Top Facts You Need To Know About Marvel’s Daredevil

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For every Daredevil fan out there, today we bring to you our top 10 picks for the best facts about Marvel’s Daredevil. In this article, we will be looking at the facts we picked from the comics, as well as from its Netflix adaptation also. So without any further wasting time let’s jump into the article.

Daredevil is a fictional superhero character by Marvel Comics. Created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett, The character first appeared in Daredevil #1, which was released back in April 1964.  Matt Murdock, the name of the person under the suit of Daredevil was blinded by a radioactive substance that falls from an out-of-control. Matt tried to save a man who was in front of this truck.

The exposure to the radioactive material rocketed his remaining senses beyond normal human ability, and thus he got the  “radar sense.” After his loving father’s death, Matt began training to hone his physical abilities and superhuman senses under the protection of a mysterious blind stranger named Stick and eventually becoming a highly skilled and expert martial artist. After graduating from law school with high grades, Matt starts his crime-fighting activities. Matt targets the local gangsters who murdered his father and was able to bring them to justice.

Marvel’s Daredevil, or simply called Daredevil, is an American television series created by Drew Goddard for Netflix. Daredevil is based upon the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The series is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

1. Daredevil initially had a yellow costume

If you are a Daredevil fan, you will remember his signature red suit and horned mask. In the Netflix adaptation also we could see a dope costume that had all-black street clothes and a blindfold look. But many may don’t know this fact about their devil of Hell’s Kitchen. This wasn’t his original costume at all, in fact, it was much different than the current one as it had  Bright yellow tights!

To see this Yellow costumed Daredevil in action, we need to go back to his first original comics.  In that, we could see Matt Murdock getting around the town in a bright yellow and black costume. Along with that, it had a huge D with red color on his chest. This costume was done like it to make his look similar to an acrobat suit. This is because Matt is a skilled acrobat.

That fully yellow look was later then changed something similar to what currently he saw. His signature red costume was introduced in issue #7. Along with that yellow suit, Daredevil also had a variety of other suits. But still, none of them could reach that totally different yellow suit. Daredevil does have the dare to wear that dress.

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2. More powerful than Spider-Man!

Spider-Man, other than his skill for shooting webs and slinging through them, has another ability. It’s the spider-sense. But never think that only Spidey has this fast reflex. In fact, Matthew Murdoc, the Daredevil, has much better reflexes than peter parker has! Matt’s superhuman sensory system allows him to sense everything.  He can even sense small things like the changes in the temperature of the air, to even someone’s heartbeat! Spidey does have a worthy opponent when it comes to fast senses.

3. This is a different Superhero story

Superhero stories have mostly some common ingredients. But that’s not the case for Daredevil. It is a completely different type of superhero story. more like a street-level. This superhero takes the viewers to the street-level noir side of the Marvel Universe. which as we have said at the beginning of this part, is different from what we have seen in other superhero stories.

Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada called this superhero something which many haven’t seen from the Marvel side. This is a story that is closer to the ground. But we are telling this, don’t think that this is another rip-off of Batman. Daredevil is not Batman, but his story will have a noir theme.

4. The Comic code banned the Daredevil-Black Widow relationship

To every love relation, someone will come in the middle to destroy their happy life. But this time, a completely different villain appears in the story. It was the comic code that wanted to stop the relationship between Daredevil and Black Widow! Most of the relationships of Daredevil had a terrible ending. But that wasn’t the case with these couples.

Their relationship becomes so strong that, at one point Marvel even renamed the Daredevil comic to Daredevil and Black Widow! Yes, things were going that great. But everything changed when Comic Code stepped in. They had a rule which said that two unmarried couples can’t be shown as living together.

To respect the Authority’s rule, Daredevil and Black Widow were shown as sleeping separately. That too sleeping on separate floors of the same apartment building! For those who don’t know, they both broke up their relationship. This could be a potential reason. They weren’t able to live together after all!

5. Daredevil is responsible for Avengers, in a different way

No, Daredevil didn’t do his part to be the founder of Avengers or anything like that. But still, in a weird way he has a distant relationship with the Avengers formation. The story goes like this: Bill Everett, the co-creator of Daredevil, was fired by Marvel after working on just a single issue of the Man Without Fear’s solo series.

Bill was fired because he took more than six months to deliver the finished pencils for issue #1. A very long period which makes every publisher pissed as they were hoping to make this new series another hit from writer Stan Lee. As he was fired and was having a lot of time to kill, he thought about many different ideas, and one among them was the formation of The Avengers.

He got this idea from the DC’s popular Justice League series. He thought that only a team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes could match against the huge success of the Justice League. This is a clear example that we can turn every negative moment in our life into worthy and useful to our lives. Yes, Avengers would have happened eventually at some point in the future, but it was Bill who made it a reality much earlier.

