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Joe Exotic Net Worth In 2020 and All You Need To Know

Joe Exotic

Well known and controversial person American most prolific tiger breeder Joe Exotic featured in the long list of a wealthy person in the world. Often Joe featured and dragged into numerous charges of killing and assisting tigers and big cats in selling to various animal killers. His image has been entirely forgettable, and his past life mostly surrounded by numerous allegations. He blamed for hiring hunters for killing tigers.


Joe Exotic

Well, from early life, Joe was pretty much obsessed with animals’ care and looked after them. It was his love and affection for animals that keep him stay to take care of his pets. Joe’s father was a farmer, and therefore Joe able to help his father on the farm and also look after the big creatures while his father’s absence on the field. His passion and love for animals make take care and looked after their need of the hour. Since Joe’s father was a farmer by profession, it is always believed and worth having for Joe to spent time with his pets.

Joe Exotic Net Worth In 2020


Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic, who was a former Oklahoma wildlife park owner, managed to earn a decent amount of money, mainly from his pet business. His estimated net worth is close to $1 to $10 million in current days.

Early Life and Career

Born in Kansas, United States, Joe raised in and grown up with his brother. In his early days, his family moved to Texas, where Joe pursued a career in law enforcement and, at the same time, was named Sheriff of Eastvale, Texas. From his early days of career, he often blamed for many unpopular incidents that Joe committed while he was young. His career was mostly affected by various crimes and allegations which, to some extent, tarnish and spoil his reputation.


Joe Exotic

He worked in a pet store aftermath the incident, and from thereon, his love and affection for animals gradually increased. Later in 1990, he lost his brother in a tragic event, and since then, he found a little bit depressed and disturbed in life. It was the time when Joe starts looking after his job and focus on the care of his pets. It was his brother’s wish and long desire aim that drives Joe to fulfill his brother’s last dreams and continue to serve their adorable pets with lots more care and affection.

Personal Life and Controversies

Joe’s personal life has surrounded mainly by his passion for animal care. To fulfill his brother’s last wish, Joe singlehandedly done his horse farm into an animal zoo where wildlife animals kept and got a shelter to stay life comfortably. Joe associated with big cat breeding. Therefore Joe was arrested and taken into custody on the offense of attempting murder of Carole Baskin. He was then sentenced for 22 years long imprisonment and currently served at the federal prison. In his professional life, Joe received his first two tigers in 2000 and began to breed them.

In April 2019, Joe’s name was highlighted for conviction of attempting and killing animals and later found guilty and remained in custody. In Jan 2020, Joe was convicted and reprimanded for roles and assist in various crimes and hired for animals murdered. He also charged for abusing animals and making animals life measurable and violent the animal’s acts rights and encourages poachers for killing tigers.


As of the current time, Joe Exotic age is 57 years old, and in 2016, he contested as an independent candidate for president, but he hardly gets enough votes to win the majority of votes.

Joe Exotic often made news headlines for his act and forgettable past life. His name and fame mostly remain a controversial subject of matter as he always appears in news gossip for all kinds of crimes he committed. Overhaul, Joe Exotic, is an animal lover and activist who came in the limelight by earning and featured in most of the celebrities’ tabloids.

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