hero Academia Characters

Hero Name: Deku

Quirk: One For All

Originally a quirk less boy, Midoriya gained the powers of the world’s strongest quirk through All Might. This quirk gives him superhuman strength and agility. Before, he couldn’t even use his powers before getting seriously injured. However, after constant training, he can use his powers to at least 20%. Even though it is not full, he is training to become a worthy successor of One For All.

Midoriya is the only one for All wielders to use their predecessors’ quirks and abilities. He can use Danger Sense, the quirk of the fourth wielder of One For All. Black whip is the quirk of the fifth user of One For All. Float is the ability of Nana Shimura, All Mights’s teacher. Midoriya can use all these abilities and a few more.

10. Rumi Usagiyama:

Rumi Usagiyama Mirko

Hero Name: Mirko

Quirk: Rabbit

She is currently the number fifth pro hero. Her quirk gives her rabbit-like anatomy and abilities. Basically, she can do pretty much everything a rabbit can. She has enhanced senses of hearing and smell. Mirko can accurately pinpoint the location of a fight from far away. Her quirk is somewhat similar to Tsuyu Ausi’s quirk “Frog.” Mirko has functional rabbit-like features such as long ears, a fluffy tail, and large legs.

Her attack Luna Arc allows her to deliver a powerful front-facing kick on her opponent. Another one of her strongest attacks is Luna Tijera. This attack allows her to mount her opponent’s head, grip them tightly with her leg, and twist her body. She does that with lots of superhuman leg strength to cleanly rip off her opponent’s head.

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9. Mirio Togata:

Mirio Togata

Hero Name: Lemillion

Quirk: Permeation

He is the strongest member of the Big 3, more powerful than Nejire and Amajiki. However, Mirio’s strength lies in his physical skills and determination, more than his quirk. Permeation gives him the ability to phase his body through physical matter, making him capable of passing through anything such as floors, walls, and so on. Mirio can choose to make himself fully permeable or select a part of him for it, as per his convenience.

His quirk is too dangerous, and it can lead to fatal results to the user if not handled correctly. If he goes underground using his quirk, he can sink deeper and deeper, without any limit, if he doesn’t use his quirk properly. Permeation is also very hard to control. Mirio cannot sense anything during permeation as his quirk lets the necessary elements such as light, oxygen, and sound pass through him.

8. Shinya Kamihara:

Ninja Hero Edgeshot Strongest My Hero Academia Characters

Hero Name: Edgeshot

Quirk: Foldabody

Edgeshot or “Ninja Hero: Edgeshot” is the Lurkers leader, a team of Pro Heroes, which include Pro Heroes Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady. He is currently the number fourth Pro Hero. Foldabody is a transformation type quirk that allows him to manipulate his body and make limbs extremely thin and long, effectively transforming him into a razor type sharp string. He can transform even faster than the speed of sound.

He has mastered his quirk through intense training and can incorporate it into his Ninja style well. Edgeshot flattens parts of his body into multiple shapes and pierces his opponent’s organs. He can use his quirk to immobilize his opponents by folding his body into a thin blade and pierce through them before they have a chance to react. His technique, Ninpo: Thousand Sheet Pierce, allows him to flatten and twist his body into a pointed string and then knocks his opponent unconscious by cutting off their blood flow to the brain.

7. Tsunagu Hakamada:

Best Jeanist Strongest My Hero Academia Characters

Hero Name: Best Jeanist

Quirk: Fiver Master

He is currently the number third Pro Hero and one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia. His quirk allows him to control fiber freely. Best Jeanist has power over all types of cloth. He is capable of controlling the threads of fabric using his telekinetic powers. He covers himself from head to toe in denim fabric since it is the easiest textile to manipulate. Best Jeanist is especially skilled in restraining people since he can unravel part of his clothes into fabric strings to restrain them.

His quirk also works on other fiber types that are not related to fabric, such as carbon fibers. He has also enhanced durability and was able to take a direct hit from All For One and remained conscious. Best Jeanist is among the most disciplined heroes and often counsels aspiring heroes like Bakugo to act like heroes and retrain their tempers.