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6. Matt’s way of covering his secret identity

If you have followed the story of Daredevil through the comics, you may remember the time when Karen and Foggy begin to suspect Matt’s identity as Daredevil. As every superhero needs to make their secret identity, a secret, except Iron Man did the opposite, Matt, also needed to find some ways to keep his superhero identity a secret.

To think of a quick way, Matt comes up with this very “unsuspicious” reason that Daredevil is actually his identical twin brother, Mike Murdock, which no one knew before. Not only that he had to lie that he had a twin brother, he even had to pose as Mike to convince everyone of the lie!

For that, he dresses in eccentric clothing and starts to act loud and brash to show others that he is different from Matt’s more quiet personality. Along with that he also made others believe that he is not blind by using his super senses. And fortunately, everything he did was enough to make everyone believe. Matt liked Mike so much that he even proposing to his girlfriend Karen as Mike!

Even though Matt’s friend believed these lies, the readers weren’t ready for the comic being a bit silly in handling Matt’s problem in hiding his identity. As the story was very confusing and very unbelievable.

The storyline proved to be too confusing and unbelievable for the audience and the idea was ultimately scrapped after less than 20 issues. Matt fakes Mike’s death and the storyline is quickly forgotten.

7. The Superhero besties

Have you ever thought that with so many Marvel characters who live in New York while saving the people in the city, won’t run to each other? It wasn’t only you who have thought about this. Even the writers at Marvel also thought about this. And thus the all-time New Yorkers Spider-Man and Daredevil meet each other for the first time in issue #16 of The Amazing Spider-Man in the year 1964.

In this comic, Daredevil rescues the web-slinger. And when they all talked with each other, Matt used his super sense ability to distinguish heartbeats and thus learns who was under the spidey suit. But Matt also revealed who he was to Peter. And thus a long-lasting friendship begins. This friendship has lasted for more than half a century. They both often team up together to save the city together.

And not only that, some fans have even spotted a spiderman cameo in the latest Daredevil series on Netflix. Fans spotted an image of spiderman in the newspaper in season 1 of the show. But there hasn’t been any official confirmation from the team. And along with that, that image was too small and blurry to spot and confirm. But if it is true, that would be really great to see!

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8. Matt is a Devout Catholic

Marvel superheroes aren’t that religious or aren’t inclined to any specific religion. Very few among those infinity superheroes have anything related to belief in a religion. And Matt Murdock’s Daredevil is among them. Matt is more than a believer, he is a devout catholic.

Not only that, being a devout catholic has really influenced his character. It is nearly impossible to imagine a Matt Murdock without the influence of religion upon him. In the comics, we could see the church help him to mold the person he is now. All of which included news on the movements of gangs, and other tips and means related to support.

9. Stanlee’s one of the favorite comic books is an issue from Daredevil

Daredevil’s adventures begin with a rocky start. As we have said before, When Everett left the comics, it took twenty issues to find a regular artist for the comic. Finally, they were able to find Gerry Conway who will work alongside Stan Lee, and thus the comic book series went for an impressive thirty-one issue run. and in those comics, Daredevil #47 was one of the favorites by Stan Lee in his all-time favorite comic books.

Marvel's Daredevil

In issue 47 of the Daredevil comics, Daredevil visited troops in Vietnam and met Willie Lincoln. Willie is a soldier who was blinded in a battle. Matt learned the soldier’s history. He was wrongly fired after he was forced into accepting a bribe. He was discharged from his service. Matt wanted to help the soldier and thus he went out of his way to help the veteran. Thus he gets his job back with the NYPD and clears his name, thanks to Matt.

10. Daredevil gets his vision!

daredevil become famous for becoming a superhero even after he was blind. being blind is one of the defining characteristics of Daredevil. Even after knowing this very well than anyone else, Marvel still gave him the cure for blindness! Not once, but many times.

The first time, Daredevil got his cure for blindness was from the Guardians of the Galaxy member Moondragon. Even though she gave him the cure for blindness, she robbed his radar sense. And by this, the daredevil was too scared to continue his vigilante activities.

And after some time, he again got the cure. This time it was Beyonder. Instead of g9iving any medicine, Beyonder gave him his eyes back. S.H.I.E.L.D. kidnapped him, restored his vision, and brainwashed him into becoming one of their agents. Yes, again a sad story for our good hero. Last year that the Iron Man briefly cured Daredevil’s blindness. But in reality, curing Blindness is a bit hard in the real world. Not only that, playing with the emotions of a blind man is a lot cruel and dark.

What do you think about our top picks regarding daredevil? We have tried to include pints that are not only from the series but from the entire franchise of Daredevil. Do you think we have left any facts which we should have mentioned about? Do Let us know your thoughts. Daredevil is available to watch on Netflix.

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