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WWE Raw September 5 Results: Braun Strowman Returns And Lumis Kidnaps The Miz

WWE SmackDown 9 September Preview
WWE SmackDown 9 September Preview - Braun Strowman Reveals His Plans

Although WWE is now fully in the post-Clash at the Castle phase before diving headfirst into the hype for Extreme Rules, some prep for the upcoming pay-per-view on October 8 was still made this week. WWE has given itself some flexible space by spacing out the major events by more than a month so that it can take its time developing the stories that will make up the card.

Since no titles were changed on Saturday, there wasn’t much fallout to deal with on Monday’s show, but Bobby Lashley’s United States Championship defense versus The Miz inside a steel cage was a treat. Also, Braun Strowman has returned. The giant continued where he left off in 2021 by causing destruction on Monday night’s episode of WWE Raw. After being away from the WWE bubble for 14 months, Strowman rejoined the company. The former world champion destroyed eight WWE stars and promised to cause more destruction on SmackDown.

Here are WWE Raw September 5 Results:

Edge Wants Answers

Edge kicks up the show tonight. Edge enters the scene and picks up the microphone. When addressing Dominik Mysterio, he says to have known him since his father joined WWE when he was five years old. They used to sit in the cafeteria together, pinging people with pea shooters, and he says they have a history with each other. When they perform shows in San Diego, he tends to stay with the Mysterios, and both he and Rey would go get new tattoos. Just last year, he cooled Dom down before his debut match in front of a live audience. Dom has always seemed like a nephew to him, but it’s obvious that Dominik doesn’t feel the same way. Edge then asks, “was this because of that past week’s unintentional spear?”

WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw September 5 Results – Edge Wants Answers

Edge apologized, and while his heart told him not to worry about Dom, his gut warned him to take care of it. The reason he returned was to help in stopping Judgment Day because it was his fault, not to cause friction between him and his father. However, he is aware that Rey taught him better than that after whatever Dominik did to him and his father on Saturday. They can talk it out, but he is a totally different creature. He is looking at Dom as though he were a WWE Superstar, and since a man’s game demands a man’s sacrifice, he urgently needs Mysterio to come here so that he can beat Dom’s ass.

Rey Mysterio walks in. He begs Edge to listen to him out and offers an apology on behalf of his son while pleading with him to avoid doing this. Edge says to respect him, but his kid is of legal drinking, driving, and wrestling age, as well as of legal standing to answer for his actions. Edge calls Dominik down once more as Rey nods grimly. When Rhea Ripley walks in, she tells them both to relax because Clash at the Castle gave them precisely what they deserve. Edge believed he could replace Dominik as if he didn’t exist, and Rey believed he could protect him as if he were his little baby boy. However, he is no longer that way since she recognized his potential and helped him grow into a man.

The New Dominik

Dominik comes wearing only black and wearing his hair back. Rey asks him to calm down and make amends with Edge. Dom isn’t listening to him anymore, Rhea tells him, so he can’t keep taking on his fights. The fact that Edge can’t stop his Judgment Day means that he has outlived his usefulness. Rey puts his microphone down and follows them into the ramp as they go forward. Dom refuses to acknowledge him or even look him in the eye when he begs him to stop.

WWE Raw September 5 Result

WWE Raw September 5 Results – The New Dominik

Edge is attacked by Damian Priest and Finn Balor as soon as they enter the ring, but as Dominik enters the battle, That Damned Numbers Game overcomes! Dom blocks Rey’s path as he tries to save Edge, and Ripley then throws Rey into the stairs after giving him a cheap shot. With South of Heaven, Priest destroys Edge! Damian holds Edge in place as Balor uses a chair to break his leg. Rey eventually manages, but it’s already too late.

American Alpha vs. Los Lotharios vs. New Day vs. Street Profits (#1 Contender’s Match For WWE Unified Tag Team Championship)

Starting with Garza and Woods, they fight in rapid covers, leg trips, hip tosses, and roundhouse kicks until reaching a standstill. Garza rips the trousers off before tagging in Kofi, who shakes hands with Xavier and then tries to pin him as everyone rushes to the ring to break it up. Large dives to the floor followed by a break! Returning from the commercial, Dawkins is tagged in after Montez escapes while Carrillo is working Ford over. House on fire, a strong uppercut with a corkscrew, a corkscrew Stinger splash, a jumping kick, and a drill bit! Garza is sidestepped, and Kingston is sent into the crush after being thrown out of the ring!

