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Barry Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

The pandemic makes any production of television series stop. All the people in the filming industry must face the harsh truth during this hard time. The hit television series ‘Barry’ is no exception to be impacted by the shenanigans happening in this world currently. ‘Barry’ stars Bill Hader, the talented star of ‘Saturday Night Live’. Previously, HBO announced that the series will be renewed to the third season just a week after season two ended in 2020. Barry will be the show’s pioneer again in its third season to embark on the bittersweet comedy and undoubtedly dark realm of the show. The unique and revolutionary story of a known hitman who also aspires as an actor thriving in the creative business.

Bill Hader as Barry


 Season 3 shooting is ready, but the Date is unknown

This show’s incredible story has moved the giant distributor HBO to decide on its renewal. In March 2020, the whole cast of the show already done their read-through for the season 3 script. The filming process was about to start the next week after that. But then the coronavirus hits harder and lockdown makes every production of the series stopped for a while.

Henry Winkler, one of the casts of the show, shared a glimpse of season 3 plans, But it’s not a piece of good news to hear for the fans, in fact, we will have to wait for longer for the upcoming season.

Nobody actually knows when will the production of season three start, but it is rumored to be started this month. Bill Hader will accompany a few of the supporting cast members of the show. Famous TV names like Stephen Root, Sarah Goldberg, Henry Winkler, and Anthony Carrigan will push the show to its greatest potential of the high-quality plot, as the whole cast thrives in both comedic and dramatic acting. Audiences have celebrated the series’ first two seasons. Barry has scored a fantastic overall result of 8.3/10 on IMDB after its release back on March 25th, 2018. Barry also pocketed six Emmys and twenty-three other nominations in prestigious awards for television. It has become an instant pop culture phenomenon that is wholly original and soaring.

For HBO to eventually renew ‘Barry’ is definitely a smart act. HBO could lead to snatch as they did with previous mega-success series like ‘Big Little Lies’ and the current hit show ‘The Undoing’, which both stars Nicole Kidman as one of the main actors.

But even if the airing of Barry is on the right plan show, there are other hit TV show that would be a very strong contender to steal viewers. Sex Education on Netflix is currently on its third season too. And just like Barry, it also a highly anticipated comeback after a great pause in its production. This may also be the reason why the filming keeps dragging off from starting.

Regardless, the great triumphs should definitely be translated as a defining point of the show to make an actual comeback to the searing fans. The third season of the show will actually hit the screen. Fans are waiting for the workers to finally film its third season. The season 3 workers also wait for the coronavirus to redeem itself and eventually vanish.


Season 4 is also reportedly on its way

The highly anticipated season 3 of Barry isn’t even aired yet. It is important to underline the fact that the story is already set and done, however, it is the filming schedule that seems to be blurry and uncertain. Bill Hader appeared in Late Night with Seth Meyers back in January 2021. On the infamously famous episode of the show, he confirmed a bunch of important things to the fans of ‘Barry’ regarding the show’s future notice.

He stated that the filming of season 3 is about to start very soon after a year-long postponement. This puzzled fans a little bit. After that, rather surprisingly, he talked about the further continuation after season 3. Bill Hader said that it is not normal to pick up on things before it is even are, but he is very sure that the writers already know where the story is going.

This means that the fourth season of ‘Bary’ will be coming out too, we just don’t know exactly when. It seems like even though the whole filming process is stuck, the fictional story of Barry will have another thrilling and hilarious journey for us all to watch.

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