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Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 8: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Gold Rush Season 13
New Episode of Gold Rush airs soon

Last Updated on November 13, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The Raw TV show Gold Rush will soon be airing another episode. It’s an award-winning series that focuses on the lives of Yukon and Alaskan miners as they search for gold using pacer mining. The series stars Rick Ness, Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, and Fred Lewis. In the latest season, we see Parker on the verge of losing his mining license at a wash plant, which causes him to go all out before he can no longer search those lands.

These men use various techniques, machinery, and whatnot, to collect gold. The show was launched with the episode “No Guts, No Glory” in December 2010. Since then, it has been renewed each year. The current season premiered on September 30th, 2022. 

Up until now, the miners have found gold worth millions in each season. Parker Schnabel alone has collected over 86 million dollars from all seasons. Due to the simple and interesting aspect, Gold Rush has been one of the most watched series on Discovery Channel, being most popular with men.

Gold Rush: About the Miners

The show usually involves clips of each miner talking about their goals in the current mining mission, along with showing the new machinery and helpers. The four different miners featured in Gold Rush Include:

Rick Ness:

Rick Ness has been around heavy machinery ever since he was a child. Originally from Michigan, he now lives in Milwaukee whenever he’s not on a mining mission. Rick had a rough year during the filming of season 10, where he couldn’t find enough gold due to various obstructions. In season 13’s Episode 2, we see the miners visit Rick’s house as he has been feeling down lately. It’s not clear just how much we will be able to see him in the latest season.

Parker Schnabel:

Parker has been in the mining business since a young age as well, as his grandfather is the owner of a mine in Alaska. After his grandfather retired, he took up control of his Big Nugget Mines. Almost 27 now, he plans to retire from the mining business soon but wishes to do so after hopefully mining a fortune.

Gold Rush Season 13

Fred Lewis and Tony Beets

Tony Beets:

Tony’s a strong-headed guy with humble origins. He was a farmer back in the Netherlands but moved to Canadian territory in 1984. Since then, he has worked hard to be one of the most successful Yukon miners, with even his children stepping into the business, as seen on the show.

Fred Lewis:

Although Fred doesn’t have any mining experience at first, over the seasons, he becomes a great pacer miner. He used to work in the military and is medically trained by the special forces. He was brought into the world of mining after meeting Parker.

Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 7: Recap

Titled “Valley of Prayers,” in the episode, which was aired on November 11th, 2022, we see Parker’s largest mining mission yet, with almost 90 acres left to explore. He uses his machine called Sluicifer, but when the conveyor is raised, it has a broken plug, causing all the hydraulic oil to leak out.

Gold Rush Season 13

The Hydraulic oil leaks out.

At Lewis Crew, Fred Lewis talks about not finding a single ounce of gold ever since the season began. He hopes the 53 Ton dozer he bought would help him mine the Freedom cut. Tony Beets arrives in a helicopter and conveys the unfortunate news that his Dozers won’t be coming due to the road ban still being there.

The Clayton brothers work on an S bend creek in hopes of obtaining enough gold to build a road to Golden acres. Schnabel’s mining proceeds with Big Red while the other workers help look for a plug to fix the Sluicifer. Fred asks the Clayton brothers if he can use their dozer, and they agree to lend it to him. He hires one of the best miners, Buzz, and by morning, they can see enough gold to bring in lots of cash.

Gold Rush Season 13

Gold collected by team Parker

Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 8: Release Date

Gold Rush Season 13 Episode 8 will be released on November 18th, 2022. New episodes of Gold Rush are released on Fridays, with a single episode having a run time of 45-60 minutes.

Where To Watch Gold Rush Season 13?

Episodes of Gold Rush are aired on Discovery Channel, 8:00 pm ET and 7:00 pm CT. Viewers from the UK can watch the show on Discovery as well, around 9:00 pm Tuesday. The show can be watched on-demand at Discovery Plus.

The old episodes are available, but the latest season is yet to be seen in some regions. The same goes for Prime Video. An Episode or the whole season can also be bought on Amazon Prime and cost $2.99 and $29.99, respectively.

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