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Top 10 Expensive Guitars Of Gibson: The Price Of Number 1 Will Blow Your Mind

Gibson Guitars
Gibson Guitars

Since its establishment on October 11, 1902, the Gibson Guitar Corporation has produced high-quality guitars. However, the majority of people would agree with us and argue that they actually began producing high-quality products in 1952 with the creation of the first Les Paul. Since then, they have produced millions of some of the best instruments in existence. The Gibson Brand is highly known for its cutting-edge designs, superior structural quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and exceptional durability.

You’ve undoubtedly heard a Gibson if you’ve ever listened to music produced after the early 1900s. Actually, it’s pretty much a guarantee.  Numerous well-known musicians from the Blues, Rock, Metal, Jazz, and R&B genres have all used Gibson guitars. Some of these musicians even consider their guitars to be a piece of their identity. Can you picture Angus Young without his ruby red Gibson SG? not possible!

Yeah, Gibson Guitars are expensive, but they give you quality professional-quality sound for your money. The 10 Gibson Guitars that we have talked about below are not only the most expensive guitars of Gibson but also some of the greatest guitars of Gibson. You’ll soon know why these Gibson Guitars are expensive and why they justify their price. Also, these prices are for the guitars in their excellent condition.

Here Are The Top 10 Expensive Guitars Of Gibson:

10. Gibson Montana Hummingbird – $3,800

The Gibson Montana Hummingbird is one of the most well-known guitar models in Gibson’s history when it comes to acoustic guitars.  A little background for your interest The square-shouldered Montana Hummingbird, which was their first dreadnought and was designed in 1960, was meant to challenge the square-shouldered Martin that was introduced in 1916. It is nicely decorated with a single piece of mahogany on the back and matching well-colored ivory coating the sides and back.

Top 10 Expensive Guitars Of Gibson

1996 Gibson Hummingbird

Gibson has added a beautiful touch to the traditional rosette that surrounds the soundhole, and the tusq saddle is constructed of rosewood. Overall, the hummingbird has a certain buzz that makes you amazed regardless of the sound it makes, its size, or even the playing style you prefer. You’re bound to take up this brilliantly made instrument. If you’ve ever seen the Rolling Stones perform live, you might have noticed Mick Jagger walking about playing the Hummingbird without realizing it. This guitar’s arrangement elevates the sound quality to a completely new level and produces a tone that is not typically associated with an acoustic-electric guitar.

9. Gibson LP Standard HP 2018 – $5,750

This is a highly suitable option that provides unrivaled performance for professionals who can afford to invest a significant sum of money. It is a top-of-the-line model designed to produce audio that is flawless, crystal clear, and has remarkable tonal qualities. It shows excellent craftsmanship and is made for professional players. It is meant to be lightweight for convenient transportation and has an appealing cobalt fade color finish. You would adore its delicate and lovely appearance.

Top 10 Expensive Guitars Of Gibson

Gibson LP Standard HP 2018

The soloist neck width, fast-access heels, titanium zero-fret nut and saddle, Tune-o-Matic bridge system, and PAF humbucking pickups are a few of the standout features. Because the body is made of strong, premium mahogany, it is a very durable option, It won’t be easily damaged. Additionally, high-quality chrome hardware is used. In addition to a toggle switch, it contains two volume control knobs and two tonal adjustment knobs.

8. Gibson L-00 – $9,998

Our list of top 10 expensive guitars of Gibson would be empty without the L-00. Gibson’s L-00, which was initially designed in the 1930s, has long been regarded as the industry standard for manufacturing. The Gibson L-00 2019 brilliantly carries the tradition of those stylish vintage models despite being a smaller version of its predecessor.

The small size and narrow waist give the sound a focused quality that feels more raised on your record, and the strong bottom end of the guitar allows it to generate an unexpectedly deeper tone. When you play this baby on stage, the traditional finish and pickguard constructed of faux tortoise will undoubtedly draw some curious eyes to you and your guitar.

