Al Thaman Episode 22: Release Date, Preview & Where to Watch

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Al Thaman Episode 22 Release Date, Summary, Watch guide
Al Thaman Episode 22 Release Date

With dramas and tv series gaining back its popularity among the general public, there has been a rapid rise in the production of shows catering to fulfill the demands of the people. 

Al Thaman, also known as “The Price”, is a Lebanon mini-series starring actors like Bassel Khayyat, Razane Jammal, and Nicolas Mouwad. The show aired its first episode on January 8 2023 and is currently ongoing. With dramas and tv series coming back in trend, Al Thaman checks all the boxes of a binge-worthy series with it’s well-thought cast and starry-eyed plot. 

Currently standing at 21 episodes, the series is a recreation of the 2006 Turkish drama “Binbir Gece” also known as “1001 nights”. The story of Al Thaman revolves around a single mother named Sarah and her desperate attempt to save her son’s life from Leukemia. With her last resort being that of approaching her manager for financial aid, Sarah is given an ultimatum by Zein her manager – to either spend the night with him or risk her son’s life further.

The suspense and tension that surrounds the series followed by the anticipation of our two protagonists falling in love, makes Al Thaman popular not only to its Arab audience but, also receives much love from foreigners as well.

Summary of Al Thaman

Sarah, a widowed mother works extremely hard every day to provide for her family of two. Shifting to new jobs to sustain herself and her son, she faces a series of harsh events along the way before finally joining an architecture company under Mr. Ibrahim.

Al Thaman Episode 22 Release Date
Al Thamman Mini series

As the show progresses, her son’s condition continues to worsen, which leaves Sarah with no choice but to request a loan from the bank to pay for the expenses. This, however, gets rejected, leaving her devastated and anxious about what to do. She ends up in a situation forcing her to take the decision of asking help from Zein, Mr Ibrahim’s son.

Zein accepts to give Sarah what she needs, but in return, she’s given the condition to spend the night with him. As an independent and strong woman, Sarah is reluctant to agree to such terms at first, but with her son’s leukemia in mind, she’s influenced to go with Zein’s absurd requirement.

Zein later regrets his foolish terms when he realizes the reason behind Sarah’s desperate need for money. His conscience is filled with guilt when he sees her son on the hospital bed suffering from leukemia. Trying to make up for his harsh actions, Zein attempts to fix things with Sarah and in the process, develops feelings for her.

Cast of Al Thaman 

Al Thaman boasts a cast of high-profile actors and actresses who have proven to be professional and expressive in their acting skills. Having years of experience, these actors aren’t ones to be looked down on! With their dedication to the role and series, they capture the essence of Al Thaman and gain their audience’s undivided attention.

Al Thamman Episode 22 Release Date, Cast, Summary
Al Thamman Episode 22 Cast

Rising Syrian actor Bassel Khayyat started acting at the tender age of 8. Having an immense amount of experience and know-how in the industry, Khayyat gives uniqueness to Al Thaman which sets it apart from the rest. His notable works include Secrets of the city and Women’s love. 

Khayyat has traveled around the world with the help of the industry and has been cast in series all over France, Lebanon, Kuwait etc, and has shown professionalism in each of them.

The female protagonist of Al Thuman Razane Jammal is yet again a notable actress in the show. She too, like Khayyat started working in the industry as young as 15, with her first project being Carlos. Since then, Razane has starred in multiple well-known shows including the movie Paranormal and ‘The Sandman’ on Netflix.

Al Thaman Episode 22 Release Date

Al Thaman releases its episodes on Sundays and Thursdays, with each episode lasting for around 45-50 minutes.

Episode 22 of Al Thaman will release on February, 5 2022 at the following times in different regions-

  • 6:00 am (KST)
  • 2:30 am (IST)
  • 5:00 am (MYT)
  • 2:00 am (PKT)
  • 6:00 am (JST) 

Where to watch Al Thaman mini-series

The show will be available to watch on Shahid MBC, which also provides a platform for other South East Asian and Arabic Shows. 

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