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Does Jeremiah Like Belly In The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Does Jeremiah Like Belly In The Summer I Turned Pretty?
Does Jeremiah Like Belly In The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Amazon Prime Video’s The Summer I Turned Pretty turned out to be a big success after its release. Furthermore, Jenny Han is a maestro of young adult romance, so it’s no surprise that her original book series, The Summer I Turned Pretty, is getting the same treatment as Netflix’s To All the Boys movie trilogy (and future spinoff, XO Kitty). Rather than making a film out of Han’s debut novel, Amazon Prime Video turned it into the first season of a series, with the author serving as showrunner.

The Summer I Turned Pretty TV program maintained quite loyal to the source material, with some changes needed merely by translating the story to a different platform; however, there were a few significant alterations between the book and the series, which we’ll look at now.

For one thing, Jenny Han’s book was told in the first person by Belly. As The Summer I Turned Pretty was so focused on Belly’s sorrow about the Fisher brothers, the series enlarged the storylines of the other people surrounding her, particularly Laurel, Susannah, and Steven, to give us their perspectives. Rather than dealing with flashbacks to previous summers, events and characters were added to the current timeline. Here are six significant discrepancies between the novel and the television adaptation of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Does Jeremiah Like Belly In The Summer I Turned Pretty?

It’s a love doomed!

Differences Between The Book & The Adaptation

Jeremiah’s chances with Belly don’t look promising on the TV, and their romance is doomed in the books. The first book, ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ concludes with Belly and Conrad meeting. ‘It’s Not Summer Without You,’ the second novel, concentrates on the upheavals in their romance, which eventually leads to their break-up. This is Jeremiah’s first opportunity to picture a future with Belly.

In fact, he has been enjoying the romantic ecstasy of being with Belly for about two years. However, soon before the end of college, it is revealed that he had cheated on her with a sorority girl. It tears Belly’s heart, and she breaks up with him. Jeremiah proposes to Belly in order to repair their relationship, and despite her trepidation, she agrees to marry him. But as Conrad returns to the equation, Belly begins to have doubts.

Jeremiah recognizes at this point that her heart will always belong to Conrad. He vanishes the day before the wedding and only returns after a fierce dispute with his brother. He breaks up with Belly, and they only see each other again when Conrad and Belly marry a few years later.

Does Jeremiah Like Belly In The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Do they really like each other?

Does Jeremiah Like Belly in The Summer I Turned Pretty?

Belly and Jeremiah’s future appears to be in jeopardy as of the final episode of Season 1. As is common in any half-hearted romance, the relationship is doomed from the start. The same appears to be true for Jeremiah and Belly. While Jeremiah liked Belly enough as his best friend to think about seeing where things could go with them, Belly’s heart had always been set on Conrad. She desired to be seen and loved by her elder brother.

However, she realizes that Conrad is so preoccupied with his own problems that he ignores her. Whatever genuine moments she has with him appear to be faked when his mood shifts and he refuses to even speak to her properly. Jeremiah, on the other hand, has always been polite and caring, which may explain why she agreed to marry him.

Despite his efforts to capture her heart, things never seem to go as planned for Jeremiah. He tries to win the volleyball competition with her, but it is a disaster until Conrad steps up to the plate. Jeremiah drives Belly to the debutante ball, but when the time comes to dance with her, he is forced to confront his mother’s approaching death.

Conrad saves the day for Belly yet again by dancing with her.Β Even though Taylor is on Team Jeremiah, it appears that fate has other plans for his romance with Belly. This is reinforced by the fact that, in the final scene, Belly kisses Conrad, the one she has desired since the beginning. If Conrad decides to be honest about his feelings for Belly, Jeremiah’s heart will be destroyed.

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