1933 Gibson L-00 Untouched Sunburst

1933 Gibson L-00 Untouched Sunburst

This incredible guitar features the LR Baggs electronic pickup system, which is normally used in most guitars built by Gibson. This pickup system emphasizes a low-profile sound transmitter that enhances the mixing of the pickup and the instrument and delivers a strong, bright, and simple acoustic sound with a beautifully smooth high end. The LR Baggs system offers you zero settlements in tone and sound expression because it has an onboard that enables the player to pre-amplify the tone control.

Given its small size and ability to generate the kind of sound that you would expect from high-end guitars, this guitar is certain to win your heart. Given Gibson’s longstanding reputation for creating high-quality guitars, you won’t be dissatisfied with this gorgeous-looking instrument’s ability to produce a strong, robust sound.

7. Gibson Les Paul Studio T Electric Guitar – $13,455

This stunning electric guitar displays a unique outlook and straightforward design. The great craftsmanship makes it simple to play, and the silver pearl color is pleasing to the eye. Other positive characteristics include effective responsiveness, effortless playability, and great longevity in addition to a beautiful appearance and a sturdy structure. Additionally, it weighs only 8.82 pounds and is lightweight. 44 x 18 x 8 inches is how big it is.

Top 10 Expensive Guitars Of Gibson

Gibson Les Paul Studio T Electric Guitar

In terms of structure, the body and neck are made of mahogany, and the top is made of carved maple. Moreover, granadillo, which is an excellent choice, is the material used to make fretboards. This magnificent assembly of tonewoods produces a sound of the highest caliber with increased clarity and sustain.

Other specifications include humbucker pickups, traditional graph tech neck, neck heel shape, and high standard manual tuners. This is designed to produce a deeper tone. It also has a Tune-o-Matic bridge mechanism and six strings. This is a fantastic option that provides excellent value for your money. You won’t regret your purchase even if you have to sell your kidney for the money.

6. Gibson USA LPSIGPEBRC1 LP Signature 2014 – $13,500

When choosing musical instruments, most players have usually had black as their color of choice. This Gibson electronic guitar is black in color and has a classy look. Due to the addition of high-quality electronics, it is one of the top 10 expensive guitars of Gibson. You will appreciate the playing features and the sturdy construction of the building. It offers comfortable gameplay and a very smooth movement.

Top 10 Expensive Guitars Of Gibson

Gibson USA LPSIGPEBRC1 LP Signature

Its solid mahogany body is of high structural quality, and the top is made of figure maple. The neck is made of mahogany wood and has a circular shape. Additionally, the rosewood fingerboard has undercut frets to increase the playing surface. The min-ETune system, Fully functional speed knobs, the classic Graph tech nut, and the Tune-o-Matic Bridge of chrome, are some of the key characteristics. In addition, vintage-style pickups, master tone pots, and dual open coils are some of the expensive electronics that have been included. It is built to last a long time, and you will like the superb sound quality.

5. Gibson J-45 – $18,671

Gibson’s J-45 guitar features a state-of-the-art pickup system called the Baggs Element VTC, which helps this guitar be easier to handle in amplified settings. The round-shouldered J-45 from Gibson is renowned for its well-balanced response of treble and bass and was first launched in 1942. Similar to many of its predecessors, the J-45 maintains a pleasing balance between its defined, strong bass, rich notes, crisp trebles, and a balanced solid mid-range. The typical combination of a Sitka spruce top and mahogany wood components provided on the back and sides help to improve the tonality of this guitar.

Top 10 Expensive Guitars Of Gibson

Gibson J45 custom 2003 Antique Sunburst

Gibson’s J-45 electric-acoustic guitar might be referred to as a traditional style guitar because it was created or born to show a particular type of performance. Gibson’s makers gave this acoustic the vintage round-shouldered design, which creates extra room for the kind of projection you would only anticipate from a full-sized dreadnought. This guitar’s unique blend of warmth and brilliant tone quality adds a captivating element. The Gibson Acoustic J-45 Walnut Burst is known for its walnut sides and back, which provide the guitar with a well-polished appearance and a touch of shine.

