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Road Home Episode 11: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

Road Home Chinese Romance Drama Episode 11 Release Date
Road Home Episode 11 Release Date

Road Home Episode 11 is finally releasing this coming weekend! With episodes airing Monday through Saturday, Road Home is a Chinese drama that premiered its first episode on 14th March, 2023 and is set to release 30 episodes in total.

This drama is based on Mobaofei Bao’s novel of the same name. It portrays the reunion of police officer Lu Yan Chen and finance director Gui Xiao after ten years. Being each other’s first loves, they both get along well in hopes of rekindling their love for one another. As everything you need to know about this Chinese romance drama will be provided in this article.


At a playground in middle school, Gui Xiao (Tan Song Yun) and Lu Yan Chen (Jing Bo Ran), our two main protagonists, first met. They immediately fell in love with each other on their first meeting, and their feelings for one another got stronger as time passed.

Road Home Chinese Romance Drama Episode 11 Synopsis

A still from Road Home (2023)

As their bond strengthened, they wished to live out the rest of their lives together, in the comfort of each other’s presence. Life, however, had other ideas in mind for them. The situation in Gui Xiao’s family dynamic starts changing.

Lu Yan Chen eventually decides to train to become a special police officer, which takes him to an entirely different region of the country. However, this  training of Lu Yan Chen is rigorous, strenuous, and demanding. Despite all that is going on in her life, Gui Xiao ultimately chooses a professional path that will lead her into the financial sector, hopefully for the better. 

Their love for each other is still strong even after all these years. And although they now inhabit different worlds, they make an effort to maintain a long-distance relationship. This relationship however, failed to be as successful as they had anticipated it to be, and eventually fizzled out.  Then, years later, Gui Xiao discovers she now has a specific purpose to contact Lu Yan Chen once more.

These star-crossed lovers, who fell for one another at first sight during their tender age, are destined to meet again. Will these circumstances brough by fate reignite their love and desire for one another, or will it again lead to their relationship dying down?


Road Home Chinese Romance Drama Cast Tan Song Yun

Tan Song Yun

Tan Song Yun

With the 2005 television series “Wild Chrysanthemum,” Tan Song Yun (also known as Seven) launched her career as a young actress. After appearing in the popular historical television series “Empresses in the Palace,” she attracted additional notice in 2012.

Tan Song Yun, who plays the role of Gui Xiao in Road Home, was chosen to be in the 2019 Forbes China 30 Under 30 Elite. Song Yun’s drama “Go Ahead” earned her a nomination for the 27th Magnolia Awards’ “Best Actress” category in 2021.

Road Home Chinese Romance Drama Cast Jing Bo Ran

Jing Bo Ran

Jing Bo Ran

Chinese actor and singer Jing Bo Ran was born in the province of Liaoning in China. Playing the role of Lu Yan Chen, Bo Ran  received his diploma from the Foreign Affairs Service School in Shenyang. He co-founded the duet group “BoBo” with Fu Xin Bo in 2007. “Hot Summer Days,” a 2010 Chinese romantic comedy, marked Jing’s feature film debut.

Some of his well-known dramas include Love Through A Millennium (2015), The Psychologist (2021) and A League of Nobleman (2023).

Road Home Episode 11 Release Date

Road Home Episode 11 is set to release this Saturday on 18th March, 2023 at 8:00 am (EST). The release date and time of this heart-touching Chinese Drama is provided below: 

  • (CST) 8:00 pm Saturday. 18th March, 2023 
  • (KST) 9:00 pm Saturday. 18th March, 2023 
  • (IST) 5:30 pm Saturday, 18th March, 2023 
  • (Bangkok, Thailand) 7:00 pm Saturday, 18th March, 2023
  • (PHT) 8:00 pm Saturday, 18th March, 2023
  • (Bekasi, Indonesia) 7:00 pm Saturday, 18th March, 2023 
  • (MYT) 8:00 pm Saturday, 18th March, 2023 
  • (PST) 4:00 am  Saturday, 18th March, 2023 
  • (JST) 8:00 pm Saturday, 18th March, 2023

Streaming Guide for Road Home Episode 11

All Episodes of Road Home including the upcoming Episode 11 will be available on the official Hunan TV and Mango TV networks for the Chinese viewers. The show is also available on streaming platforms like Rakuten Viki and iQIYI

While the first few episodes on these apps are free, the rest of them require a VIP pass in order to access the episodes. the iQIYI subscription costs around $898 a month while a Viki Pass subscription costs $9.99 a month. Do consider subscribing to either of these platforms to watch all episodes of Road Home without any hassle. 

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