Angelo outruns Gable and wipes everyone out with a tope con giro after he crosses him with a whip! Montez jumps off the top, no one home, Chaos Theory, and he stands up! Otis breaks up the pin after charging into a German suplex! When the second tower of doom forms on the other side of the ring, Humberto is the only one left standing after Garza kicks Dozer out with a superkick. Gable then German suplexes him on the rebound after working over Woods with Montez.

WWE Raw September 5 Results

WWE Raw September 5 Results – American Alpha vs. Los Lotharios vs. New Day vs. Street Profits

Dozovic makes a 747 splash.   After the break, Chad grabs an ankle lock, Ford smashes Dozovic, New Day moonsaults to the mat, and Montez uses a frog splash, but BRAUN STROWMAN IS HERE! He enters the arena, looks Gable down, and lariats him to the ground! Big right hand on Garza, then a chokeslam coming for Humberto, he shoots Otis off the apron! When security rushes the ring, he powerbombs the opponent! When he calls for it, he hits the ground and the ring is filled with freight trains! He drives Angelo Dawkins through the table with a bang!

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Austin Theory And Kevin Owens

With his jaw still sore, Austin Theory enters the arena. Even if things didn’t go as planned on Saturday, he walks up on stage and declares that Crown Jewel was a complete success. Just joking, he is aware that the show was Clash at the Castle. As long as he has the briefcase, he will continue to be the undisputed champion in the future. When he is knocked down, he always gets back up. However, that is irrelevant because Roman Reigns is still the champion and Theory will shortly cash his Money in the Bank contract. While continuing to cover the same points about being the undeclared champion, he gets upset at the audience for making his jaw hurt and struggles through the remainder of his promo.

WWE Raw September 5 Results

WWE Raw September 5 Results – Austin Theory And Kevin Owens

As Kevin Owens enters, he makes fun of Theory for being knocked out, or “KO’d,” because he’s just learned he got his first name back and can now address him as Austin. Hello, Austin! Owen says despite the fact that Theory won’t be the last delusional person he encounters in WWE, he is now at the top of his list of persons he hates most. Tyson Fury actually did Austin a favor by not cashing in because if he had, Drew or Roman would have killed him, and the opportunity would have been lost for good. Despite what he is saying, Tyson Fury’s actions are to be blamed.

Austin claims he is unaware of this and feels bad for KO, so he will allow KO to be first in line for a title match once he wins the title. Kev claims Theory is only in this ring with that contract because he wasn’t in Money in the Bank himself. He has fought both Reigns and McIntyre and is confident that he can defeat both of them. Moreover, he might have once been the face of WWE, but not anymore though, and that any second now, a referee is going to actually come down so they can fight!

Austin Theory vs. Kevin Owens

Theory is knocked to the ground by Owens’ cannonball in the corner after a quick start by Owens. Plancha is next, and then we have a break! After returning from a commercial, Theory throws Owens to the floor while holding him in a reverse chinlock. Following him, Kev reverses the situation with some hits on the floor and two short-arm lariats into a senton inside. Austin lands a two-for-one rolling thunder dropkick, and then Owens is taken down with a rear chinlock.

WWE Raw Results

WWE Raw September 5 Results – Austin Theory vs. Kevin Owens

Switch to a half-nelson chinlock; Kev escapes, whips across, lariats, punch blocked, but he rebounds off the apron and connects with a slammer of a lariat, knocking Theory to the ground! The knees are up, and we’re going to take a break as Senton Atomico hits the ground. After the break, competitors are fighting for position in the turnbuckles until KO knocks him down and sendson atomico… SO CLOSE! Stunner stopped, up top, Theory sneaks under him, turned Argentine powerbomb.

Fireman’s carry, Kev escapes, and Austin uses his back elbows to break a waistlock but ends up running straight into a superkick! He posts Owens after he jumps off the ropes and floats over the powerbomb! KO fell to the ground and crashed against the steel stairs! Although Owens beats the count and connects on the cross-leg brainbuster over the knee, so he is unable to knock Kevin to the ground. Back at the top, fighting for position, avalanche fisherman buster! kick to the stomach, pop-up powerbomb, and throw Austin off the ropes. With the Stunner, Kevin Owens wins via pinfall.

