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Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1 Release Date: Kevin McCloud Looks Into A Curved Glass House

Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1
Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1 - Kevin McCloud

Grand Designs on Channel 4 follows Kevin McCloud as he travels throughout the UK to see the most ambitious house construction projects. Despite being a TV presenter from Bedfordshire and making appearances on numerous other shows, Kevin McCloud, 63, is most known for his work on Grand Designs. At Cambridge University, where he was studying the history of art and architecture, he met Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry at the Footlights comedy club.

In each episode, Kevin will meet with the customers to talk about their unorthodox plans and will check in with them throughout the construction process to see how things are going and if they have run into any significant roadblocks. Many of the customers have budgets in the millions, and the outcomes of their elaborate designs are frequently breathtaking. Since its 1999 debut, the Bafta TV Award-winning program has aired well over 200 episodes and has established itself as one of Channel 4’s most well-liked real estate shows.

Grand Designs Season 22 Premiere Recap

Before diving into Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1, let’s quickly do a recap of the previous Episode. In previous episode, Cool-headed entrepreneur Joe Priday and his wife, Claire, were ready to defy the laws of physics as well as those governing the typical Grand Designs themes. While Joe concentrated on his business, which appeared to involve progressively developing most of Exeter city center, they barely attended the build as it was underway and instead lived in a house next door to the project rather than the more typical dull caravan.

Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1

Grand Designs Season 22 Premiere

He frequently spoke about “delegating stress” and “not micromanaging” others, which appears to have been successful so far based on his garage of supercars and other houses at the young age of 34. None of it, however, came close to his concept for a massive house with jagged, zinc-coated shards and big windows that was inspired by Devon’s rocky tors. Those windows, certainly. Joe “delegated the stress” of creating his dream home to architect Mick O’Connor, and he “delegated the stress” of overseeing its construction to a nearby builder, who did not hold back in labeling the undertaking a “nightmare” on camera throughout.

He had good reason—the massive structure’s hardwood frames, which had been pre-cut offsite in expectation of quick, flat-pack assembly, had grown so large upon arrival that they could no longer fit together. Before “parting ways” with the project, a glazier business spent weeks attempting to fit the absurdly expensive triple-glazed frames into their slots. The builder reluctantly acknowledged feeling pleased with the accomplishment after the house’s completion, but he added, “I wouldn’t want to live there.” Now we will discuss when will Episode 1 of Grand Designs Season 23 will release and what will happen in it.

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Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1 Release Date & Preview

Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1 will release on 31 August 2022 on Channel 4. The Synopsis of this Episode is as follows: “Kevin McCloud takes after increasingly challenging self-builds. Can Colin and Adele in south Manchester overcome problems with their builders and impending bankruptcy to build their stunning curved glass home?”

Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1

Grand Designs Season 22 Episode 8

Like past seasons, the upcoming season of Grand Designs will take viewers around the nation. The first episode will take place in south Manchester, where a couple with two kids intends to spend £700,000 on an art deco-style home with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Kevin will visit a family in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, for the remainder of the season as they attempt to replace their prefab house with a ready-built house that will be delivered to them via the back of a truck.

Kevin’s trip also includes stops in Bedfordshire, where a retired couple hopes to construct a wheelchair-accessible home, Sydenham Hill, London, where a chef hopes to create a home with spectacular views of the city; and Derbyshire, where a couple hopes to live in a house inspired by a medieval longhouse. Kevin will also travel to Hertfordshire, where a couple has constructed a new home on a steeply sloping plot, and Canterbury, Kent, to monitor the progress of underground construction. In addition, Kevin will follow up with a man who intended to convert a lighthouse but wound up drowning in debt as he revisits a project initially shown on the episode in 2019.

Grand Designs Season 23 Episode 1 Release Time & Where To Watch

Episode 1 of Grand Designs Season 23 will air at 9 pm on Channel 4. New episodes of Grand Designs are released every Wednesday. If you have Channel 4 on your TV, then you could just tune in at the above-mentioned time. But, if for some reason you missed the episode while it was airing live or you prefer Streaming Grand Designs, then there are several Streaming options available. You can stream all the episodes on Channel 4’s Streaming platform. Also, you have the option to stream the episodes on Brit Box, but only 19 Seasons are available on it. Further, you can buy the episodes on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video.

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