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DUST 2022 Episode 105: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Dust 2022 Episode 105 - Recap, Preview, Release Date & Streaming Guide
Dust 2022 Episode 105 - Recap, Preview, Release Date & Streaming Guide

Last Updated on November 17, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Independent production company gunpowder & Sky’s sci-fi division is called Dust. A brand-new platform called Dust gathers and produces sci-fi short movies. The free service, which was launched in 2016, already has a substantial library of content. The number of movies in the present library ranges from more than 100 based on the way the content is categorized.

The system is rock solid, and there isn’t much in the way of the content, despite the website’s cutting-edge “ain’t it cool?” atmosphere. Dust is a California-based company that was launched in 2016. We select pre-existing films, create original material, and create additional exclusive chances with DUST filmmakers, according to their own words.

That amounts to an ever-growing library of short science fiction movies, which can be as short as two minutes and serve as proof-of-concept videos or as long as an hour and include continuous episodes. The website also has a robust blog with filmmaker’s talks and Conversations in conjunction with the media content.

You would be hard-pressed to locate this so many short movies in one place, particularly at this cost: Free, even though some of their movies are winner shorts that are accessible on other services. Dust’s library is amazing in terms of both scope and caliber. Although there is some diversity on a handpicked site, they appear to be rather efficient at selecting winners.

The visual accuracy and superior CG in even the “great idea turned into a 5-minute film” shorts are strong. As you might anticipate from anthologies of science fiction, the subject matter ranges widely. Creatures, technology, parallel realms, apocalyptic drama, and even animations are all present.

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Recap Of Episode 104 – ‘Might’

As she attempts to divulge a truth that only a deity can preserve, a rebel leader in an antiquated and religious society runs meets her long-lost father. Maryam, a rebel leader in an ancient country where harsh religion rules, is desperate to disprove the priesthood’s assertion that the enormous metal object floating in the Sky is a deity.

She meets a holy warrior on a crusade who comes out to be her long-lost dad Thesus, who left her while she was a young girl. Maryam and Thesus will soon be thrust into a chain of circumstances that will drive them to confront one another, alter their existence, and divulge a knowledge that only a deity can conceal.

I think the special elements were masterfully executed. The performance and portrayal of the protagonists combine flawlessly with the made-up environments and surroundings because of how skillfully it is executed.

This fusion of the most archaic of human beings with their rituals and offerings to the divine beings and the coming age with its unreachable technologies has been a major success. The Goodspeed Project Teyvat appears to be a sort of solution to the opposition that will always spring from humankind’s most sincere aspirations and sense of fairness.

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A struggle in which the observer fantasizes about battling not just for its foundations but also for the excellent mirror that is reflected in Sara’s pupils as opposed to the incomplete claudication that is mirrored in her dad’s.

DUST 2022 Episode 105 Release Date

DUST is a science fiction label that determines the best sci-fi tales from authors, filmmakers, and other makers throughout the globe and uses them to convey provocative ideas of the tomorrow. DUST collaborates with renowned and up-and-coming voices on anything from motion pictures to short films, television shows, and podcasts.

still fom Episode 104- Might

still from Episode 104- Might

Following this, after the amazing previous short film, the wait is over for the next installment to be released. The Curiosity ends here, as episode 105 is all set to be aired on 16th November 2022, Wednesday at 03:00 PM on Youtube. The episode is titled ‘Sol,’ whose duration is 8 minutes.

As per the description, the world of Sol is one where climate change has caused havoc. After suffering a heartbreaking loss, a mom rushes to educate her daughter on the survival readiness that occurs with every calamity.

Where Can One watch DUST 2022 Episode 105?

You can watch DUST, free of cost, on its official Youtube channel with the same name. DUST is also accessible via Peacock, Roku, Redbox, Samsung TV, Sling, STIRR, Tivo, Vizio, Xumo, and 7Plus, in addition to being available on Amazon FireTV, AndroidTV, AppleTV, Fubo, IMDBTV, iOS, and AndroidTV. On your Roku device, watch it on Tubi – Free Movies & TV or Freevee.

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