Damian Priest vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio rushes in and attacks with leg kicks, right hands, and blows in the corner. Priest counters with a goozle, and the two float over the chokeslam, but Rey runs straight into a massive boot! Damian fights him near the ringside with his right fists, a hammer whip, and action to the floor. When he returns inside and stands up, Priest’s right-handhand knocks him out. Damian dodges the post and whips across it hard. Mysterio uses hammerfists and kicks as a springboard into mounted punches. Mysterio manages to dropkick Rey through the ropes after hanging him up in them with a kick to the ribs. The remainder of Judgment Day comes down, the interference costs Rey, and we go to break.

WWE Raw September 5 Results

WWE Raw September 5 Results – Damian Priest vs. Rey Mysterio

After the break, Priest has Mysterio in a rear chinlock and is dominating him. When Mysterio escapes, Damian is sent to the ground by a low-bridge. He is crushed with tope con giro off the ropes! Quebrada, go back inside… NOPE! Rey counters with a tornado DDT after Priest catches him up over in the corner. Mysterio fights back when Damian climbs to meet him up top, cutting him with a right hand and performing a fireman’s carry. Damian Priest can’t be stopped by Avalanche Frankensteiner! When Priest delivers a reverse roundhouse and pulls Rey up while thinking “Razor’s Edge,” Frankensteiner is reversed. Dominik blocks 619 on the apron!

As Finn is being fought off by Rey, Damian lariats him! Goozle is next. By using South of Heaven, Damian Priest wins via pinfall. Judgment Day surrounds Rey after the match, and Rhea Ripley takes the microphone. She says that now that Damian has removed Rey, there is only one man standing in the way, and Dominik will send him into retirement because he gets his way no matter what. He will schedule a one-on-one match with Edge for the next week.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. the Miz (Steel Cage Match For The WWE United States Championship)

After the break, the match starts, and Miz nearly takes it with a massive boot! The A-Lister climbs, Lashley drags him down, and then he lariats him to the ground! Miz returns with a bang, buzzsaw finish, and cover for two! With just one arm, Bob came back, swung a neckbreaker, and threw the A-Lister into the steel. Miz tries to escape while Ciampa is waiting, but Lashley grabs him and throws him back into the cage wall. When Miz attempts to escape the Hurt Lock by hitting the hurt arm, Lashley follows and pulls him down, slamming his face on the steel.

WWE Raw September 5

WWE Raw September 5 Results – Bobby Lashley (c) vs. the Miz

Tom uses a steel chair to attack Bobby through the cage. Miz then delivers a Busaiku Knee, but Lashley kicks out, and we proceed to the break. After the commercial, Lashley powers up and throws Miz into the steel while doing a fireman’s carry. When Lashley clutches a leg to prevent the charge from A-Lister, Bobby is sent into the post, and Miz is close to the top of the cage. Despite Tommaso Ciampa’s intervention, the A-Lister is pulled inside! He gets the SUPERPLEX from Bobby! Miz dodges a spear, resulting in a nearly perfect skull-crushing finale! Lashley gets his legs and as he crawls to the door and stops him!

Bobby tries to escape the cage through the door, but Tom slams it in his face while drawing him up and slamming a powerful whip into the steel. Lashley repeats the favor, but Miz gets up and repeatedly hits him with the door! The A-Lister attempts to climb the cage but is hesitant because Dexter Lumis is lying on the ground right beneath him!

Lashley is prepared as Miz crawls back inside to get away from him. By using the spear, Bobby Lashley gets a pinfall victory and keeps the WWE United States Championship. Following the match, Miz tries to escape, but Bobby slams the door shut on him! Dexter Lumis crawls into the cage! Lumis uses the arm triangle to put him to sleep. Dexter rubs Miz’s face as she falls asleep.

WWE Raw September 5 Results

WWE Raw September 5 Results – Lumis Kidnaps The Miz

Where To Watch WWE Monday Night Raw?

New episodes of WWE Raw are released every Monday. If you have USA Network on your TV, then you could just tune in at the above-mentioned time. But, if for some reason you missed the show while it was airing live or you prefer Streaming WWE Raw, then there are several Streaming options available.

USA Network comes under NBCUniversal, so you will find major streaming platforms offering the Bet work in their base plans. Streaming platforms like fuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, and Hulu Live TV will allow you to watch Raw live from anywhere. YouTube TV is the platform where you should go if you want to watch both WWE Raw and Smackdown.

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