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Why Did Dr. Emily Leave Pol Vet? Everything You Need To Know

Why Did Dr. Emily Leave Pol Vet?

Last Updated on November 8, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

The Fantastic The Dutch-American veterinarian Jan Pol, his family, and his staff are the subjects of the Nat Geo Wild reality series Dr. Pol, which is set in and around Weidman, Michigan. The first episode of the show aired on October 29, 2011, and there will be 20 seasons overall between now and February 2022.

One of the recognizable faces on the reality television program, The Incredible Dr. Pol, is an American veterinarian and TV personality. The nice doctor wasn’t a part of the show’s original ensemble, but she became a welcome addition after she joined in 2015 and remained so until her departure in 2019. What happened to Dr. Emily Thomas?

Dr. Emily is regarded among ardent viewers of Dr. Pol’s reality TV program as one of the program’s most prominent characters. Most viewers thought it astounding that a female veterinarian could easily handle dangerous animals because she appeared in every program. She did, however, leave the program in 2019 while it was in its fifteenth season.

2015 saw Dr. Emily make her Pol Veterinary Services debut. Despite the fact that every character on the show exhibits exceptional talents, Emily nonetheless stood out for a variety of reasons, including her expertise and commitment to her work.

Why Did Dr. Emily Leave Pol Vet

Beginning With “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” Dr. Emily

Since 2015, Dr. Emily has worked for Pol Veterinary Services. If you are familiar with her from the NatGeo WILD reality series, you know that she is not cynical, easily repulsed, or frightened by anything in particular. She was in her sixth month of pregnancy with her second kid when she began treating enormous farm animals.

Because of how she handled pressure on the program, Dr. Emily is a favorite of the viewers. This remarkable woman actually admitted that she has no trouble palpating cows. She even claims to be able to do it while chowing down on a burger, which is astounding! That’s quite remarkable.

Beginning With “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” Dr. Emily

The “How I Met Dr. Pol” Narrative By Dr. Emily

Dr. Emily Thomas tells stories quite well. This reality is quite clearly demonstrated in her narrative of how she was employed by Pol Veterinary Services.

Dr. Emily opened her blog post with, “So, since most of you know me from The Incredible Dr. Pol program, I felt I would give you some back information into how it came to be.” Anyhow, we were living in our second rental home, and I was tired of working [at her former veterinarian job]. When she noticed the advertisement that Dr. Pol had posted, my buddy, a tech at the clinic where I worked, encouraged me to apply.

“When I initially came and followed Dr. Pol about, I was really amazed by the pace at which he saw patients,” she says. Before ever entering a room and observing the animal, he would essentially have a diagnosis. I reasoned that I had a long way to go before I could match his efficiency because of his many years of expertise.

Dr. Emily Has Separated From Dr. Pol.

You may already be aware that Dr. Emily won’t return to Pol Veterinary Services, so she won’t likely appear in the sixteenth season of the reality series. In her blog, she went into further depth about her tough departure choice. At some point, the strain of working there while taking care of three young children, being constantly on call, having new vets come in and leave just as quickly, and having no additional pay came to light.

She was experiencing more physical and mental health issues than ever before. even suicidal thoughts when taking medicine. Her therapist and friends persuaded her to reach out and look for a better career. Having Nat Geo pay her twice as much as her vet salary would be a huge financial hit for her, but she claims that she had to leave the darkness.

It must’ve been tough deciding to leave for Dr. Emily. She may not have had a problem with Dr. Pol but rather with the practice’s expansion and the lack of other veterinarians on staff. It looks to be all hands on deck at Dr. Pol’s for each veteran on staff.

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