6. Toya Todoroki:

Dabi Toya Todoroki

Villain Name: Dabi

Quirk: Cremation

Dabi is one of the Paranormal Liberation Front Arc’s primary antagonists and is among the strongest characters in My Hero Academia. Like Endeavor’s Hellflame, Dabi’s quirk grants him pyrokinetic abilities. His flames are in blue color, and he can generate them at will. Dabi is capable of igniting blue fire from anywhere on his body, using minimal effort or movement.

His flames can combust anything they almost instantly, including robust minerals and living creatures. For example, by touching a single tree in The Beast’s Forest, he set almost the entire forest ablaze. He did that to trap everyone in training inside a ring of fire. His flames are higher than normal fire. Dabi’s quirk was enough to burn an entire group of villains into ash in just a few seconds.

5. Keigo Takami:

Hawks Strongest My Hero Academia Characters

Hero Name: Hawks

Quirk: Fierce Wings

He is the current number second pro hero in the series. He has a mutant-type quirk, due to which he has two large red wings growing on his back. His quirk allows him to separate the feathers from his wings and control them at will. Hawks can manipulate several feathers simultaneously, allowing them to do different tasks at the same time. His single feather is strong enough to move a person around easily.

For example, during the Pro Hero Arc, he reduced multiple people from a building, letting each feather move differently than the other. His feathers are both stiff and flexible. Hawks don’t have any special physical skills and are weak against power types. However, he makes up for his weakness by his incredible speed. He is called the fastest hero, and not only can he uses his wings for offense and defense at phenomenon speed, but he can also fly really fast.

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4. Rikiya Yotsubashi:

Re-Destro Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Villain Name: Re-Destro

Quirk: Stress

He is a primary antagonist of the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. Re-Destro is the president and CEO o the Detnerat Company, a lifestyle support company. He also ran the Meta Liberation Army in secret as its Grand Commander. Re-Destro merged his organization with the League of Villains, which formed a union known as the Paranormal Liberation Front. He handed over his position to Tomura Shigaraki and became one of the group’s nine lieutenants.

Re-Destro has a transformation type quirk that gives him the ability to convert stress, anger, and frustration into raw power. He is capable of increasing his strength and size with this raw power. His powers are directly related to the degree of stress. The higher the stress is, the more his powers are. Because his quirk requires the user to experience unhealthy emotions like anger, positive feelings like peace and relief can counter its effects by diminishing his won levels of stress.

3. Gigantomachia:

Gigantomachia My Hero Academia

Villain Name: Gigantomachia

Quirk: Multiple Quirks

He is also one of the primary antagonists of the Paranormal Liberation Front arc. Gigantomachia is one of All For One’s faithful bodyguards. He was cultivated to be of use to Tomura Shigaraki and protect him at any cost. Gigantomachia became part of the Paranormal Liberation Front after the League of Villains merged with the  Meta Liberation Army. He has several quirks, such as endurance, pain-blocking, gigantification, dog, energy efficiency, tough muscle, and mole.

2. Enji Todoroki:

Endeavor Strongest My Hero Academia Characters

Hero Name: Endeavor

Quirk: Hellflame

Endeavor is the number one Pro Hero in the series and one of My Hero Academia’s strongest characters. He has an extremely powerful quirk that generates fire blasts to incinerate his opponents. Endeavor can cover his body in flames as well. He can also change the temperature of his flames at will. This means that he can inflict damage to his opponents according to wish. His hottest flames can heat up to the point of turning blue. Endeavor’s major weakness is overheating. Overuse of his quirk can lead to an excessive increase in his body temperature. This can lead to severe consequences, even impairing his physical abilities in the middle of battle.

1. Tomura Shigaraki:

Tomura Shigaraki

Real Name: Tenko Shimura

Quirk: Decay and Multiple Stolen Quirks

He is one of the primary antagonists of the series. Tomura has always been one of the strongest characters in My Hero Academia. However, by the time of the Paranormal Liberation War, he gained exorbitant powers by using All For One’s ability to steal others’ quirks. His innate quirk is Decay, which is a rare mutation that no one was aware of. It allows him to destroy anything his hands or feet touch crumble to dust. He can disintegrate a whole person into dust. The only time his quirk is inactive when he is wearing gloves.

His quirk grew a lot stronger compared to when he was young. It was even stronger after his vigorous training via combat against Gigantomachia. His abilities are very similar to Overhaul. He is arguably the strongest character in the Paranormal Liberation War arc due to Doctor Kyudai Garaki’s power boost through his experiments.


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