Will There Be The Starry Love Episode 41?

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The Starry Night
The Starry Night Credits: YOUKU

Wuxia chinese dramas bring out the best of one’s imagination. The genre in itself is so different as it discusses the story of sword wielding heroes while a sweet love story is something that must run along. The drama “The Starry Love” also portrays such a story of a pair of twin sisters and their lovers.

The Starry Love is a drama about the bond a pair of twin sisters Yetan, starring Landy Li, and Qingkui, starring He Xuan Lin, share with each other, the hardships they face together and their determination to stick for each other.

The drama released its 1st episode at 7:30 p.m. (CST) of February 16th 2023 giving its viewers a great time with all of its perfect comedic timings in most of the part and then dropping all of the seriousness at the end.

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The Starry Love Recap

Chaos wishes to end the world but fails to do so when it is sealed by the immortals of the heavenly realm in a tree that nourishes itself by Chaos. The 4 realms work together to burn down the tree but the essence of the Twin Flower remains and thus is reincarnated as descendants of a human monarch years later.

The Starry Night
A still from the drama The Starry Night

The twins born Qingkui and Yekan possess completely opposite omen. Qingkui the elder sister was born with auspicious signs whereas Yekan was born with sinister signs. Thus, the two are brought up accordingly by their father with Qingkui as his bias but still the two sisters share a deep bond of love and loyalty towards each other.

Now, as a princess the two are supposed to marry the ones chosen by their father. Qingkui is supposed to marry the Crown Prince of Heavenly Realm while Yetan is supposed to be the Crown Princess of the Void. But Yekan doesn’t want her sister to suffer from the harsh training that she must go under as a Crown Princess of the Heavenly Realm. So she decides to kidnap her but her plans fails and the carriages of the two sisters get interchanged thus changing their destinies. Now, Yekan has to play the role of Qingkui in the Heavenly Realm while Qingkui stands for Yekan in the Void.

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The Starry Love

Shaodian Youqin isn’t someone who likes to be in contact with anyone due to his years of training to become a crown prince, but soon changes his opinion after meeting Yetan. The two travel through crests and escarpments of struggles to find love for each other and finally marry each other while receiving the blessings of their dear ones and take oath to be together for the rest of their lives. Also, Qingkui even though she had to struggle in the void realm she finds a great love for herself, the fifth prince of the Void.

Suzhi is the last descendant of the Dongqiu tribe who tried to protect the sacred tree with their lives. She brings the fact that the sisters were born with the flower spirit of Ganoderma Vein to light which turns all four realms against the two as they all have fearred Chaos and the sacred tree.Thus, the realms try to kill them. The sisters fight to protect themselves from all realms but lose a lot of loved ones on their way and finally leading to Qingkui’s sacrifice for her sister.

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The Starry Love Episode 39 & 40: Recap

The 39th episode of “Starry Love” begins with everyone celebrating Yetan’s victory and she expresses her gratitude to all of the people who supported her. While Shaodian Youqin has to return to the heavenly realm. Also, Suzhi confronts the Second Prince of heavenly realm that the two can’t be together even though the two share the same feelings for each other and tells Yetan about her leaving. But she steals the Twin Flower and jumps into the force of Chaos pulling Yetan along to seek revenge from the four realms. On learning about the whole story, Shaodin Youqin jumps in to help his wife. Suzhi sacrifices herself for her revenge turning all the realms into turmoil.

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The Starry Love
A still from the drama The Starry Love

Youqin struggles while trying to protect Yetan but she suddenly finds herself in the memories of the sacred tree and gets to know about the fact that the sacred tree was an act by Grand Empyrean. Yetan and Qingkui as flower spirits were never for absorbing purity and impurity but it always protected the four realms from Chaos and purified Guixu. Now all four realms have been in a state of turbulence. Thus, to protect everyone Yetan takes on her duty as Ganoderma Vein and sacrifices her life. Peace returned to the realms but at what cost? The Heavenly Emperor realises his mistake and leaves the throne to Qinheng, the 2nd prince. The Heavenly Emperor suggests a way to revive the Dongqiu. Shao Youqin and Chao Feng, the two loverboys decide to wait for the princesses to return to the mortal realm and nourish the flower spirits by their blood.

The Starry Love Episode 41

Everything must come to an end and so has the drama “The Starry Love”. The drama released its 40th episode and also the last episode on March 11th, 2023. Thus, making no more space for any more episodes in this season.

The Starry Love
A still from the drama The Starry Love

How To Watch “The Starry Love”?

The c-drama “Starry Love” is completely available on:

  • YOUKU Youtube channel: The drama is available on YOUKU’s YouTube channel and previous episodes are free to watch.
  • Rakuten Viki: Get Viki pass at USD 4.99/mo and watch the latest episodes right at the moment they are released at the site.

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