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How Many Episodes Will House Of The Dragon Have?

House of The Dragons TV Show
House Of The Dragons

House of the Dragon is the latest show from the Game of Thrones franchise. Game of Thrones has been one of the most successful TV shows ever produced, which has generated over 44 million views worldwide and has been a fan’s favorite ever since it aired. After the show ended in 2019. The final season of the series did not perform as expected and disappointed many of its fans; some even hated the last season. Author George RR Martin said he couldn’t believe people could love something so much in one moment and hate it completely in another.

It’s clear from George’s statement that Game of Thrones is like his child and would certainly disappoint the parent if his child is hated. But whether or not Game of Thrones fans liked the final season, one thing is for sure they cannot ever forget the amazing experience they felt while watching the show. The roller coaster of emotions the show gave them is truly invaluable for every Game of Thrones fan.

And like me, every Game of Thrones fan out there is craving to experience that same thrill again. And to fulfill this demand, HBO has finally released the prequel series of the epic Game of Thrones. House of the Dragons is based on the novel “Fire and Blood” by George RR Martin, which is a prequel story to Game of Thrones, and its story is set 200 years before. HBO currently serializes it, and its first episode was released on August 21.

House Of The Dragon Plot

The plot of House of the Dragons follows the story set two centuries ago before the Game of Thrones happened. It centers around the era when the Targaryen family ruled over Vestros. Viserys Targaryen, the King of Vestros, had no son but only a daughter Rhaenyra Targaryen. Since childhood, the King allowed her to sit in the small council so she could understand and learn how politics work and how to rule the land. Rhaenyra, since her childhood, has been given all the training she needs to become the next heir to the Iron Throne.

House of The Dragon Plot

House of The Dragon Plot

After the queen’s death, King Viserys declares her daughter Rhaenyra, the next queen. A year later, King Viserys marries for the 2nd time. He marries Alicent Hightower and has 4 children with her, the eldest of them is prince Aegon. When the King suddenly dies, it brings chaos to the country, and a council is established where they debate whom to choose as the next King for the Iron Throne. And they choose Prince Aegon as the next King. This decision of the council to choose Aegon over her makes Rhaenyra furious, and she forms her council and decides to start a civil war and to succeed the throne.

The major plot of House of The Dragons revolves around the war for the throne, which is also referred to as Dance of The Dragons, a war fought between two siblings.

How Many Episodes Will House of The Dragon Have?

House of The Dragon, whose 1st season began airing on August 21, will have 10 episodes in its 1st season. It will release its episode every week on Sunday. The 1st Season of House of The Dragons will release its final episode on October 23, and each of its episodes is about 53 to 60 minutes long. The genre that this show follows is action, adventure, high fantasy, and politics.

Characters from House of The Dragon

House of The Dragon Characters

House of the Dragons has some of the most talented actors in the lead. Actors like Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, and Olivia Cooke. Who have previously worked in some of the highest-rated TV shows like The Outsider, Doctor Who, etc… Making this show a must-watch for those who previously loved their performances.

You can watch House of The Dragons on HBO or HBO MAX, people from India can stream it on Disney+Hotstar. HBO has released the 1st episode of House of The Dragons on Youtube, if you are hesitating about whether or not you should take an OTT subscription for this show, you could easily watch the 1st episode for free on Youtube and decide after that.

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