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Love Life – Cast and What to Expect In The New Show

Love life is a romantic anthology that will soon be aired on HBO. It’s an American love affair that will showcase romantic relationships and the turmoils as the relationships get older with time. It is created by Sam Boyd and promises to be a treat to watch for every age group that experiences love and its impact on their life. Love life is produced by Bridget Bedard, Sam Boyd, Paul Feig, Jessie Henderson, and Anna Kendrick.

As the name of the series already pushes us in the direction of love, we cannot underestimate the comedy and dramatic nature that the show might have. As Sam Boyd said in an exclusive interview that he has tried to add some flavors of laughter to this show, too, because love without a laugh is just not that impressive, isn’t it? Keeping in mind that love comes with troubles and hurdles, the comic nature of this show will only ease the way they showcase love and the events of love in everyone’s life. For everyone, who has had ups and downs in a relationship, this show will step in your shoes and take you on a journey, and you can laugh and be happy about. It’s one of the big shows to be out this year and is highly anticipated by the viewers already.

Love Life Cast

The cast of this beautiful love based drama includes some big names,

  • Zoe Chao will star as Sara, who is Darby’s roommate and best friend since college. In the show, Sara is a sweet-hearted person but sometimes, judges people in the wrong way, she is in a long term relationship Jim.
  • Sasha Compere as Mallory, who often uses her amazing dry sense of humor, to tell Darby, the truths that are bitter but important. She is Darby’s outspoken roommate in the show.
  • Peter Vack stars as Jim, Sara’s love interest and who works at Politico.
  • Scoot McNairy as Bradley, who is the owner of a successful museum, where Darby works.
  • Anna Kendrick as Darby, who struggles to find love in the big city and if often trying to make things out. She’s that lost twenty-something old, who wanders for love.

The cast of love life, excluding Anna Kendrick.

Love Life Storyline

With the significant focus on Darby’s attempt to find a man that suits her moods and dramas, Love Life is a journey of few people trying to figure out love and its impact on their life. It’s a drama about how each character reacts and accepts love as they find it, wrapped with surprises and dressed with drama. It’s a romantic anthology that showcases relationships in today’s world.

Anna Kendrick in a still from love Life

With Sara and Jim in a long term relationship, and Darby, played by the beautiful Anna Kendrick, this show has some amusing plot to offer. The show relives around everyone’s personal life and their challenge of accepting love in its natural form. As much as it sounds easy, it is simply not that easy!  The first episode is set to focus and play the hilariously amusing love life of Darby, and as the show picks pace, you will witness the same with other characters.

Love Life Release Date

This amusing love thriller is set to hit the screens on May 27th. But Anna Kendrick made it clear that because of safety purposes, the show might as well take the required precautions against the Coronavirus pandemic. With this being said, it might be the case that we will have to wait for a while to have a glimpse of this romantic drama.

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