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Spoilers and Preview: Going Seventeen (2021) Episode 1

Going Seventeen 2021 Episode 1

The long-awaited Korean drama, GOING_SVT, which also goes by the name Going Seventeen 2021 is soon going to be released. Bringing into the world a sense of friendship and love, Going Seventeen is currently the talk of the town. Making friends is an easy task but cultivating friendship and keeping that bond is a difficult thing. It is a variety show by the famous Kpop band, SEVENTEEN. And, they are all set to drop the fifth season of the popular TV series. In this article, you will find out everything about the upcoming chapter of the popular show, its release date, and other fun stuff that every “SEVENTEEN” fan must know!

Going Seventeen 2021- Fifth chapter of the popular variety show

Going Seventeen 2021- Fifth chapter of the popular variety show

Having released its first episode back in 2017, on June 5, this show has been amassing immense popularity and huge ratings. It has undoubtedly come a long way and there’s a lot more to it. What makes this variety show stand out from the rest of the shows is its scriptwriting. There’s nothing pre-planned and it’s quite palpable. Once you begin to watch the show, you will come to know that there’s nothing scripted. And, everything happened at the spur of the moment. The show achieved the first milestone after amassing a total of 100 million viewers, combining all the episodes. This was indeed good to know and we hope the band continues the drill this season. To know when the fifth season will be released, dive straight into the next section!

Going Seventeen 2021 Episode 1 Release Date

Marking the beginning of the fifth season of the popular variety show, Going Seventeen 2021 Episode 1 will be released on Match 3, 2021 on vLive. It is likely to observe a run-time of 30 minutes. Since the end of the last season that aired its final episode on January 18, 2021, fans have been waiting for this news. Well, it seems like the wait is finally over. And, we can again watch our favorite K-pop stars on screen again! The news has been confirmed officially by the band and they took it to Twitter to express their excitement. Let’s see what all things the Kpop idols have in store for us in this season.

Going Seventeen 2021 Episode 1 to be released soon

Going Seventeen 2021 Episode 1 to be released soon

The fourth season of Going Seventeen was premiered on January 27, 2020, and ran for almost a year. This season featured a total of 47 episodes, unlike other seasons that aired not more than 30 episodes. Since 2020 had been tough for all of us, this band tried their bit to entertain us and spice up our lives. They truly did an amazing job and seem like they’re in no mood to stop here. Taking not more than a month, they dropped the news of another chapter of the famous TV show to surprise the fans. Therefore, loosen up your schedule a bit this Wednesday, and don’t miss out on the first episode of Going SEVENTEEN!

A little into the Background of SEVENTEEN

This South Korean band came into existence in 2015. It was formed by Pledis Entertainment and consists of 13 members. All of them are so talented that they don’t seek the help of others for any of the work. From Songwriting to Choreography, they are masters of everything! So far, the famous Korean band has launched three studio albums and ten extended plays. And, all of them were well received by the fans. They haven’t only tried their hands on pop music but also gave us peppy hip hop songs and EDM to dance the nights away. The show, Going Seventeen aims at bringing fans together and close to the group.

SEVENTEEN- The popular South Korean band

SEVENTEEN- The popular South Korean band

The all-boy band always manages to be a part of controversies and is one of the best “self-producing” idol groups. They got the break with their first album “Love and Letter” which was launched in 2016. The self-sufficient group is divided into three subgroups- “Hip Hop Team”, “Vocal Team” and “Performance Team”. Each of these subunits consists of members that are proficient in their domains. Further, there are special sub-units called SVT Leaders and SVT BSS. S.Coup, Hoshi, and Woozi are the SVT Leaders. And, DK, Hoshi as well as Seungkwan are part of SVT BSS. The rest of them too have a crucial role in the bang but they didn’t have any place in the special subunits.

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