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What is Hunter Moore’s Net Worth? How Wealthy is He?

Hunter Moore Net Worth
Hunter Moore Net Worth

There is a question on rising, what is Hunter Moore’s Net Worth? He is an American internet personality and entrepreneur. He is best known for creating the website IsAnyoneUp, a “revenge porn” site that featured sexually explicit images and videos of people posted without their consent. He has been described as “the most hated man on the internet” due to the controversial nature of his work. The latest Netflix documentary about him

Baptized by Rolling Stone Magazine as “the most Hated Man in The Internet”, this California native started what is likely the first revenge porn website before going to great lengths to increase not only views but also party hard while eluding accountability. Now that it has been years since everything fell apart for him due to a thorough FBI investigation, let’s learn more about his overall earnings and current net worth.

Hunter Moore’s Bio

Hunter never once hid his unwavering, traditional interests in sex, drugs, porn, and money as an “angry” kid, a high school dropout, and a part of the “Scene” community. He reportedly entered the adult entertainment sector almost as soon as he turned 18 to work as a hairstylist for a fetish-porn website to use his people skills to make valuable connections. After winning a six-figure sum in a lawsuit for sexual harassment against a store, he took a trip across Europe, Japan, and Australia before coming home and starting a sex-party business.

Hunter Moore Net Worth

Bad boy Hunter Moore

Hunter, however, was fortunate that Is Anyone Up? happened to him because he had intended to share pornographic images of a woman he had been seeing with friends but had been forced to do so due to technical difficulties. He had no idea that it would encourage his friends to share some photos in the same format as him by linking the victims’ social media accounts, resulting in thousands of visitors to his website. Hunter shared every submission after confirming ages, but without getting permission from the real person in the picture, per the production. The website eventually turned into a so-called hub for revenge porn.

Is The Website Still Running?

Hunter purchased the domain for his website and initially intended to use it to review clubs and other nightlife venues after working several jobs and living abroad. All of that changed, though, when a friend persuaded him to post a picture of a woman Hunter was at the time having sex with. Soon after, the website took off, attracting more visitors and, consequently, more vile behavior.

While Hunter and his team uploaded them, users anonymously submitted explicit sexual images. However, it didn’t end there. Visitors to the website would also receive information about the individuals featured on social media, making it simple to locate the unsuspecting men or women posted on the website. Visitors could also leave comments or respond to the images by clicking on an offensive animated GIF.

Nearly five million people visited Hunter’s website in a single month, generating between $20,000 and $30,000 in advertising revenue. Hunter didn’t seem phased by the harsh criticism or the nature of the site. However, it was shut down in April 2012, two years after numerous individuals suffered trauma due to their appearance on Hunter’s website. Hunter sold the domain at the time.

Hunter Moore’s Net Worth

Hunter Moore’s net worth is reportedly in the $1 million range as of this writing, based on our estimates, taking into account his 16-month-old internet business, his partying habits, his legal issues, and the ensuing work. Following his two years in federal prison (2015–2017), the former public figure did self-publish a book in 2018 titled “Is Anyone Up?: The Story of Revenge Porn,” which also adds to his accumulated wealth.

Hunter moore net worth

The Most Hated Man on the Internet

Netflix Made Him Famous Again

According to reports, the self-described “professional life ruiner” made between $8,000 and $13,000 per month from Is Anyone Up? but the docuseries suggests that because of his way of life, he was generally always broke. Hunter had two sources of income, according to his former lawyer: selling merchandise and selling advertising. “The more traffic a website receives and the more users it has, the more you can charge for advertising.”

However, the fact that he ultimately sold his company to James McGibney, a supporter of anti-bullying, for just $12,000 in April 2012 does indicate he wasn’t making as much money as he would have liked to.

According to James in the Netflix original, Hunter was not only desperate to get rid of his site because he was afraid of legal trouble but also for money, which made the deal simple. In the years that followed, the former “King of revenge porn” maintained his drug and partying habits while transitioning into a career as a professional DJ, which he admittedly taught himself on a plane two hours before his first set.

But eventually, at the beginning of 2014, he was detained on suspicion of hiring a hacker to access people’s emails and steal their explicit photos so he could post them online. With this information, we conclude our topic coverage here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, happy streaming, and see you soon.

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