Best Kdrama To Watch on Amazon Prime – March 2021

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Amazon Prime Video is making its name among all the budding streaming wars we are witnessing these days. I mean, the platform literally is letting out amazing content day after day. All this while, the content already available on the network is pretty amazing too. Amazon Prime Video has a vast library of TV Shows as well as films to choose from. The content on the platform does not limit till here. The Amazon officials have also a premium range of anime shows on their website and this is what makes it so popular these days.

But what if a person likes to watch dramas from South Korea that have a perfect blend of emotions and drama at the same time? Well, if this is also the case with you, then you really do not need to worry as we have got you covered. Amazon Prime Video also has a library of Korean drama shows that you can binge-watch at any given time. This is why here we have wrapped up some of the shows from South Korea in the following list that is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. We will be providing a bit of information without giving too much away so that you will be able to enjoy the tale.

The Beauty Inside 

The kind of unique storylines that Korean dramas are famous for, is well executed in this series. We have a very different plot that is bound to keep all the fans hooked from the start till the end. So, the first thing that we are shown at the start of the series is our main protagonist, that is, Seo Do Jae. When you look at his backstory, you will realize how good his life is and how smoothly it is running. At one point, you will also become very jealous of the level of comfort that he is living in. The man has got the looks of a hero, has a really nice job in the form of an executive in an airline firm. He is a very normal guy that ladies seem to admire all around him but this is the point from where the actual twist starts to happen.

So, Do Jae is actually suffering from a very weird condition called Prosopagnosia. A person who is diagnosed with it is unable to remember the faces that he might have seen just a moment ago. All his life, this is his biggest secret and he is trying his best to hide it. And how has he been surviving till this point you ask? Do Jae tries to remember the personality or how the people act around him. Now, on the other hand, we have the female lead in the series called Han Se Kye. She is a very pretty lady and works as an actress. On the outside, even Se Kye seems to have all of her matters together in hand and leading a perfect life. But beneath all her talks, she is hiding a very big secret of her own.

This happens to her every month that she wakes up with the face of a completely different person. This appearance of her continues for one week and she has to live with that. Later in the scenes, we witness Do Jae, as well as Se Kye, cross their paths. Luckily, Se Kye is the only person whose face Do Jae is able to remember. This automatically creates a connection between the two because this has never happened with Do Jae before. Now, the main question that might be bubbling up in your head is if they pass through this difficult time and be together or not? To find the answer to this question, all you guys will need to do is tune in to Amazon Prime Video and watch the show.

Devilish Joy

There are so many plots around the world that focus on the story where a character might be suffering from memory loss. This is why the story might sound very familiar to some people but that does not mean that the plot isn’t executed well. In fact, the story has been put out in the show with its own twists and turns that makes it very special. As for the main protagonist of the series, it is Gong Ma Sung. This character has been through a lot of hardships but through the thick and thin, he has tried to only smile and keep a jolly face. Their family is the owner of Sunwoo Company and he has now become the successor of it. Also, there are other special abilities that Gong Ma has within him.

He can solve any problem which is related to the Cranial nerve as he is an expert on that subject matter. This was all just a back story but the main one starts when one fine day, he meets a woman and was trying to help him. Although, instead of being successful in that, he gets involved in an accident and this changes his entire life and the way he acknowledges things. The worst damage that could be done by this accident to Ma Sung, happened with his memory. Like we talked about, the main protagonist loses all of his memory and could not remember a thing from. his previous life. All this while, this accident also affects his present memory as he is able to remember the things that have happened around him in a day, and the next day, he forgets them all.

So, as any classic tale would do to the protagonist, in order to remember everything, he writes everything that has happened to him in a diary. Later in the scenes, as Ma Sun is struggling through his new life and trying to adjust, he comes across a woman who used to an actress. Soon, he falls in love with her and writes in her diary about her. But the only problem is, that he could not remember her after one day. Now, to see if the couple really made it through all these problems, you have to open Amazon Prime Video and start watching the series.

100 Days My Prince

As everyone might already make out from the trailer or the snapshot of the show, you could make out that it is set in the historical Korean era. All this while, besides the plot and setting of the story, if you look at the costumes worn by the actors and actresses, they are top-notch. Obviously, these are the little things that make a show amazing. Now, we should come back to discussing the plot. So, Hong Shim is the main protagonist in the series. She is living in a village among her community people but there only is one problem with her. She is getting old and is still unmarried. She actually is the oldest unmarried lady in the entire society they have around her.

Nevertheless, this factor does not stop her from being awesome and at one point, she really gives off the vibes of a hero. The character is displayed to be super strong and is trying hard to support herself as well as her father. On the other hand of the story, we have Lee Yul. He is the Crown Prince of Joseon and is really ruthless. I mean, his character is shown to be very cold and strict, and how he does not like people who are residing at his palace. Although, reality hits him pretty soon and the entire audience is able to witness it. At times in his life, Lee gets pretty lonely and one day, out of the blue, he passes a very strange law. In it, he declares that all the citizens of his empire in Korea who have reached the age of marrying must do so before they reach the age of 28. Well, this creates chaos in the life of Hong Shim who still has not found a perfect match for her but is close to being 28.

In order to avoid getting punished, she sets on to find a boy that will be good for her to marry. Then the creators pull the plugin their story and what we see is just fateful. An assassination attempt happens on Lee Yul and he gets brutally injured. This is when he finds himself in the care of Hong Shim as well as his family and the next thing called ‘love’ is bound to happen as all of you might already have made out. As a result of the injury because of that accident, Lee gets diagnosed with a very temporary form of Amnesia. But you know what happens next? Hong gets married to Lee himself in order to avoid the punishment but now, will this get their story started or not?


