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Anime Review – I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 2

I'm a Sider, So What Episode 2
I'm a Sider, So What Episode 2

On the brand new anime for this season, I’m a Spider, So What Episode 2 was released this week. The anime made its debut last week and will be running for a total of 24 episodes. It is rare for brand new anime season, but taking a look at what it is bringing is worth it. I’m a Spider, So What? Anime brings the Isekai genre to new heights. You would think that in Isekai anime when characters die, they are reincarnated as demon lords or something more powerful.

But this time, I’m a Spider; so What? Brings in a new twist to this. The main character who came back into a different world was a small and weak spider. A whole bunch of other classmates of hers also return as separate things. Others were pets, adventurers, and even princes. So all kinds of reincarnation appeared from the worst to the best. Kumoko, who appears as the nameless protagonist of the anime, reincarnates into a dungeon spider.

She is the bottom feeder in a harsh world and has to find means to survive. The dungeon has many monsters and creatures, including humans. So her early days are the most brutal, but she understands how her powers as a bottom feeder work as time goes. The season premiere explored most of her life in the dungeon before turning to other sides where her friends are.

I’m a Spider, So What Episode 3 will release next week towards the weekend and will come with more details of the story. The episode currently streams on Crunchyroll, and more information about its dubbed episode debut will come later.

I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 2

I'm a Sider, So What Episode 2

I’m a Sider, So What Episode 2

The second episode of I’m a Spider, So What? Explored some exciting events of Kumoko as a spider. Last week we got to see different kinds of creatures that her friends turned into. It appeared that everyone who came into this world was accounted for except for her. All of her friends are part o the military in an empire, and they can easily recognize each other. Meanwhile, Kumoko has no idea that the others also reincarnate into this world. She is now a spider in a dungeon and only goes about her daily livelihood.

Kumoko is currently focusing on powering up; the dungeon is a har environment for her. She needs to get stronger every day to stay alive. At the same time, the rest of her class takes it easy in their empire. One of them came back as a prince who is first in line for the throne. And one of the girls who used to bully her came about as a pet to one of her classmates. It has now become clear that Kumoko and her friends live in two different worlds. And the story is slowly building up to their fateful encounter.

Their meeting will likely be in a dungeon since Kumoko stays, and one would hardly imagine her going outside. But for now, let us leave that as a story for another day and take a look at the latest developments from I’m a Spider, So What? Episode 2. The anime is getting interesting episode by episode, with a new aspect of this world coming to light each time. The anime takes the same route of leveling up and evolving as most Isekai genres, and things seem interesting.

Kumiko’s Life in the Dungeon

I'm a Sider, So What Episode 2

I’m a Sider, So What Episode 2

I’m a Spider, So What Episode 2 continued with the developments from the first episode. The anime is still building up the story, and we have only seen Kumoko most of the time. She started as a weak spider in a dungeon but managed to train herself in near-death battles and eventually evolved. She has just reached the next step of evolution in the last episode of the anime. Her skills upgraded, and she is now getting a new look that comes with more powers. Kumoko, at her basic level, was strong enough to go toe to toe with large frogs.

But this was after she caught them in her spider web and poisoned them with her fangs. She has just defeated a gigantic snake on her level 2, and this led to her evolution. The anime is exploring different ways to get powerful, which makes it worth looking forward to. She is becoming stronger so fast, and she might even become some powerful spider monster in the dungeon.

Meanwhile, most of her classmates are living the lives of humans outside the dungeon. Humans occasionally visit the dungeons, but Kumoko tries to stay away from them. In the last episode, she managed to catch one human in her web. But he ended up burning it. She experienced many fires in her nets as she tried to build her house using nets.

The fact that her web can even catch humans on it means that she has the potential to become strong. She is mostly set on powering up and evolving, so someday she will stand on equal ground with humans, that was as far as I’m a Spider, So What Episode 2 went, more details will arrive next week with a new episode.

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