How to Watch ‘Who Were We Running From?’ Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Who were we running from Streaming Guide
Who were we running from? Streaming Guide

Crime Thrillers are one of the most famous genres, which are loved by a ton of fans worldwide. There are a lot of movies and TV Shows belonging to that genre that have reached splendid heights. The genre of crime thriller is pretty powerful and has the power to capture a lot of fans worldwide as it delivers the equal intensity that the most-loved action thrillers have.

Netflix has been the hub of crime thriller series for a long time, and one of its recent additions, “Who Were We Running From?” is hitting the headlines now. The crime thriller series has made its initial appearance to the public bringing in a lot of positive reviews from its fans right now.

A section of fans did bring in some mixed reviews, but the number of support the series has attracted outnumbers everything. It is one of the most popular Turkish shows, which has caught the attention of many crime thriller fans. The series is pretty captivating because it has a storyline that keeps the audience hooked to their screens. The series is filled with a ton of worthy suspense elements.

Who Were We Running From is based on a novel of the same name, written by the Turkish author named Perihan Magden, who is pretty famous for writing other favorite novels such as 2 Girls, The Messenger Boy Murders, Escape, and so on. Some of her works have even made it to television as adaptations. The story consists of two main characters played by Turkish actors named Melisa Sozen and Eylül Tumbar. The series has released a total of 7 interesting and thrilling episodes in the first season.

The directors of Who Were We Running From take us on a wild ride through the story’s convincing plot, which revolves around the main characters running from people who are pursuing them. The feeling of anticipation of what’s about to happen next has got every fan hyped up throughout the entire season.

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The conclusion has left the fans hanging for further announcements from the official team of the series regarding the premier of “Who Were We Running From? Season 2”. Read along and find out what has happened in the story till now.

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The Plot of Who Were We Running From?

The story revolves around the life of two main characters who are supposed to be a mother-daughter duo. Nothing much is disclosed about their background at the start. The characters are understood by the audience only during selective moments.

Both the mother and her daughter have lived a life filled with many uncertainties. They don’t have a permanent home. They reside at hotels and vacate from time to time. The daughter has never questioned her mother’s actions, but she is forced to do so when a new enemy starts to tail the duo.

Who were we running from Streaming Guide
Actor Melisa Sozen from Who Were We Running From? (2023)

It is revealed that the mother is someone who is associated with a pretty bad past. Her past has attracted a lot of bad attention, and it is time for them to evade the antagonists. During this cat-and-mouse game, the duo have their own misunderstandings and sour moments as the daughter grows upset about how controlling her mother is.

Will the duo overcome their differences and escape from the antagonists once and for all is something for the viewers to explore. Read along and find out how to watch Who Were We Running From? The series.

Who Were We Running From? Streaming Guide

The crime thriller has been released on the world-famous streaming platform known to us as Netflix, which has been the hub of a lot of famous movies and TV Shows. The entire season of Who Were We Running From has been released on Netflix, and all you require is a stable data connection with a valid subscription to the streaming platform, and you are very much good to go.

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The streaming application is available on multiple platforms for the audience. Netflix is present in the Google Play Store for Android and the App store for IOS devices. Other streaming sources such as Web browsers, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Sky Q, and Now TV are some of the other options which you could choose to enjoy this interesting crime thriller with a valid Netflix subscription.

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