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What Episode Does Naruto Fight Sasuke For The Last Time?

Naruto Fight Sasuke

What is the last time when Naruto fight Sasuke in the series? It was the best in the medium to this date. The anime has some of the iconic fights in history with no equals. And the fights are on a level where no one other than the big three can match it. Perhaps dragon ball super can create a fight of that level, but it’s unlikely. The fight between the former comrades spanned over a decade in the making and ended on an emotional note rather than flashy. You blame the anime studios for the fillers if you want, but they never held back when it came to fights. The two have a history that spans not just years and centuries but reincarnations.

Naruto Fight Sasuke

CC: Naruto Franchise

What was the first time when Naruto Fight Sasuke?

The fight time Naruto Fight Sasuke, it was a bit of a wimp but ended up being set up for their first big fight in the series. They fought on the hospital rooftop, where Sasuke was defeated in a test of skill.

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What is Naruto about?

Twelve years ago, Nine Tails attacked the hidden leaf village. No one could stop the beast’s rampage other than the fourth Hokage, but even he couldn’t defeat it. With no option but to seal the fox, the fourth Hokage gave his life to seal the demon and save the village. At present, Naruto is an orphan shunned by everyone in the village. He pulls pranks to get the attention of people from the village. But the only thing he gets in return is the scorn of the villagers. Despite the village hating him for things he doesn’t understand, Naruto wishes to be the best Hokage and surpass the ones before him.

Naruto Fight Sasuke

CC: Naruto Franchise

Where To Watch Naruto and Naruto Shippuden Online?

You can watch Naruto Fight Sasuke for the first time, the last time and many of his major gihts online. The series’ episodes are available on all the major OTT platforms, so it doesn’t matter which platform you have subscribed to. You will be able to see the episode as soon as it streams. Below are the sites where you can watch Naruto Fight Sasuke. The websites below are up to date and have a good track record of watching shows on time. 


What Episode Does Naruto Fight Sasuke For The Last Time?

The last fight between the two was a long one, and they gave their all. Naruto Fight Sasuke in Episodes from 476 to 478, and the fight’s conclusion comes an episode after. It will always be the best fight in the history of anime for the longest time. The only competitor it can have at this point is One Piece and Bleach. One piece is a great anime, but the show is better known for its plot and world-building than for fights. Bleach is a good competitor, and the show will return by the end of 2022. My Hero Academia and Black Clover don’t have the level of fights these have.

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