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Upcoming Kdrama: Law School: What We Know So Far

Law school is yet another upcoming Kdramas of 2021. This drama is much anticipated in the Korean industry and will explore its dynamics about the legal department of south Korea. The expected running time would be sixty minutes and would air in the JTBC network. The expected release for Law School is somewhere around April 2021. The drama is much awaited since the production and planning started in 2018, and finally, the broadcasting was finalized in summer 2020.

As for the casting is concerned Kim Myung min and Ryu Hye young is cast as the main leads, and Kim bum and lee Jung Eun as the supporting leads. Kim Myung min has been cast for the role of yang jong hoon, a prosecutor turned professor who teaches criminal law. Obviously, with the twists and turns, this series will be an absolute delight to watch for the viewers. After suspicious partners, the audience will get to watch another law-related series after a long time. It’s not that nothing of the same genre was released in between, but law school is one of the talked about, especially with Kim Myung Min in lead, it’s a star-studded cast.

Kim Myung Min is no doubt a much-experienced actor. Since his days in immortal admiral Yi sun shin (2004), white tower (2007), closer to heaven, and six flying dragons, he is known for his flexible nature in performing the parts he is given to.

Ryu Hye Young is the lead actress cast for the role of Kang sol, a first-year student who entered law school through special admission. We have already seen Ryu Hye Young’s performance in a variety of different series as well like Reply 1988, heart to heart, Dear my room. With her beautiful appearance and good acting skills, Ryu Hye will surely add up her charms in this series as well. I’m pretty sure this drama is one of the dramas to be rooting for, and it will definitely rock the rating charts, if you are an adventurer and you like twists and turns, then this drama is for you.

As for the side leads, Kim Bum has been cast as Han Joon Hwi, who is playing the role of an intelligent student who always scores top grades among his peers. We obviously know him from the epic Korean drama boys over flowers, and we have also seen him recently in Tale of the nine-tailed.

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We also have lee Jung Eun in a major role which has been cast as Kim Eun Sook, a judge turned professor who teaches civil law. We also know lee Jung Eun from the academy award-winning film parasite.

Moreover, the storyline of the drama is set in Korean national university and revolves around the lives of the students and professors in the legal department, but a sudden unusual case is the turnover of the plot and lives of the characters in the drama. The sudden disruption in their lives due to the unusual case is the plotline of the drama. Since it’s K – drama, I’m sure we will witness some romance as well, at least between the main leads. The chemistry between Kim Myung min and Ryu Hye will be new to the audience since it’s a new paring altogether. The writer of the drama is Seo in, and the director of the drama is Kim Seok Yoon.

The talk of the town recently has been Kim bum because of his versatile performances, and he also has a huge fan base in South Korea and internationally as well which could definitely add to the popularity of the show overall. Frankly, as an outsider to the Korean culture, my question is, why should I root for the show? not because I love k drama, but also because of the popular stars in it and also after all the rom coms(start-up, true beauty, love-struck in the city ) a little legal action should suit me well for a change isn’t it?

So overall, we can expect a casual start of the show with a twist and turns all over it throughout the series.

With a thrilling excitement inside me, I am rooting for the drama hope, so you are too.

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