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Upcoming Sci-Fi Thriller: Doors, Trailer Out!

Gear up to experience one of the most epic sci-fi thrillers and added fantasy and more adventures. Doors is a dramatic sci-fi thriller, where the director played a different card, this time with a new theme. By looking at the trailer, we can see many VFX effects remained as a special attraction for the movie. The storyline runs with the mysterious Doors and keeps the story interesting.

The characters gave their best by killing their roles in their ways. Saman Kesh has directed the film with keen picturization, and the trailer itself gives goosebumps and making every point clear out. It looks like his views were portrayed or designed so well.

Whats is the Mystery Behind Doors?

No clue was there. No message left out. Everything seems to be normal, but things changed in a fraction of seconds. Alien Doors appeared at every corner of the Universe. No one of them has ever seen such kind of doors or ever heard of them. Everyone out there had no scope of an idea of what’s happening around them. Some were scared, Some of them were shocked, ran out of words.

Few of them Were ready to face the counter effects or what happens with the doors. They were ready to battle with it. While others are trying to interact with where there is no use. As the World is like this, the government has decided to know the reason for the arrival of these cosmic anomalies on earth.  The government lists out the best brave volunteers to decode the process and enter the doors so we will know the purpose.

The Brave Volunteers were not so ready to take the inner threshold. The Doors have different points of view by everyone. The students of high school bring to light one door for the foremost time. The Volunteers are assigned to explore the reality beyond it and try to communicate with the door. Many incidents occurring around the door lead humanity to query their existence and altered it to reality.

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Trailer Out

The trailer is out on youtube, and it gives a very good glimpse of the movie. VFX effects in the trailer look so realistic and take us to another world. The trailer gives a special glimpse of the movie how it is going to be. The graphics are in the trailer stay as a special attraction, and the process they go inside the doors is very much interesting.  The trailer leaves out many curious questions like How the world is going to survive with these doors? From where did the doors arrive? If the volunteers enter the door, will they come back again?

Will the volunteers go inside and meet the aliens? What exactly is inside the Door? Are aliens gonna come outside? Why did the doors around the globe? Why there was no message or warning given? Are they going to destroy the world? All these questions can only be answered when the movie is telecasted in the theatres and is going to be a feast for sci-fi lovers.

Cast & Production

Wilson Bethel as Ricky, Lina Esco as Becky, Josh Peck as Vince, Rory Anne Dahl as Rory, Jordon Rock as Wiz, Julianne Collins as Lizzie. Kyp Malone, Aric Floyd, David Hemphill, Darius Levante, Kathy Khanh have played the characters so well by portraying a clear picture with clear execution. The cinematography was well picturized by Todd Banhazl, John Schmidt, Starr Whitesides.

The Flim editing was made out by Chris Coupland,  Chad Van Horn. The Production design was made by Jessica Garrison. The director Saman Kesh and the production includes a large team. Patrick Ewald as executive producer. Miranda Kahn as co-producer, saman kesh, J.D Lifshitz, Raphael Margules, Bard Miska. Epic Pictures have designed the movie with friction and more curiosity.

Doors Release Date

One of the exciting films, DOORS, has announced its release date as on March 19th, 2021 but in the selected location, Then going to be released on VOD platforms on March 23rd, 2021 in the USA.

The movie run time would be 81 mins. The Genre is a fantasy and sci-fi edition.




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