Jennifer Aniston confirms Friends reunion has been delayed once again

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Jennifer Aniston confirms Friends reunion has been delayed once again

In this article, we are going to talk about the most trending reunion of friends. Yes, you heard it right. But we are not talking about the casual reunion. We can see some action again. Friends have always been a fan loved series. And each and everyone out there wanted to see the reunion again. Everyone wanted to see their friends reunite again. Well the HBO official has announced date long ago for this beautiful episode which has been coming.

Earlier the reunion episode was hitting the market in the month of May 2020 but due to ongoing pandemic, the creators have to reschedule it to 17th of August. Yes, you heard it right it may be fascinating for all the viewers to see friends back. Friends is a comic series with a lot of humour among the friend and great friendship of them. We were inspired by the ideal friendship of them.

Jennifer Aniston confirms Friends reunion has been delayed once again
Friends lead Cast

Jennifer Aniston told the unknown website that the creators and other co-actors are happy because of the pandemic as It helped them to create more creative episode from before. Great things take time. We all know that Rome was not built in a day similarly the great episode can’t build in a day. But now all the fans can’t wait anymore. In the time of pandemic when everyone is at home, this will be the ideal time to release the new friend episode.

A friend is one of the finest creations of all time in the history of American TV series. The friend is also one of the longest-running TV series. With more than 10 seasons the friends have been established. On September 22, 1994, they made there first ever episode out there for us. And fans got the chance to view the last episode on May 6, 2004. That’s a long time. There are 236 Friends episodes in total originally released on NBC. But now we will see the all-new reunion episode on HBO networks.

Are you thinking whether the episode will be released on Netflix? Yes, surely it will be released on Netflix for the online viewers of Friends. We can see some new action with the old cast and 6 friends. We have seen 6 friends help each other in their tough times. But in the new episode can expect more humour than before. You will get rid of the ongoing tension of this pandemic and make yourself laugh for an hour again with the new episode of this series which made history. 

Jennifer Aniston confirms Friends reunion has been delayed once again
Friends cast

That’s all we have for this news. We are always here to provide you with all types of news quickly by leaps and bounds before any other site in this world. We have taken a pledge to don’t let you get bored in this pandemic. Tell us what do you think about the new Friend’s episode in the comment section below. We thoroughly go through every comment and try to reply on the spot. Your comments are very valuable.

Rose, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe will be back soon on the 17th of August 2020. None of us can wait anymore to tell you more about the friends you can always take a look at our other articles to get updated with all the news of any series and movie around the globe. Friends will make you laugh again very soon. The storyline can be continued on the HBO network. You can always check it out on Netflix if you missed it. But we believe that none of us wants to miss this episode.

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