The J-45 is also enhanced with Sitka spruce, giving your music a more lively and flexible pitch. Given that it doesn’t have a complete body and little body depth, this acoustic-electric guitar emits a stunning amount of power. However, it is further boosted by the traditional scalloped X-bracing, which produces a tone that appeals to all listeners.

4. Gibson Dove – $26,500

Since the Dove was first created by Gibson Acoustic in 1962, it has earned a reputation as the guitar for professionals looking for a striking, singularly expressive instrument with amazing rhythmic and tonal qualities. The tone of Gibson’s Dove is graceful and flowing, enhancing the voice. However, Gibson is renowned for its distinctiveness in the way they create timeless classics and the most renowned guitars in the world, ranging from stable electrics to every unique and modern design a guitar could ever be. Gibson is genius in making a variety of guitars.

The Gibson Dove is a somewhat more expensive guitar that is produced with superior craftsmanship and with much more thought and care than the Gibson Hummingbird. In this regard, it might be considered an upgraded version of the Gibson Hummingbird. Given that it is a conventionally fashioned dreadnought guitar, you may expect this guitar to be a little more powerful and deeper than the mahogany framework of Gibson Hummingbird thanks to the maple back and sides and the somewhat larger scale.

Each Gibson Dove guitar has a dense maple neck made of maple and spruce, a rosewood fingerboard that makes it easier to move from fret to fret, amazing acoustic-electric strumming provided by L.R. Baggs electronics, nickel layered Grover tuners that add a touch of class, and a saddle that is followed by a bone nut on the instrument.

3. Gibson Maestro – $33,995

Gibson’s Maestro guitar features a full dreadnought size and a charming-looking black finish. It is incredibly well-equipped with components that enable this guitarist to produce a level of durability that will satisfy every player’s most passionate desire. This guitar, which features a full-sized dreadnought, delivers the kind of powerful sound that will leave you or those around you wanting more.

Top 10 Expensive Guitars Of Gibson

Gibson SG Standard 1971 Black

This Gibson guitar collection is quite noteworthy. It has a straightforward but attractive design. It delivers excellently exciting sound quality and offers the user a great level of playability. This model has a very sturdy neck and rapidly adjusts to your hands thanks to its shape. Maestro receives all of its praise because of its sturdy structure. Kauri wood tones are used to decorate the sides and the back, which adds a stunning warmth to the tone.

Additionally, the top is made of a classic wood-like laminated spruce, which supports the guitar’s structural stability. The rosewood materials used to cover the fretboard give this instrument a very refined touch of elegance, while the maple wood components that make up the neck give it a great deal of character. Although it has steel strings and its alignment can vary, you can give this guitar a wonderfully warm sound by making a few little tone modifications.

2. 1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom – $40,179

Although the first Les Paul was created in 1952, the custom was not unveiled until 1954. The Gibson Les Paul Custom was designed with two goals in mind: to give the guitarist a more comfortable playing experience and to give the audience (and the guitar player, of course) a more rich appearance. Black was Les Paul’s suggestion because it gave the guitar a tuxedo-like appearance, giving it a more premium appearance than the gold guitar.

1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom

1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom

The guitar has been called many things, including “Fretless Wonder” and “Black Beauty”.  In the bride position, it had a Gibson P-90 pickup, and in the neck, a brand-new Seth Lover alnico V pickup. You may already be aware that Seth Lover invented the humbucker pickup. The divided diamond headstock inlay represented the value and high caliber of the guitar. Undoubtedly, every type of musical genre continues to be cherished for its value and excellent caliber.

1. 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard – $250k

Actually, you should get hit over the head with a shovel if you disagree with me on this. The most sought-after guitar in history is this one. They can cost up to $250k, which is the price of a house. These have been reported to sell for up to $400k!

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard

They established the benchmark for countless guitars produced today, inspiring millions of guitarists to make songs and millions of beginners to pick up the instrument! Great musicians like Slash, Billy Gibbons, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, and countless more have played this instrument. Undoubtedly among the most well-known guitars in history.

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