What Happened To Mercedes on My 600-Ib Life?

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what happened to mercedes on 600 lb life
Mercedes, Credits: TheNickiSwift

My 600-Ib life has been the centre of talk when it comes to television shows, and the show has greatly been a blessing for the obese people that are featured in the show. 

But so far, there has been one personality in the show which fans were always confused about whether she stayed in the house, solved her obese journey, or what exactly happened to her, which has put them into doubt.

This article will thus break down the detailed information regarding Mercedes and what exactly happened to her in the show, plus where she is currently now.

What was My 600-Ib Life all about?

My 600-Ib life was a television series that aired on the TLC network. The show initially started in 2012 and followed the journey of obese people who came into the show and practiced intense efforts to be in shape and live a normal healthy life.

The people who were 600 Ib’s were mostly seen in the show, and a special doctor plus an expert was there who helped them reach the goal of health and the body which they desire so as to live a normal, healthy life. Therefore each episode of the show documents the efforts of the person to get into the practice of a healthy life.

Patients are, therefore, specifically trained under the care of a Houston surgeon Younan Nowzaradan who help these patients into the attempts of losing weight on their own by following a balanced and strict diet which is followed by these obese patients. 

what happened to mercedes on 600 lb life
Mercedes on 600 lb life, Credits: Distractify

Who was Mercedes on My 600-Ib Life?

Mercedes was a patient who appeared in one of the seasons of the My 600-IB Life, specifically in 2019. At that time, she was a 37-year-old lady who had two kids to raise and lived in Ohio. As the show stated in one of the seasons where Mercedes appeared, she initially weighed 773 Ibs and was also suffering from severe lymphedema.

She being hugely overweight was putting her life in intense danger with her eating habits and the kind of lifestyle that she had developed, which included eating junk, greasy and oily food all day and also risking her children’s life who she had to raise.

Her situation was even that worse, and she was not able to take care of her kids. She had to use the help of her family members so to take care of them or raise them; after meeting the show’s expert, Dr Now, he himself cautioned her that she was risking her life by being bed-bound and which has therefore led to her organs to be at risk. 

what happened to mercedes on 600 lb life
Mercedes on 600 lb life, Credits: Distractify

What happened to Mercedes in My 600-Ib Life?

Mercedes was very overweight, as stated in the show, even to the point that the expert in the show also cautioned that her organs into huge risk if she continued diving into oily, greasy consumption food habits.

The main reason, as Mercedes stated in the show, was the childhood trauma that she faced when she was 11 years old; the show also stated the reason behind what happened that led to Mercedes gaining this much amount of weight; she even stated in the show that the reason for her food addiction was the childhood rape that happened to her when her father sexually abused her.

She was constantly raped by her father when she was 11 years old, which therefore led her to dive into food addiction. Thus, she constantly took the help of the food, which made her happy and contributed to her happiness after all of the worse things that happened to her.

However, in the show itself, she began her journey of getting into a healthy life, but even many times, she was unsuccessful; she even sometimes led to Dr. Now, which degraded her journey of being into a healthy life.

Where is Mercedes on My 600-Ib Life?

Well, so far, as per sources, it looks like Mercedes is now back in her hometown, but it does not look like she has done something good to her health. Her social media handles can be proof that she has not taken and looked much for her health after leaving the show.

Even in the show itself, she always complained, and during her journey with Dr. Now, she was even very uncooperative, she was also caught lying, and she complained a lot many times, and in the show itself, she just lost 81 lbs, which was not even a big achievement in terms of getting in a better shape and living a better healthy life.

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