Just like we have seen that the previous entry in the list was a historical drama, in the same way, Jumong is also a historical tale. As for the main protagonist of the series, it is King Jumong. He is the one who has founded the Goguryeo dynasty back in 37 BC. If we look at it, it feels like the show is based on the real history of these Korean Kings. So, back to it, when he was very little, Jumong was taken by King Geum Wa. He also took his mother and later we saw that she has become the concubine of the king. After all the time, they all believed that the real father of Jumong might have died when an attack from the Han Dynasty hit them.

We see that Geum Wa has two sons but he never differentiated between Jumong and his own lads and treated them equally. But as we could see, Jumong was not as strong or talented as his stepbrothers and had to live in their shadows. Then later in the story, we saw that Jumong started a fire. It was so terrible that an entire ship burnt down but he did not do it on purpose. But that does not mean that anyone is going to believe his innocence. Society started seeing him in the form of a disgrace to the entire dynasty and this is why he was stripped off from his title. As he was let out of the place, Jumong ended up living with the robbers as he had no other place to go.

This is the place where he finally gets out of his dreamy beautiful life and meets the harsh realities that a common man has to face. While he is at it, Jumong stumbles across his real father called Hae Mosu. This is when his father decides to teach him fighting as well as archery. But then his fate changes completely when his own stepbrothers kill his father and this fills Jumong with an act of serious revenge. To find out if Jumong can fight off the royal family or not on his alone, you will have to watch the entire series on Amazon Prime.

The Best Hit

Well, if you want to watch something really light with no action scenes whatsoever and little plot twists, then this Korean Drama called The Best Hit might be the suitable choice for you. The most twist that this show could reach is traveling through time and despite that, you all do not have to worry about the science and fiction areas of it because they are not included. The Best Hit is truly a show to watch if you want to sit back and relax for some time. As for the main protagonist of the show, we witness Lee Ji Hoon. He is a very diverse and obviously, handsome character enacted by actor Cha Eun Woon.

Now, this guy has a secret passion for music as well as songwriting and at one point, he even had a dream of becoming a potential singer. As we see through the scenes, Choi Woo Seung is a childhood friend of Ji. They both are now preparing for the civil service examination but only the audience knows that Ji likes to sing. Now you must be wondering where did the time travel part come from? So you guys should know that Yoo Hyun Jae used to be a very popular singer and a member of the idol group back in the 90s. Although, the only problem with her was that she was chaotic and carefree.

As we see, she somehow crosses the time and space and travels to the year 2017, that is, the present timeline of the show. This is when Hyun Jae meets Lee Ji Hoon as well as his best friend Choi Woo Seung. This might result in the fact that Ji’s dream is getting even more real with the universe giving him a sign. This is the point where the entire group starts a journey from the industry of entertainment. As for The Best Hit, you can consider the series to be pretty passionate about dreams and friendship. There also are other themes such as love and focuses on a variety of youths.

Terrius Behind Me

This Korean drama show came out back in 2018 and took all the enthusiasts by surprise. The show has a very unique theme and plot and majorly, it is focused on spies. Yes, after hearing the word ‘spies’ you all might already have made out that the genre of Terrius Behind Me excels in crime as well as mystery. Now, if we shall discuss the story, like every Korean drama, it is pretty intriguing. I mean, the main protagonist of the series is Kim Bon who once was a special ops agent. As we see, he used to work with the National Intelligence Service but he does not do that anymore. So, a bit more of the backstory as this guy went by the name Terius.

He also was great at what he used to do in the force and this made him a legend among the other members of the same organization. But, as for the plot twist that Korean dramas are famous for, we certainly have one here too. So, as it turns out, Kim disappeared three years ago. You might be wondering why did that happen and yes, I am too. As per the plot, you all will see that there happened to be a secret operation that of course had Kim Bon in it because he was a hero among all the members. But it failed terribly and since that point in time, no one has ever witnessed Kim Bon, also known as Terrius, ever again.

Terrius Behind Me

On the other hand, we have the female lead of the series named Go Ae Rin. As for her, she is a single mother and the tragedy started happening in her life when her husband was murdered. At this time, without knowing, she gets involved in the spy wars that had nothing to do with her. Now, how does her story connects us with the story of Kim Bon? As it turns out, the two have been staying really close together all this time. The secret agent has been hiding his personality and profession in the apartment which is just next to hers.

The reason why she went into hiding was grief. Yes, pure grief. It was because, during the secret operation in which he was also involved, he lost the woman he cared for and loved the most. Since that point in time, he has been trying to find out about what actually has happened to his loved one during the incident and this leads him to join forces with Ae. Ae lends a hand too because she also needs help in finding out about why her husband was killed so brutally.


This Korean drama features romance as its primary genre and takes all the fans through love stories. All this while, this is not the only theme in Goblin because we also have some supernatural elements employed too. So, as for the main protagonist of this series, we have Kim Shin who used to be an excellent general during the Goryeo Dynasty. His story takes a U-Turn when the King that he served with his entire heart betrayed him. This is the reason why he has to now lose his life. Now, the next thing that happens is going to blow your mind off. This plot twist is so unique and keeps the fans hooked from the start till the end of the show. So, we witness that Almighty God is pretty happy with the way Kim lived his life and thus, has mercy on him.

He turns Kim into a Goblin and thus, he becomes immortal. His only task in this endless life of his is to protect the people from their sorrows. But obviously, Kim was a human himself too and once he gets these supernatural powers, there are other things that start taking up his mind. But then again, it is God that we are talking about and he always has plans for everyone. So, in order to get out of his immortal state, Kim is supposed to meet his soulmate and if he does so, he will be free. Later in the scenes, Kim comes across Ji Eun Tak and it looks like the two are really hitting it off. To find out more, you will have to tune in to Amazon Prime Video and watch the entire series.

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