Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 Full Summary: Yoru Asks Asa To Trust Her!

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 Full Summary and Expectations

Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 is out and the fan saw the continuation of the current event in the latest chapter with Asa being in the most dangerous situation of her life. In order to prevail in this situation, she must trust Yoru as her agility could get her out of this predicament. 

We were highly expecting to see Denji come to her rescue but it seems like it will be a while before the main character makes an entrance. The next chapter of Chainsaw Man might tell us and fortunately, the chapter is scheduled to release next week without any break. Yes, While Asa and Yoru figure out their situation and the former decides to trust the latter, it will be an interesting chapter all the way before the Chainsaw Man makes an entrance to save the day.

The next chapter will be about companionship and Asa finally accepting Yoru as her own given that the latter will also share some of her secrets with her. This is the only way the two could come close to each other and we are excited to learn more about the War Devil itself. 

But that is a discussion for another day, for now, let us see what the exciting Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 brought for us. We will discuss the full summary of the said chapter in this article and will also provide you with a few colored pages of the chapter by the fans. So with that being said, let’s dive into the contents of the Chainsaw Man Chapter 124. Here we bring you the latest updates on the Chainsaw Man and its newest chapters.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 Full Summary

Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 titled “Soup” begins with Asa running from the falling devil as she is scared and Yoru trying to tame her. As Asa is hanging upwards from the rod on the sidewalk, Yoru does her best not to let Asa fall and asks her to repeat after her.

Yoru yells “Nail Knife” which turns Asa’s nail into a knife as the name suggests and the pain from the nail being removed distracts Asa from negative feelings that the Falling devil is excruciating and removes her from the reversed gravity pull that puts Asa on the ground.

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Yoru suggests that Asa should continue to focus on the pain as it will keep her from being dragged in the ever-gravity pull of the devil as the former tries to figure out what this devil appeared to her and what it wants from her. She also thinks that it might be Famine devil’s work.

As soon as Asa starts getting out of th pain, Yoru puts a cut on her hand saying again that she should focus on the pain. However, Asa soon takes over her body again which puts her in the sky again. Yoru is angry that Asa took over her body again and asks her to trust her but the latter is saying it is not easy to trust her at all as she does not know anything about her and even says that she is scary.

Asa And Yoru Discuss About The Former’s Issues

As Asa continues to rant about her fears she tells Yoru that she can look inside her feelings and learn that Asa has trust issues. When she is lonely Asa seeks companionship but is afraid that she will wind up alone after something goes wrong. Thus, she is afraid of both of them.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 Summary And raw

After Asa and Yoru’s dialogue, Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 then sees the Falling Devil causing havoc and she shows the viewers that for the Soup course, she has a devil hunter who tried to go after her. And at the end of the chapter, the falling devil mentions that for the main course, she is going to prepare Asa Root Yoru which is a fusion of a devil and a human.

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The next chapter of Chainsaw Man is all set to be released on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 and it will be featuring the current event with a possibility of Denji’s arrival with Yoru telling Asa about her to gain her trust. You can read the current chapter for free on Manga Plus or Viz Media.

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