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Top 10 Moments of WWE that Shocked Everyone

Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone.

Or the worst 10 moments, you get the gist for Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone. A sport that has existed for over a century would have its share of great, dull, or worst moments. Wrestling is a populace sport, more than any other sport, engagement with the audience is the most important. This engagement is so strong that the whole stadium resonates with each other. This oscillation of effect creates a euphoria of sensation that can be felt by everyone. No matter which wrestler they are supporting. This is the beauty of performance sport, and yet, with beauty comes ugliness. As much high profile over the top moments there is wrestling, there will be ones that fall flat, go high only to dip, end in disappointment, and so on. But sometimes, one has to know these moments to cope with some of the ones they have come across. Fear not, we have compiled the Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone.. Though TV or any recording medium didn’t exist when the game was invented, so apologies if someone wanted to look that far back…

Before we start, we want to preface that the highlight will be from the past twenty to thirty years. Wrestling wasn’t as big back then and had less interaction. Though, as technology has advanced, Wrestling, along with many other sports, grew in popularity. However, it can be generally agreed the one who benefited the most was pro wrestling. The increase in interaction with the audience, the higher reach, and the increased intensity of fans are something only our time of wrestling has. Though, as people tend to get overly attached to sports, people will have different opinions on what the low moments are. This list could be a laugh-off, nostalgia, or even frustration based on your own experience.

Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone

The list falls in a subjective category at most, so Top 10 Moments of WWE frustrated everyone. will end up polarizing. But that is not the intention of the list. For starters, the list does not as a Bastian what is or what isn’t; it is a compilation at best. But how can one make a list on the subjective matter then? By relying on our colleagues and voting their top ten worst moments. Not just, we searched it over the internet as well.

Without further ado, below is the list of Top 10 Moments of WWEΒ  that left fans dissatisfied.

10) Supernatural gone wrong

WWE is no stranger to adding supernatural into the mix. However, what makes this an entry into the Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone. They had two of the wrestlers fight zombies outside the ring, Just why?


9) Unnatural Split

Everyone likes good team-ups. What nobody likes is splitting them up. And yet this is exactly what happened with Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt. The two were a good team, so why the company thought this was a good move is exactly the reason it deserves a spot in the Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone.


8) Niki deserves her Title…

Nikki was given opportunities only in name and fame, but the company didn’t bother to give her anything meaningful for her work.


7) Becky Lynch Goes over the board

Imagine being hyped up to see a wrestler but then going too overboard with that. This is what happens with Lynch on her return, and she makes a triumphant return. Talk about making your way into the Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone.


6) Losing Karion’s Hype

Ah Karion, he can have a whole segment dedicated to him and not just in Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone. What was the thing that everyone was looking forward to turning out to be another Hoax by the company?


5) A Horrible Split

It hurt badly when Hurt Business was split, and for what reason? To make it remembered? They would have been more memorable if they had stayed together. This move only lets you be remembered in a list like this.


4) NXT 2.0

It’s true WWE likes to experiment, they get attention for their fresh take on things, after all. But when that fresh takes over everything good old offers, you will make history. And fans will remember it as the Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone.


3) Finn Banor Loses Hard

Easily the third spot for Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone. The loss was something that was out of bounds for the most part. His demons failed him in his most critical, and he has been forsaken by them since. Roman Reigns went in a little too hard.


2) Title What?!

WWE thrives on the immediate hype more than anything else. They caved into Becky Lynch so hard it created some awkwardness down the line, particularly with Charlotte Flair handling her title. It might be one of the worse ones in our list of Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone.

Top 10 Moments In WWE that frustrated everyone.

1) John Cena’s Win Over Rey Mysterio

Everyone loves John Cena, and everyone also loves Rey Mysterio, but they didn’t love what happened here. The company was overwhelmed by the attention they got when Mysterio took out Cena, but their next decision frustrates everyone to this day. Cena was gifted with reverse Uno right after. Making it the worst in ‘Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone.’


As far as storylines go, they are what make or break a wrestler’s career. If the story isn’t, good people won’t enjoy it no matter how strong a wrestler is. But not everything goes according to plan sometimes, the story falls apart, or the response is not good enough from the fans. Though the on-stage and off-stage aftermath could lead to more drama, we won’t be covering that segment in this article at least. Though there are many videos on that subject, perhaps you would like a written version for a quick rundown? Although we will see written lists are superior in they highlight the main point and feed you the info directly,… there’s also a touch of Nostalgia for fans.

The storylines, the craziness involved, the insane things that happened but didn’t make sense. Like a certain wrestler getting on fire. It was quite a watch when it first came out, leaving kids speechless or screeching. Now onto the article, if you are here for the list to confirm that your frustration might also be frustrating for many we can’t guarantee that. As we said earlier in the article, it’s an emotional sport, and opinions are bound to differ.

We hope this list proved helpful to you in any form or manner. We have also made a list on Ric Flair, and please check it if you enjoy this one. Besides, the man is a legend among many and considered a legend among many. Though he didn’t make it Top 10 Moments of WWE that frustrated everyone., there is a good reason for that, as stated above. But still, people believe he will one day return due to his tenacity. However, Nature Boy is also a man of Integrity, so seeing him come back would rather feel a bit sad, to be honest. Though, it’s unlikely for him to return due to the promise he made. But that doesn’t mean he can’t train someone and send in his steadβ€”someone from his family, someone like his daughter.

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