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What Happened to Lynette Hardaway? The Political Activists Passed Away!

Diamond and silk

Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway, who is most popularly known as “Diamond” or Lynette Hardaway, is a famous African – American conservative as well as a political activist. Lynette Hardaway was born in the year 1971 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Lynette was always paired with her younger sister Rochelle Richardson who is most famously known as silk. The two sisters grew up together in North Carolina, but later, they moved to America with her parents for their education.

Although nothing much about their higher education or schooling is known to anyone as if never mentioned about it yet just known this much that they completed their higher education and graduated from some University in America. The sisters together started a YouTube channel in the year 2010 where their main motive was to support Black people based in America. And the main slogan of the YouTube channel was that ‘Black Lives Matters’. 

Lynette Hardaway’s Early Life And Career As An Political Activist:

Lynette Hardaway was very much interested in political issues and affairs from a very young age which can be said as a reason why she indulged in political issues and always wanted to be a political activist and be involved in party and politics. She has always seen her parents struggle to give them a good life and worked very hard.

Lynnette Hardaway

Lynette Hardaway

She started her YouTube channel with her sister Rochelle Richardson in the year 2010 and used to post videos random videos until the year 2015 when she started posting about people of her ethnicity and started supporting them. She also started posting videos on black lives matter in which she showed how blacks were mistreated by Americans during the 1800s and 1900s.

She became quite famous in a short span of time due to these videos where she was supporting her black color, but soon things turned out to be different in the next year itself in the year 2016, when there was a Presidential election held in America and Lynette Hardaway made and posted videos in her YouTube channel supporting the right-wing Donald J Trump.

This almost came as a shock to the other people who thought about how easily she changed her party from being an activist to being a right-winged party in a year. In one of her statements, she stated that she was always thinking from the very beginning about changing her party from the Democratic to the Republican.

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Was Lynette Hardaway Married? Her Political Life In The Republican:

The political activist of the Republican party was also known as the pro-Trump broadcaster who was seen praising Trump and was seen many times attending meetings and in the places with Trump where he gave speeches. It could be seen as if she was almost like the right hand of Trump.

Lynette Hardaway’s YouTube channel was growing more and became more famous after she joined the Republican party, and her followers and subscribers also increased rapidly of which, most of them were white women who voted for Trump and the Republican party.

Lynette Hardaway (left) with sister Rochelle Richardson (right)

Lynette Hardaway (left) with sister Rochelle Richardson (right)

Although Hardaway was becoming so popular yet her personal life was restricted to her sister and her parents, as Lynette Hardaway never married anyone throughout her life. Neither was she known to be in any kind of relationship nor seen in any scandal. She had completely devoted her life to politics and was always seen as being involved in things related to it.

What Happened To Lynnette Hardaway?

Everything was going well, but in November in the year 2022. She suddenly fell ill while she was being interviewed on a news channel. She had to be admitted to the hospital, after which there were rumors that she had been infected with the COVID-19 virus and was seriously ill. Soon she was discharged from the hospital, after which she said that she was just ill and had not been infected by the virus.

Lynette Hardaway (front) with Donald J Trump (back) and sister Rochelle Richardson (right)

Lynette Hardaway (front) with Donald J Trump (back) and sister Rochelle Richardson (right)

While Hardaway was at her house, misfortune happened, which turned out to be one of the best news for her followers and fans as she passed away on January 8, 2023. There was no specific reason for her death as it was a sudden one, but it was something beyond expectations, and all the people were sad about it.

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